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  1. WOB confirming your thinking.
  2. Some pretty serious Evil destroying, yah?
  3. Yes. I think he means unite all peoples (including listeners) and spren against Odium. As seems to be a consistent theme in OB. I can't seem to find any WOB excluding the possibility of un-sharing a shard. This could be another meaning behind 'unite them.' if Odium is to be stopped, they need a shard, preferably two, considering Odium's previous history.
  4. WOW! Can't wait for next week. Best cliff hanger ever! I think that all arguing the spren-as-shardplate theory must be pretty happy this week with all the windspren hanging around. Infusing spren other than the bonded one is pretty good evidence. I would think that Shallan would have a similar relationship with creation spren too. At least Pattern seems to be as jealous/peeved at them as Syl gets with wind spren.
  5. If the Everstorm is the opposite of the Highstorm, and if it is similarly a spren, then the champion of Odium can be the one who binds the Everstorm. If it turns out the the Everstorm is the final Unmade, I like this theory, we saw in today's chapters that KR can supplant a nahel bond. Which means one of the characters we have seen already can become the Champion. The champion of Odium, would be an surgebinder of Odium, and an opposite of the Bondsmiths. Kinda fits?
  6. As Ishar is the herald of the Bondsmiths, and he has gone mad, what if he flips and is the traitor/ champion of Odium? Maybe bonded to an Unmade?
  7. As great of a battle scene as that was, I think I enjoyed the philosophical debate between Dalinar and Mr T. I thought that Mr T. would veil his 'greater good' philosophy, but it seems he is very genuine about his belief in that. Hang all 4 is exactly what he has been doing, to save all, he sacrifices as many as necessary. This will be a great driver of the KR strategy moving forward, I mean this definitely puts Mr T in the driver seat for second bondsmith role. Also, the fact that Dalinar is being rejected by every kingdom is certainly pushing him into becoming the warlord again. I think this is pretty significant, given that this conflict is mentioned in the Diagram. Will he become the warlord, and a ready ally to Mr T, or will he continue the path of the peacemaker, and gain the enmity of the diagramists? It certainly would provide an excellent contrast with the background chapters, where is war lust is unbridled. I can't wait for another Dalinar/Mr T chapter!
  8. I think this WoB that explains why the effect is feruchemical and not allomantic. Basically, it isn't the metal that is responsible for the power, it is the filter, like the aons in Elantris. Storing a feruchemical charge in a metal changes the structure of the metal, which filters the investiture differently and more powerfully. The feruchemical charge changes the metal in a way that allows more feruchemical investiture. @Yata agreed, was writing when you responded.
  9. I believe that Elhokar has two sets. He lends one set out for training/dueling lighteyes.
  10. Anyone else get Ruin vibes from Dalinar's battle scene? We know that Odium is playing the long game. He is still trapped on Braise, (whatever that entails) but can make use of the Unmade. Considering how we have seen Shards manipulate humans, this must be something like that, if only a little piece.
  11. I think these are definitely the most interesting chapters so far. I think that the Kaladin story line will finally go some where soon, and I can't wait for a syl-voidspren encounter. Also, confirmed that Ialai is not a ghostblood. I thought this might be the case because it seemed her interests were singularly focused on consolidating power for Sadeas. And another confirmation that the stormfather is not responsible for Dalinar's memory coming back. The best though was the first on screen appearance of Mr T. he is definitely playing the fool, everyone assumes him to e a simpleton, and this gives him and advantage. He can say things to elicit different reactions and he will be dismissed easily. The fact that he asked Dalinar if he would seek the path of the warlord, I think, is hint that he at least is not on a dumb day. When I read this I immediately thought of the passage in the diagram that says if he seeks the path of the warlord, he could be an ally, but if he seems likely to sue for peace to remove him (don't have my copy handy, so I'm paraphrasing from memory). Of all the silly questions Mr T could have asked on a dumb day, would he have asked something that refers directly to the diagram? I think he is probing to see where the diagram would apply, given the coming of the everstorm, Dalinar becoming a radiant, and Urithiru being discovered. This will have to lead to some tension between the two monarchs befoer they can come to any agreement, if they are able to reach one.
  12. This was my immediate thought when I read it. We know that all the heralds have gone mad. Maybe this is what has happened to Jezrien. He has latched on to his 'king of the heralds' title and is maniacal in this interpretation. Would make sense.
  13. I completely agree. I am really enjoying Shallan's arc here. A little bit of dark and scary peaking in and we haven't even gotten to Mraize yet, let alone a Jasnah reunion!
  14. How many people know that Mraize is a Ghostblood do you think? They are not shy about tattooing their mark, but could Mraize be playing a role?
  15. Mraize's day job is as man servant to Ialai, so he can finance his evening and weekend Ghostblooding...