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  1. Cats or Dogs? Yes.
  2. Long John Silver. The first really charismatic villain I came across.
  3. As others have said, I'm OK when it's relevant to the story. Felurian was fine, all the details felt like they were important and added to the story. George R. R. Martin was over the top. Did we really need to know the shade and texture of every other character's pubic hair? Nope. That stuff to me just seems like it's written by a teenager for other teenagers.
  4. Royal Crown Draft Cola. It's made in Australia, but you can only buy it in New Zealand. Made with real sugar cane. Best cola.
  5. Wow. I didn't know it was able to be checked out of that library even, I thought people had to read it in the library.
  6. Just like modern justice systems, I put a lot of stock in what people's motivations are. If you drive at someone in your car with the intent to kill them, and you succeed, then you're committing murder. If your foot slips onto the accelerator instead of the brake and you accidentally run someone over then it is not murder. Taravangian's ultimate goal is to save the world. All the things he does, things that individually appear evil, he does because he believes that not doing them will doom the world. I usually define evil as doing things for your own benefit, without regard for other people's wants or needs. Taravangian is doing the opposite of this. He's doing it for the benefit of the world. He's doing it, even though it causes him great personal grief on his high empathy/low intelligence days. So, maybe he was wrong about what needs to be done to save the world, that might make his actions evil. Taravangian himself is not evil.
  7. I named a Kubrow after Kimmalyn, so she's high on the list. Then I scolded myself for having a Kubrow named Kimmalyn, but not a Kubrow named TenSoon. I now have a Kubrow named Tensoon.
  8. Hopefully this is the right subforum for this. I don't usually look at the non-Sanderson stuff. I've seen Jim Butcher recommended enough times in these forums to realise there's a lot of overlap in readership, so ... interview! Also here's an article about the new books
  9. Jim Butcher also has TWO new Dresden books scheduled for 2020
  10. Storms! Social distancing people! Don't go out and have conversations with people who don't live in your household. Don't go out at all unless you're doing essential work or getting essential supplies.
  11. I was thinking that some authors, not naming any names, will probably get a lot MORE written during this time! Of course Brandon will continue to be the book-writing-machine he normally is
  12. Be judgey and annoying, like Vivenna
  13. Playing pointless games with people you don't really like, like Lightsong (aka videogaming)
  14. He said on one of his livestreams that they just got sent a final version of it. But I guess it will still take time to publish? I hope it's not delayed for the need to press it to CD for physical sales