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  1. ^taken from Little Things That Make You Happy, and abbreviated to make it relevant to me. I'm a bit overprotective of my book spines. O_O
  2. Next you could try A Study in Emerald. It's a mashup of A Study in Scarlet with Cthulu mythos universe :-O By Neil Gaiman.
  3. He got his boots back Chapter 44 "Ah, and it’s our captain of the guard. Your boots are on the way to your barracks via courier." Chapter 80 "He splashed through puddles of water, and found himself smiling because he wore the boots Shallan had stolen from him." (I love being able to search in ebooks)
  4. Remember when toothpaste tubes were made of metal, and squeezing them was an artform?
  5. Kitties and bunnies.They are smol, and they make me happy.
  6. Well the other OTHER option is those prepaid visa gift cards. Don't need to worry about people stealing the info, because you use them once and they're done.
  7. 1 - I don't remember! I was chugging through all of Brandon's works (except WoT), so I guess I wanted to see what the community was like. But I'm sure glad I did join, because I wouldn't have found out about Aether of Night or White Sand (Prose) if I hadn't! 2 - I got to read Aether of Night, White Sand (Prose), and learn how clueless I am about greater cosmere theory! 3 - Offering spiked cookies to newbies was all the rage when I joined. :-O Not sure how "fun" that was, but, it's a memory.
  8. The credit card issue? An idea - you could ask your bank for Debit Card. It functions the same as a credit card in terms of paying for things in online stores, but the money just comes out of your standard bank account rather than creating a debt.
  9. Regarding the party swag pack t-shirt, Michael Bateman (who works at Dragonsteel) was talking about this in the unofficial Kickstarter discord channel, and he said the following things: "Note that the shirt design is simply a placeholder. We have not finalized color or design" "We will update the images as soon as we can get the new ones, but the artist who is working on the project had their computer go out for the past week" "The pin is the final design, that is an actual picture of the pin in hand" "Online release party announcements come from Tor. Should be coming soon!"
  10. "NOTE: Our bindery unexpectedly shipped us some left-over FIRST PRINTINGS they found. These are a limited number of copies from the First Printing. Edit: sold out. But I think they've said they're expecting a new print run at the end of this year (maybe start of next year).
  11. Sorry for double post, but in case you'd miss this. I was just browsing Brandon's updated store. Snapshot and Dreamer - You didn't mention this one, but posting it in case you didn't know about it: Infinity Blade - Redemption
  12. Like, an actual taxidermy, or a plush fake mole? I don't understand your school system, but this sounds like such a bizarre thing to have to make to get a better chemistry grade.