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  1. Happens to me ALL THE TIME. I had a great idea for a board game. A week later someone showed me a new board game, and almost all of the locations were identical to the locations for my board game. Gah!
  2. Correction: Shadows for Silence is "Shadows!" also some "dammit"
  3. "Days", "Days alight", "Days afire" - Grands, The Emperor's Soul (nice contrast to the "Nights" and "Nights afire" that the main character uses)
  4. A unicorn that can juggle its own horseshoes
  5. He could totally live to his 90s
  6. I would be surprised if the last Stormlight isn't out before the last SOIAF.
  7. From the annotations: We learn that can change his appearance dramatically, and especially the length of his facial hair. So I believe that those with Royal Locks can prevent hair growth and body hair growth if they wish ... but they might not know that's within their powers.
  8. The wait is incredibly short compared with most of the authors I've followed over the years.
  9. I think we were supposed to be seriously considering the possibility.
  10. Here's a threnody I studied in school!
  11. She could hide it in the bathrooms during the day, and return there during the night to take it back to the bedchamber. Edit: nope, they'd probably use chamber pots or similar, and would deny her request to go to a toilet in the middle of the night, what kind of royalty would do that?
  12. I found one*! Chapter 23 "It is nothing Your Grace," Llarimar finally said. "This is just a very uncharacteristic of you." <- extraneous word "a" *actually I found four, but when I checked the online version, three of them had been fixed (versus my Kobo store paid version where they're not )
  13. "I am a stick" Stick wins all debates.