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  1. I found some punctuation issues in Way of Kings, US Kobo version. Chapter 14 Oh, I know we have chores - foraging in the chasms,cleaning latrines, ^missing a space character after "chasms," And here's a fun one that I suspect is technically a software issue and not a typing mistake. The wrong curly quotes in many instances - putting a second opening curly quote mark instead of a closing one. I stood in the darkened monastery chamber,’ “ Litima read, (and this one is missing opening quotes as well) “ ‘Candle flames,’ “ Litima continued. “ ‘I understood in a moment of stillness,’ “ Litima read. “ ‘Uncle,’ “ Danlan read, “ ‘As I expected, I have found my way to Kharbranth,’ “ Danlan read. (and more in this conversation) “ ‘I walked from Abamabar to Urithiru,’ “ Dalinar said (and more in this conversation) “ ‘Save them,’ “ Kaladin whispered.
  2. Edit: this post was about some issues the Kobo store, which have now been fixed.
  3. Edit edit: It's on the Kobo store here. (Kobo store was bugged when I posted yesterday) Edit: my library also has it digitally, that's where I first read it. If your library uses "Overdrive" then chances are they will have it too.
  4. Ooooooooh, is that what it was! I was trying to figure out it spambots had suddenly got really smart.
  5. He's 8 at the moment. It's been quite a while since I was a kid, so I have trouble gauging what's appropriate. Also I was extremely sheltered at that age, which makes it harder. 12? 14? 10? Any opinions from people with kids? He has done the entire Harry Potter series, so he has stamina, and has had some on-page death scene experience.
  6. How long do I need to wait before I get my nephew the first Reckoners book for Christmas?
  7. Kickstarter. I'm not really interested in leatherbound books. I need that bookshelf space for books that I'm not afraid to touch for fear of making messy! But I will absolutely go for an ebook novella. I just hope it's not written just for the sake of a kickstarter, that it's a story that he would have been writing otherwise at some point.
  8. Apparently it happens to Brandon too - see The Original section in State of the Sanderson
  9. Dark One comic OMG this looks SO GOOD The Original Audio only? Aw. But yay on imminent release. Alcatraz Basically done? Why 2-3 years for release? :< He was collaborating on this book too, wasn't he? Curious that the SotS didn't say anything about that. Signings My thoughts on this will probably make some people angry, but I've never liked seeing authors or actors sitting for hours scribbling the same thing over and over again so that everyone can have their own prestigious object to show off. I would feel selfish to expect that of someone I admired. Seeing the video he posted a while back of stacks of thousands of books he signed in his office, I just thought that was awful. Someone once argued with me that Brandon likes giving to his fans, but really, I'm sure he'd rather be writing ... the signing and travelling and all that are surely things the publishers push for promoting visibility in order to generate sales. I have no doubt that he enjoys interacting with fans, answering questions and all that, but the signings ... just ... ugh. If he MUST continue to satisfy the stupid demand for personalised things, it would be great if he could get something less RSI-inducing to do like use a stamp (maybe Emperor's Soul themed) or get some special stickers printed up that he can speed-apply with a sticker machine. Expectations on authors these days *grumblegrumble*. (one of my novels-that-will-never-be-written is about an author who employs someone else to pretend to be them for public appearances ... must be such an appealing idea for some of these guys!)
  10. Stormlight "Trat" Probably means "to poop". "Whose food did you trat in", after a discussion about adding Chull dung to food. Not sure whether it's equivalent to **** or something tamer like crap. Edit: apparently my post was auto-reported. I originally had the first letter on that four letter word, and thought that would be OK? I guess not?