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  1. The 't' on they should be un-italic. Same thing on other emphasised words in an italic phrase throughout. pole? Un-italic for 'the knight said'. Same in many other places.
  2. I've only found one in this one, I'm slipping.
  3. should be half star "would be difficult TO show off"? MANBLADE! "man's blade" I think? stand-by Extraneous 'were'
  4. Paragraph 5 should be "What had driven . . . "
  5. skyward 4

    ReDawn (Skyward Novella 2) Draft 3.0 - 59% OM NOM NOM Brandon eats novella drafts for breakfast.
  6. Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine with Ethan Skarstedt it's a short story in Armored Changes I'd make: Firstborn is one word, not two I'd put Defending Elysium next to Skyward and Starsight, and Mitosis next to Reckoners.