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  1. The highstorm is weird realmatically. It is similar to a travelling perpendicularity or in other words it bring the 3 realms together for a short period of time. The repeated phenomenon over time has made the 3 realms closer on Roshar than in other areas of the cosmere. Shinovar is more protected from the highstorms and therfore the realms are farther apart in that part of the world. The spren still exist there but are not seen in the physical realm. That's my theory at least.
  2. Those Light Lances are going to be fun.
  3. On Roshar we have seen access to surges through the nahel bond and through specialized fabrials. I include honorblades in the fabrial category. Presumably on Ashyn there either was a unknown type of fabrial or a 3rd way to access the surges/fundamental forces.
  4. Ghost Bloods Ghost = Cognitive Shadow Blood = Hemalurgy Therefore Hemalurgic Cognitive Shadow group = Kelsier's secret group
  5. Would Rayse call Rashek ascended after he used the Well ?
  6. I am kind of hoping that Dalinar bonds all of the Bondsmith spren. From a passage in OB I think the 2nd Bondsmith spren is going to be somekind of stone spren representing the continent of Roshar. The singers mention gods of stone and wind. god of wind would be the Stormfarther. The 3rd bondsmith spren would be the sibling.
  7. My opinion was Nale was too easily thwarted in both WoR and Edgedancer. The only way I could make sense of it was that he really just didn't try all that hard.
  8. From Rock's POV chapter "A fire burned rockbud husks underneath, and a playful windspren whipped at the smoke, making it blow across him no matter where he stood." It could be an honorspen and not a windspen. Syl looked like this when Kal's bond was beginning.
  9. What about the windspren hanging out around him in his POV? It was dancing on the smoke from his fire or something and he comments that it had been there for some time?
  10. Something doesn't add up with the timeline with how its been presented. We aren't told the whole story in Oathbringer. We learn a part of one side from the translated Singer's dawnchant document.
  11. The prison is a spiritual connection to the Roshar system made by Honor. It is like the adhesion surge that makes things stick together, but on a shard level. The spiritual connection is unbreakable by Odium. Odium can only leave if the jailor lets him out. He may be bound to Braize but because he is so powerful his influence extends throughout the Rosharan system.
  12. The command could be along the lines of "Cut things" or "Cut everything" It's simple and its what any sword would like to do.
  13. Bonding the storms sounds like someone having a Nahel bond with the storm to me. I don't think Kal will summon a highstorm. I have been thinking along the opposite. A way to end the everstorm. Stop the everstorm from blowing by using air pressure surge (Adhesion.) What would this take? A bunch of windrunners, the windrunner honorblade, a large source of investiture, and maybe the bondsmiths since they have adhesion as well and some kind of resonance effect. It could happen.
  14. Adhesion (airpressure and vacuum)
  15. The stormfather said if you stop the wind then it isn't wind anymore. Get Kal, Bridge 4, Windrunner Honorblade, new windrunners and their squires together. Add in a bondsmith for good measure and the entirety of the Uritihiru gemstone stash. Go to the everstorm front and duplicate what Kal did in chapter 31. Stop the wind of the everstorm and you end the everstorm.