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  1. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you can get a download link for the unpublished prose version of White Sand, which many of us enjoyed more than the graphic novel. Although, the last few newsletters they've forgotten the link, but I think they said they're fixing it. Next newsletter comes out tomorrow! Go go go! Edit: Oh, I missed this. Well, hopefully a translated version will come out at some point.
  2. Edit, oh the other pictures are all repeats of the ones from Skyward. So just these two.
  3. Epub files are essentially .zip files, so something you could try is renaming (a copy of) the original epub to .zip extension, find and extract the images, put them in a new zip/rar file, rename that file to cbz/cbr and use a comic reader to read it. *Assuming the epub doesn't have DRM
  4. As far as I can tell, the MAINSTREAM print release isn't until the 17th of November (source: amazon, bookdepository, local book stores, check those for prices in your currency). I'd assume they'll do a mainstream electronic release around the same date. If you want it sooner, I think the Vault Comics store is your only option. Print is shipping from August 17th ($30USD), electronic available now ($20USD). (I don't have $20 so I'll probably put it on my Christmas list)
  5. I call them mouses.
  6. Oh man, I wanna read this so baaaad :-O
  7. I once had a dream where an old man told me that the only important thing in life is to do something worthwhile. So now I aspire to figure out what "worthwhile" means!
  8. Hello Jony, Which Sanderson book(s) have you read so far?
  9. Yes quite often. Once I dreamed I was a sheep, and that grass actually tasted nice XD
  10. How self-contained is volume 1?
  11. Edit: Never mind, I thought the dramatised audios were new because they had a recent release date, but they're not.
  12. I think it's not a reward, he's releasing it free outside of the kickstarter? Where did you hear about the spoilers? Did he give an indication of how big the spoilers are?
  13. Probably only Tier 4 will have a limit.
  14. Huh, I thought alley cat vs guard dog was about being a loner versus a protector.