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  1. I am happy with no tour. I think it's silly that authors need to spend so much time touring to the detriment of writing
  2. I'm curious now, has there been information about whether this actually happened?
  3. Stormlight! There are so many words, and they are such good words!
  4. It has me actually worried. I've tried to watch a lot of his videos, but he's so rambling, and he goes into speculation so much ... I can't tell whether he has any genuine knowledge or is just making guesses about what sounds right. It definitely comes across as the latter. Trying to look up his credentials, and I stumble upon this gem ( That's not helping, internet. D: ^Yeah, I'm not the only person who has that impression of him ... Ugh. Now I'm worried that he'll cause Brandon to write bad books somehow. Ridiculous, that couldn't happen. But, I'm really not overjoyed at his choice of "expert".
  5. So much yes. When the film came out, I was hugely into listening to Writing Excuses. I really hoped the group would use their knowledge to explain all the things that went wrong with The Last Jedi in actual writing terms. Then I saw that Howard thought it was a really great film, so figured that would just never happen. I'm kind of relieved to find that Brandon didn't share Howard's feelings about the film. But of course it makes sense that he can't go on a massive rant about it and burn all those potential future co-workers. For me the film started off on a sour note the moment Poe puts General Hux "on hold". Instantly reminded me of Brandon talking about some of the comedy he removed from Warbreaker because it was doing soft fourth-wall breaking - referencing things that didn't exist in the Warbreaker universe. And there is Last Jedi doing exactly that in the opening scene - telephones don't belong in Star Wars, putting people on hold doesn't belong in Star Wars. GAH. And of course it all went downhill from there. Edit: Just want to add that I don't want to spoil anyone's enjoyment of the film, or try to convince anyone else that the film was "bad". For me it was, but I appreciate that many people found it great.
  6. Woah. Shad's the popular weapons channel that I find too annoying to watch. I actually first heard of Brandon from Skallagrim's channel, so I'm a little bummed that this is with Shad and not Skall. Oh well. Cool video, bro.
  7. I hope he enjoys the tours. It'd suck if he's dragging himself through them and just wants to be writing. Probably gives him a break to freshen up a bit though.
  8. My least favourite book format personally, but I'm excited for anything that will get more people enjoying good stories.
  9. "Urban fantasy" sounds more like Dark One than Snapshot to me. But who knows!
  10. So conflicted! On one hand, Sixth of Dusk is awesome and deserving of a follow-up. On the other I am looking forward to Stormlight. Well at least it wasn't MTG this time
  11. Comixology have June 5th, wonder who is right.
  12. Oooh, the first two are on special at Comixology
  13. Amazon's habit of just making up release dates is so annoying! Thanks for clarifying that.