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  1. It looks awesome. Good work!
  2. @Nathrangking Thank you so much, I've been here less than a day, and I already feel so very welcomed and I feel ages happier.
  3. @Sami thank you, I'm going to have quite a reading list. But I'm ready. I'll be finishing WOR for the second time probably tomorrow, and then I will probably move on to Warbreaker. I want to know more about Zahel
  4. @Sami I mean, I don't know if it can be considered RP if my soul truly exists in the cosmere <3
  5. Believe me, my character's story is not yet over but I do plan on writing my story in much further detail.
  6. @Tesh that's actually where I went before I came here, I want to be a member.
  7. Hi! I sincerely hope I'm not too late to post this. Here is my mental cosmere history. I apologize in advance, as I'm a little more powerful than most would imagine. I do however, promise to use my powers in good faith.. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. when I dream myself into the cosmere, I imagine a young skaa boy with bright blue eyes unsure of his parentage, but runs with the street crews. I was called young reaper, because of my allomantic abilities, and the way I used them. I could both push and pull metals, burning iron and steel. I was kept a secret, as it was believed that I only possessed 2 attributes of allomancy, which was unheard of. The mystery of how I could have 2 kept me safe. The truth, however, is that I was a full-fledged mistborn, I just didn't know how to use the other abilities. I was called young reaper because I would carry the heads of scythes, throw them like a disc, then pull them back, cleaving the heads off of those who abused others my age or younger. I was their protector. I was 12. Fast forward a bit, I was 15 and witnessed the death of kelsier. That night, I went to bed crying, wishing in my heart of hearts to be part of a better world. Part of something bigger than myself. When I woke up, I was greeted by the stench of what I later found out was chull dung. I had somehow transported myself from Scadrial to Roshar - specifically in the farms of Kholinar. I was caught off guard to be greeted with respect, and treated like a noble. I kept my allomancy to myself, besides, I didn't know where to find any proper iron nor steel, and I got myself a job working with a weaponsmith, and received the title of 8th Dahn. Fast forward to now, I'm 25 and a master smith, with the official rank of 5th Dahn, however I will soon be 4th Dahn, as I have spoken the first ideals of the willshapers, and am getting to know my spren. I don't know much about her yet, but we're learning together. Oh, by the way, I've abandoned the the name of young reaper. I go simply by Jay.
  8. I'm listening to the audiobook, so I don't have the exact page number or anything, but there was a part in Words of Radiance that was a flashback to when Shallan was 14, and Hoid makes an appearance. When he first sees Shallan, he drops his drink, and then drops his jaw in Shallan's direction. Now, I know Hoid is a little strange, but the way it was described made it seem as if he was truly caught off guard by something. Will somebody please shed a light on this scenario for me?
  9. @Rebecca I have not yet had the pleasure to grace my soul with those lovely works, but I look forward to it. My plan is to read every bit of published (and unpublished) works by Master Sanderson.
  10. Hello my fellow cosmere inhabitants! I want to introduce myself by telling you about my not so mystical journey through the cosmere. My now Ex-Wife was reading a silly sounding book called "Mistborn". I remember her trying to explain the concept of Mistborn and Mistings, and saying to her "that sounds really stupid". Well, she insisted that i give the book a chance and that I'd "love it". And now, to this day I am so happy that I gave in and read the rusting book! I was hooked by the end of the first chapter, which was very strange for me because I do not enjoy reading. Well, I DIDN'T enjoy reading at least... But now I had found purpose. I binge read the first trilogy then waited patiently for the second trilogy, and ended up re-reading the first trilogy twice over. At this point, I was picking up on little things and realized that Brandon Sanderson is god among men, and he was tying up loose ends and answering questions that I didn't even think to ask the first time over. At this point in time, I was convinced that there could be no book saga greater than the Mistborn Saga... but then I had the opportunity to meet Brandon at SLC Comic Con. I was a little starstruck, but played it cool and told him, "I love your mistborn series, like, absolutely love it. What is another one of your books that you would recommend to me. I will go buy it right this second" Brandon in his wisdom told me, I had a lot of fun writing the mistborn books, but my very favorite book to write was Way Of Kings. So I bought the storming book. Kalak's breath, the book was HUGE. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, but after some failed attempts at reading it, I reached out to audible and purchased the copy ready by the majestic Michael Kramer and the lovely Kate Reading. I listened to the book and was disappointed and confused listening to the first few chapters. It was confusing to me how it jumped from the Heralds over to Kaladin over to Shallan. I almost gave up on the book, until I started making sense of the jumping around. Then... I was hooked! Even though I live in Utah, in one of the higher elevated peaks, I still considered myself an airsick lowlander... I read through WOK and straight on into WOR. At the end of WOR, I started searching for the next book. The one that hadn't yet been written. My heart broke. I became shattered as if Odium himself had ripped me out of my world. I was broken, and didn't know what to do with myself and shrunk away... After some time, I decided to re-listen to the books. I also found out that Oathbringer will be out by the end of this year, and I decided to peruse the wiki to hear the speculation.. This is when I heard talks about Hoid. I have so many questions about him, but those can wait. I'm on my second time through WOK and WOR, and I'm nearing the end of WOR. I'll probably read WOK and WOR a third time before Oathbringer comes out, because I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I have become obsessed, I go to sleep thinking about the cosmere. I need to know everything about this universe. I'm getting ready to go back to read elantris and warbreaker for the first time.. I'm like an awakening Spren, I feel like I should have all of these answers, but I just don't yet. Anyway, Happy to be here.. I'll be as active as I can. I'll be here, even through a High Storm if need be because, Storm it! I love this universe!