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  1. Comixology have June 5th, wonder who is right.
  2. Oooh, the first two are on special at Comixology
  3. Amazon's habit of just making up release dates is so annoying! Thanks for clarifying that.
  4. Yes. Needs more purple.
  5. More:
  6. (\|)(o,,,o)(|/) - Alcatraz is bad and Brandon should feel bad
  7. Saw this video. Then a few weeks later, someone called me an "Airsick Lowlander", and so I decided this was a book I really needed to read. And then I read everything else Sanderson has published, with the exception of Wheel of Time.
  8. They're still on the Kobo store. Just bought the one I didn't have. They are DRM free epubs, so you can read them easily on non-kobo ereaders! (not sure whether kindle support epub yet though)
  9. This kind of product often has an expiry date on use of the game's IP. My guess would be that's what's happened. Hopefully it's just a case of making a new contract to get it back.
  10. Seems like everyone is conspiring to try and make me like MTG.
  11. Bug poop! And the bugs eat dead rats!
  12. Any other Warframe players who read M-Bot as sounding like Ordis?
  13. Snorkel
  14. WHY?! Why didn't I check this site that week?