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  1. @AxeliustheGrizzled I am in awe of your writing. It's amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  2. Oathbringer spoilers
  3. This makes me wonder if azure’s sword is connected to a shard or if she used a more neutral command
  4. Thanks for the WOB, that’s really interesting
  5. Hi there, I have a little theory I thought of while rereading Oathbringer. In chapter 67 when Shallan sees Hoid for the first time in Kholinar. He’s telling the story of the moons when he is started by something in his pack, he later looks for Shallan in the crowd, and at the end of the chapter she notices a jar that is full of a black substance however the side facing her is white. The substance is presumably sand from Taladin. My theory is that the sand fed of Shallan’s stormlight recharging it, which is why Hoid was surprised (I would assume he knows the sand can recharge with stormlight, however I’m not sure that he would know there was a surgbinder in the crowd) and made him seek Shallan out in the crowd.
  6. I have another question relating to the Horneaters and Listeners, so I'll ask it here. We know that Horneaters can faintly see the whole body of a spren (at least lesser ones), do we know if Listeners can do the same?
  7. Hi there, I was just rereading Oathbringer and I noticed an interesting quote on page 383 during Rock’s chapter This sounded like the Rythyms to me, I’m aware of the theory that Horneaters at some point mixed with the Listeners resulting in their ability to see spren, but I wasn’t sure if anyone mentioned this passage? If someone did just ignore this.
  8. Granted but you live in a world without refrigeration so the egg nog goes bad very quickly in the other seasons I wish for the ability to think of stuff to wish for
  9. Granted, but the treasure is hidden in your house. You get killed in the chaos that ensues as thousands of people descend on your house to claim the treasure. I wish for it to be Saturday
  10. They can be willed to appear and disappear, but I'm not sure if this requires bonding it or not, I would think it does but I'm not sure.
  11. My question is did whoever stole the blade break its bond with Taln? if so how? I don't think he would just hand it over.
  12. I do not think we have confirmation he was bonded to his honorblade, especially since it did not disappear when he collapsed. As for replacing it with a shardblade, I think whoever stole it didn't want it to be obvious that it was stolen.
  13. Granted but you are restricted to looking at websites pre 2000's I wish to be able to lucid dream
  14. Granted but you can’t participate I wish for the ability to fall asleep at will