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  1. We're dealing with a ~600 page book, cuts and changes are inevitable, but since Brandon is writing the sceenplay, and he knows how much we the fans love the books I don't think it'll be all that bad.
  2. Fem!Dockson's backstory... that's going to be rough.
  3. Not sue how I feel about this, I know Brandon wished more women had been on the crew, but it feels weird to imagine this. However since he's writing the screenplay it'll probably be fine.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. If Urithiru was an ark, I bet Nohadon built it. It would be... Nohadon's Ark. I'll see myself out.
  6. That strikes me as a good thing WOB-wise with the signing changes that are coming in the future.
  7. Someone is streaming it on Twitch:
  8. It's on his facebook page now because YouTube Live was giving him troble which sucks because I don't have Facebook
  9. He's probably just running late.
  10. What YouTube channel will the stream be on?
  11. So is the "Cosmere sequence" the in-universe chronology? If so, there's a major, retcon/continuity error there with Warbreaker.
  12. That's fair I thought since they aren't even afraid of Heralds, who knows how much punishent they can take, but I see your point.
  13. Well, yeah, but he waffled on it with the kind of. That could mean may things such as "some are agents of Cultivation some aren't and there's still the possibility of them being corrupted by other Shardic ifluence.
  14. I thought it was a nickname for their race. So there are indvidual Sleepless and the Sleepless race.
  15. A race being a monolith is unlikely and there is a WoB that says that they are kind of agents of Cultivation and kind of allied with another faction, so I kind of figure that the individual Sleepless can have different goals just like humans, and might possibly be corupted by Autonomy.