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  1. I so agree. That book either curses, blasphemes, or both every page. I do not get how that is appropriate for teenagers to be reading.
  2. I just started a reread of Jonathan Moeller's The Ghosts series... There are 21 books in it total. The 21st just came out, and the 22nd will be out soon too (December I think). It is a good series, ebook only, with a neat set of characters. Sword-and-sorcery fantasy, with a female main character. There is also a bunch of short stories. The first book, Child of the Ghosts, is free, if anyone's interested. Just to note, the series is technically split into three series (The Ghosts, Ghost Exile, & Ghost Night), but they all follow the same main character.
  3. I think that you'd actually need to inscribe multiple Aons + modifiers to get the intended effect.
  4. Query: Do we know that the term God-King is specifically a masculine term, or a neuter term that has been translated to English as a masculine term? Meaning, that some of the God-Kings were actually women, but called the same thing? Although I agree that the priests probably preferred having a King over a Queen, because it is easier to fake a child that way (it would show on a Queen). However, that does not necessarily indicate a cultural patriarchy. Perhaps the government of Idris can provide further evidence?
  5. I think yall are taking explanation of Darwin Award wrong. A Darwin Award goes to someone who dies a stupid death, because of their own stupidity (i.e., walking across the (busy) street without looking both ways at o'dark thirty in the morning, when it is foggy, while wearing navy blue). The death itself is not necessarily stupid. Also, I would nominate Sadeas for a Darwin Award, b/c taunting someone who hates you while there are no witnesses, in an unexplored area of tunnels, is dumb.
  6. To add my two spheres: Ranger's Apprentice was not bad, but not great either. I haven't heard of Harry Potter having a toxic fandom. But then, I thought it was meh. However, the Fantastic Beasts movie was better than the series. The book, Catcher in the Rye, was one of the absolute worst things I have ever read. I felt soiled by association after reading it. How it become required summer reading is baffling. Also, teenagers shouldn't be allowed social media. Rap is not music.
  7. I will likely be dressing up as a witch again this year and sitting in the driveway to hand out candy. My costume is pretty basic, but I make it better with a live prop: my pet cat is black, so I'll be putting her on a leash & harness and bringing her outside with me. (hopefully, she won't freak out again)
  8. But seriously, it and other bad words need to be filtered. @Chaos? And why can't it be replaced with "rotting chasmfiend carcass"? That phrase is going to waste now that negative ranks aren't possible anymore.
  9. Ehh... the nickname could be an attempt at friendly teasing; I have called a sister a nickname that she absolutely loathes plenty of times. But that's what siblings and close friends are for. If you really want the sort-of friend to stop, I recommend that you don't answer to the nickname at all, just ignore it. The bane of high school students: that one assignment that is just killing your grade. I completely sympathize, being in (senior year) high school myself. Don't be too worried, they could have lost or broken their phone. I had a friend who stopped answering suddenly, and it turned out she'd washed her phone. In the washing machine. Just be patient. That is scary, seeing a friend hurt badly. At least it was a broken bone; those are fairly routine injuries, so little chance of complications. Try bringing him some cosmere books for hospital reading in case he gets bored :)
  10. Sorry if this is a necro, but neither [bad nickname for Richard] or [bad nickname for Richard]head are being filtered. Edit: also, a [mangled form of negro] needs to be filtered. May I suggest it be replaced with "rotting chasmfiend carcass"?
  11. The official names for different coat colors of house cats includes: black, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, fawn, red, cream, caramel, apricot, silver, gold, and sunshine.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but HxC arrived on Roshar well before the humans did. Maybe by the time the humans arrived, the alteration of the sprens by HxC had caused issues between the spren and the Singers? As in, the Singers would only bond with the 10 Surgesprens, and were forbidden to bond with Surgesprens that HxC had altered. Or the powers the arriving humans had were not the Surges, but rather the Ashyn-magics. Here's an idea: the power-granting diseases of Ashyn are symbiotically bonded with spren (ones that are endemic to Ashyn). The early humans brought the diseases with them at first, but the diseases failed to survive on Roshar. Or (option 2) the Stele is referring to Voidbringers specifically, and the conflation of the appearance of the first Voidbringers and the arrival of the humans is due to the Stele being written/carved after the Desolations had begun. Edit: a third option is that the Surges as used by the Singers was not only very different from how the Surges are used by Radiants, but the effect was much more subtle.
  13. Ideas rewritten and reorganized: Original Singers: around before humans, HxC. They had access to the 10 Surges (which were laid down by Adonalsium) via a set of 10 spren, the Surgesprens, each of which granted a single Surge and had an associated Singer form. The Surgeforms may or may not have been available to all Singers, but Surgeform Singers could switch between forms normally (including the Surgeforms). Original Spren: created by Adonalsium, shaped by the Singers; around before humans & HxC. These were the natural sprens (flamespren, windspren, etc.) and the most basic emotion/feelings sprens (painspren, sorrowspren?, lustspren?, etc.). The original Singers may have revered them as minor deities/spirits. None of these spren were intelligent. This group includes the Surgesprens. God-spren: around before HxC; like the original spren, but each was unique. I.e., the spren/god of highstorms, the spren/god of Roshar, the spren/god of war. The Singers definitely worshiped them. These spren may or may not have been intelligent. The arrival of HxC, humans, and the Odium has altered the spren in various ways. HxC and humans produced: The Radiantsprens: a group of 10 intelligent spren that are associated with abstract concepts. They derive from the 10 Surgesprens, but each Radiantspren grants 2 Surges, the bond between Radiantspren and Knight-Radiant (essentially a Surgeform human) is permanent. The Nahel bond is also more complicated that the Surgespren-Singer bond. *Note: the 10 Surgesprens did not evenly morph into 10 Radiantsprens; rather, the 10 Surgesprens morphed, merged, and divided into 9 Radiantsprens. The 3 Oathbringer spren: these are former god-spren that were drastically changed by HxC. Stormfather= god-spren of highstorms, for example. They are intelligent and unique. Odium managed to cook up: The Voidsprens: these derive from the 10 Surgesprens, via Odium's corruption. They produce both voidforms for the Singers and Voidbringers among humans (also thunderclasts and things). The intelligence level of these sprens, as well as what Surge(s) they grant access to is unknown. The 9 Unmade: also former god-spren, but ones that were drastically changed by Odium. The Voidsprens actually come before the Radiantsprens; their appearance, along with resulting Voidforms, Voidbringers, Fused, etc., caused Honor & Cultivation to cook up the Honorblades, which granted each Herald access to 2 Surges (the use of the 10 Surges, and the number of Heralds, stems from Adonalsium's fundamental 10-centric magic system). The Radiantsprens were subsequently shaped by the humans and their views of the Heralds (which is why the Radiantsprens give powers that so resemble the Heralds' powers).
  14. I am referring to the Singers who were around before humans, possibly before HxC. Presumably, the length of time meant that Singers' Surge-forms were forgotten. Also, it is possible that the Surges had somewhat different effects back then. The fundamental principles of the Surges has remained the same (the 10 Surges were laid down by Adonalsium) but the way the Surges are used, their exact effects, and how they are viewed, has changed. This might also explain the difficulty the Fused had when wielding the modern Surges. The voidform spren of the Parshendi, subsequently, are Odium-corrupted variants of the original Singer-Surgesprens. This is more tenuous, though, since I have no idea what the voidforms are.
  15. I've always pictured Kelsier as lean and with brown hair. And the Inquisitors are all like 8 feet tall, and the koloss never have cracked skin. Also, Jasnah has pale skin in my mind. I get all the other Rosharan characters correct, but not her.