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  1. Yeah, but the back half, There's still going to be conflict. So at best this is a band-aid.
  2. Well I assume the war will go on in any event.
  3. Something I've been considering lately: What happens if the contest somehow ends in a draw? They only set conditions for what happens if either side wins.
  4. Quoting from the resonance article which is the mechanic to which you are referring: With the sheer amount of powers Kell might have at this point, any resonance would likely be negligible.
  5. Since he's a Mistborn and has all sisxteen powers he doesn't get those effects. There's a Wob on that.
  6. I don't think Kelsier would turn on Sazed. Even now one of the Ghostblood's core tenets is "We don't turn on our own." Kell for all his faults, and they are myriad, would never turn on one of the original crew.
  7. I mean she accidentally invented the airplane while trying to make the Fourth Bridge. One of the early designs had wings and kept rising. Sure it wasn't practical for their needs, but that's like some Da Vinci level vision.
  8. The closest thing I can remember to Dalinar swearing not to summon the Stormfather as a blade was at the end of Oathbringer when the Stormfather told Dalinar that he wouldn't use a blade (A Bondsmith thing?) and Dalinar went along with it
  9. I like Adolin the most. I'm not sure why, really, there's just something about him.
  10. I wasn't sure if this should go here or in general, but I opted for here to be safe, mods can move it if I chose the wrong place. I think we may have started to see the fulfillment of one of of the Way of Kings death rattles here at the end of Rhythm of War Specifically the chapter 11 epigraph: I think Taravangian might be the Broken One. Everything that he's done weighs on his soul as he himself admits, and now he's a god. He's reigning over the Fused. What this might mean for Cultivation's fate I don't know.
  11. That doesn't line up timeline-wise. The front half of Stormlight predates Era 2.
  12. I was under the impression that the near death of the stormfather came when Odium was trying to make Dalinar his champion. I could be wrong about that.
  13. Sel: Shai, and maybe Raoden, he fixed the Dor so he might be able to get the magic to work, or we could just have it work. Scadrial: Vin and Elend, because I doubt Vin would join without him. Nalthis: Susebron, because Tenth Heightening monster. Roshar: Szeth and Shallan. If you even need to list people from Roshar since that's where Odium is. I can think about eqipment and iteractions in a bit.
  14. Does Kelsier head the Set? I'm not seeing anything on the Coppermind.
  15. I feel like he put the clues there for Cosmere enthusiasts to figure out A lot of people thought it might be Odium at first.