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  1. We should easily break 30 million by the end. The record should stand for a while.
  2. The Iri just sided with the Singers, they seem committed to me.
  3. At this rate it might hit that before the day's out.
  4. Does anyone else find watching the number go up oddly calming? I know, I'm probably just strange.
  5. Apparently, it's already the #10 Kickstarter of all time by funding.
  6. Brandon announces a kickstarter. The fans:
  7. I do wonder if one of them could be Aether or something.
  8. Someone has to finish it, and smart money says it won't be Martin.
  9. So, the Kickstarter has now raised over two million dollars in basically an hour.
  10. Three Cosmere books, I wonder if we've heard anything from them before?
  11. Hasn't he said there's stuff he couldn't talk about yet before? Maybe it's that?
  12. I think he'd be more likely to shelve non-Cosmere stuff than Cosmere. He's said on multiple ocasions he wants to finish the Cosmere.
  13. Posted by Brandon on Reddit: Just want to say to everyone, thank you for the kind words and thoughts. You don't need to worry as much as you are doing right now. I am fine. Though this IS related to the stress of the last few years, it isn't something that you need to feel concern for me regarding. Indeed, there are some big silver linings to what I'm going to announce tomorrow. It will make sense then.
  14. I find it unlikely that such a thing could be predicted. What Ba-Ado-Mishram did was an anomaly, it had never been done before. So, it likely wasn't what happened to the Singers. We know there were no Deadeyes before the Recreance, and that the Spren chose to go along with it. How would a Truthwatcher guess what would happen when no one else had reason to.