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  1. core of the earth

    This is something we need to see in the new book that's set to come out some day.
  2. This is an interesting theory, and I think that stormlight may in fact have something to do with temperature, at least with living Radiants. When Kaladin used large amounts of Stormlight his clothes were coated with frost, and when he swore the Third Ideal the symbol of the Windrunners appeared behind him in frost. Then, when Lopen swore the Second Ideal the same thing happened. The same also happened to Szeth when he swore himself to Dalinar, completing the Third Ideal.
  3. I was tricked by cookies, and saw that others who should be tricked should come to you. Please explain I'm sooooo confused

  4. New to this, so here goes,
  5. Definitely Warbreaker. First book for me, and it Connected me to the rest of the series.
  6. I tried to read the Eye of the World four times, but couldn't finish the fifth chapter because it was soooooo dry.
  7. I was ten when I read Warbreaker, so I was confused by Lightsong and Blushweaver talking about pleasurable pastimes. I re-read it when I was fourteen and was shocked.
  8. I read Warbreaker when I was ten, and loved it. My mother suggested the series to me because he was a Mormon author, like Brandon Mull. I was really confused when I first read the scene with Lightsong and Blushweaver discussing *cough cough* pleasurable pastimes.
  9. when you cut yourself and try to tap your goldmind to heal
  10. When you trip and swear in the recently translated Dawnchant
  11. [Mistborn]
  12. gibbletish
  13. crap the picture didn't load forget it.

  14. Welcome to the 17th Shard, I'll be your guide.