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  1. They're still on the Kobo store. Just bought the one I didn't have. They are DRM free epubs, so you can read them easily on non-kobo ereaders! (not sure whether kindle support epub yet though)
  2. This kind of product often has an expiry date on use of the game's IP. My guess would be that's what's happened. Hopefully it's just a case of making a new contract to get it back.
  3. Seems like everyone is conspiring to try and make me like MTG.
  4. Bug poop! And the bugs eat dead rats!
  5. Any other Warframe players who read M-Bot as sounding like Ordis?
  6. Snorkel
  7. WHY?! Why didn't I check this site that week?
  8. I'm relieved! I felt a little ashamed of myself for just imagining him as Morgan Freeman and not imagining any harder.
  9. I'm kind of confused by the ending. What did the reporter aspect lady actually do for him?
  10. Are you not a good stick or not a bad stick?
  11. Are you a good stick or a bad stick?
  12. There's a request thread here: Not sure if the right person will notice your thread here, so I'd suggest posting there as well
  13. If you want a change of author, in between reading Sanderson's epic series of awesomeness...Patrick Rothfuss. It's...kinda like Harry Potter...kinda
  14. Is it apparent? I demand that you prove your existence!