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  1. He didnt get rid of his breath. He awakened the doll to lure the little girl out of the rubble, but if you read carefully he leans in close at the end to whisper in her ear that she should take care of them (them being the adoptive prents) at this point brandon makes a point of describing how hoid placed his hand on the doll again. He doesnt use the same line we constantly hear when retrieving breath, but assumedly hoid has a good amount of practice with breath and can reclaim breath non-verbally.
  2. Yup. The radiant that dalinar was taking the place of was a stoneward. So Harkaylain was either a bondsmith or the head of that particular order and would know what was wrong with the bonds or ideals. Though, who knows how extensive the support staff for a fully operational urithiru would be? He could have been the equivalent of a quartermaster of shardplate maintenance or somesuch balderdash.
  3. He actually retrieved his breath covertly right before he left. Reaching over to touch the doll and say something about taking care of them (the adoptive parents) Im not sure if he would need to store his breath, though that would be easy enough while he continued creating the disguise as he made his way to the palace
  4. Alright, so i found the thread by @FirstSelector so be sure to go see his/her much better explanation for how the sibling powered urithiru and was bonded. Ah well!
  5. I think that was just a child who had been traumatized by the forceful occupation of Kholinar by the singers. Hoid's abilities put him in the city to find that cryptic and bond it, adding one more form of investiture to his arsenal.
  6. I'm back baby! And i've got a big one here! The third and final greater spren is the sibling. A vast embodiment of stone that used to reside in the giant power core and by extension throughout the gem veins all through the city of urithiru. Probably powering all the different functions that arent working yet. Just like a modern fabrial, it requires stormlight and a spren to function which is why renarin and jasnah were unable to force stormlight into the fabrial to get it to function. From a chapter heading: Good night, dear Urithiru. Good night, sweet Sibling. Good night, Radiants. Between the stormfather and dalinar: "... are there others, though? Spren like you, or the Nightwatcher? Spren that are shadows of Gods?" There is ... a third sibling. They are not with us. "In hiding?" No. Slumbering. "Tell me more." No. "But-" No! Leave them alone! You hurt them enough. My guess is that this sibling was the bonded great spren during the last desolation and was sent into catatonia when the last bondsmith died or lost their oaths. Falling into a long slumber the same way that Sylphrena did. I imagine that the sibling could be woken again and come back to live in urithiru, it might not have to be bonded to someone to power the city. Or maybe we'll get another bondsmith someday! Now for the nature of this third greater spren. Stone seems the obvious affiliation for me. The chapter headers of translations from that early dawnsinger speaks of how the humans turned the spren of the wind and stone against them. We already hear the listeners complain about how the storm (wind) was no longer completely theirs, and i believe the sibling was the other great spren to begin favoring the humans over dawnsingers. Each of the other great spren seem to have gained an influence from the shards present on roshar, the Stormfather and Honor, the Nightwatcher and Cultivation. The final pairing of course: the Sibling and Odium. With the sibling's presumed association with stone it may be responsible for all the great cities and fortifications throughout all of roshar! Using the cymatic vibrations on a huge scale to create the symmetrical fortifications. The striations in kholinar's windblades are pointed out as being identical to those inside urithiru. I think this slumbering Sibling is the architect behind the dawncities. Perhaps this sibling can be woken in the CR the same way that the stormfather came and revived Sylphrena. And we'll get to see it flip the ignition on urithiru or even create new cymatic patterns designed to protect against both the highstorms and everstorms! Discuss!
  7. You're right that we didnt get a ton of insight into how these corrupted spren are different from the typical varieties aside from a fun makeover and becoming sja-anat cell phones. If Sja-Anat really is attempting to assist the Radiants these days then it could mean more access to shadesmar, instant voice communication, and adaptations of surgebinding that wouldnt have been present in the ancient orders of KR. Considering how much Brandon was trying to blurr the lines between "good" and "evil" meaning that there really arent clear lines at all, i'd like to see an unmade actively participate in the KR efforts.
  8. Ladies and mentlegen! It's been a pleasure partying with you every week during the chapter releases! I will be returning after a couple readthroughs with a thousand new questions, and hopefully a couple of answers to old questions! I also plan on asking about Eleventh Metal Spoiler? At the signing on the 21st! So i'll be sure to come back with an answer to that one way or the other! Jouney before destination!
  9. Excuse my loose terminology! Dysian hordelings.
  10. Hearing you say that makes me picture these lesser spren behaving in a way similar to the cremlings that make up aimians. Perhaps the combined form can think and move with highly intelligent hive type instincts to make different shapes? The high spren all copied honorblades, but the lower spren copied the aimians? We know that the KR and Aimians were friendly from what arclo said in edgedancer.
  11. Im hoping to get 2 readthroughs done in the first week. The first within a day or two, and then much slower and picking apart the details on my second readthrough. Im going to the signing on the 21st and want to have everything in place in my mind before that! That said, i plan on ghosting the forums until after several readthroughs. Possibly 4 or more. Im loathe to let everyone's theories taint my own perspective till i can sort through it on my own! You guys are great and catch stuff i'll surely miss, but half the fun is trying to find it for yourself! Journey before destination.
  12. I'm saying next week meaning that i'll have the book in my hands!
  13. I think it would have to happen once the storm wall hit thaylenah not when it made it to urithiru. Dalinar can recieve the visions at any time because of his bond to the stormfather, the queen probably needs to be in close proximity to the storm to recieve it the way dalinar used to. From looking at maps it seems that kaladin would have been picked up by the storm before it hits thaylenah, and landing at urithiru after it had passed the country completely. (Depending on how "deep" the storm actually is) All that to say that kaladin was probably zipping around in the storm while dalinar had his meeting with the queen. Should be interesting to see her reaction next week!
  14. Maybe parshendi carapace gains some extra power when they are full of void investiture? So there wouldnt be any leftover from the last desolation. Not sure about the blades. Maybe some of the dead spren blades that have been going around were void blades the whole time? But since they are dead no one knew the difference the whole time?
  15. I think she is really motivated to learn what they know about the world and what is going on. Possibly enough to keep jasnah in the dark until it puts her in danger.