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  1. I'm not sure we know when the war started, just that it ended when GranGran was a child.
  2. I'm going to vote other since I think Brandon's going to make it a bit more complex than being able to point at who started the war. A fairly massive amount of time has passed since the original story. Enough time that Detritus was populated, contained in a dyson sphere, abandoned or wiped out, and is falling into ruins when the Defiant fleet first crash lands.
  3. @Alderant Good to see you back. Take the time you need. I've enjoyed your character analysis here and in other threads.
  4. @goody153 Thanks, this does a much better job of explaining what you felt was a bit off with Jasnah, and I agree that we haven't seen anything to explain her level of martial prowess. The closest hint we have of that is her showdown with the muggers in Kharbranth and only in that she was completely calm and controlled in a combat situation. For now our imaginations can fill in the gaps, but I agree with you in expecting Sanderson to address this at some point as we get know more about Jasnah.
  5. @goody153 The term "Mary Sue" has such a wide variation of meaning that it's nearly useless in describing a character. The original use was to describe an author inserting themselves into a fanfic story in an idealized form. It has since been expanded to include "protagonist I don't like", poorly written character, cliched character, idealized character, power fantasy and a bunch of other possible interpretations. While there is some overlap between some of these descriptions, they're not all the same thing. It'd be more useful if you could express the problems you find in Jasnah as a character in more specific terms. Is she a power fantasy? Well she's certainly powerful, but she was taken out of the main action for nearly all of Words of Radiance. Also the most powerful we've seen her was at a point where all the Radiants were walking around as power fantasies due to readily available stormlight for all. Is she idealized? Shallan looks up to her, but is chafing at Jasnah's expectations of her. Navani loves her but is frustrated and at a loss for how to deal with her at times. Jasnah herself points out flaws in her personality and makes no claim to be perfect. Is she cliched? I think this is more of an opinion question. Depending on how widely or narrowly you define a character you can reduce them to a cliche or grow them to encompass multiple cliches or even flip the cliches on their heads and still be considered a cliched character. Is she poorly written? I don't consider myself an expert in analyzing writing, so the best I can do is say that I find Jasnah to be an interesting character that I want to know more about. She's not been the focus of the story yet and as such we only have limited exposure to who she is. What we've seen though has been enough to draw me in looking for more, and only time will tell whether Brandon delivers on this. Is Jasnah a "protagonist I don't like"? For some people I'm sure she is. I like her and so this definition doesn't work for me. As we try to figure who these characters are we're going to have a like/don't like reaction. It's completely normal that not everyone will fall on the same side of this equation. All that to say, using the term "Mary Sue" doesn't actually tell us what you think about Jasnah. The easiest default is to assume you don't like her character, but I'd rather know what do you actually mean you say "Mary Sue"?
  6. It has been confirmed in world by the Stormfather that there are 3 "god spren" and that the third is the Sibling. How exactly the Sibling relates to Honor and Cultivation is certainly up for debate, but the Sibling's power level is at the level of the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher.
  7. Have we ever seen the Oathgate activated by an Honorblade? When Kaladin brought it through at the end of WoR, he summoned Syl as a blade to work the gate. In Urithiru a radiant advanced enough to summon a blade was kept on "gate duty". I don't remember an Honorblade ever being used or mentioned as a possible key.
  8. That was either raw investiture pulled from the spiritual realm to answer Dalinar's desperation, or a piece of the Stormfather forced into a form usable for operating the Oathgate. The Stormfather does seem somewhat injured after the occurrence.
  9. I generally operate under the assumption that, unless a different familial connection is given, all Herdazians we are introduced to are Lopen's cousins. After all, a man can never have too many cousins.
  10. In an effort to bring better understanding between our orders, Releasers and Edgedancers will be Slicking a portion of the roof for anyone who'd like to experience Abrasion firsthand. Windrunners will standing by.
  11. I owe you my life [...] That's the only reason I haven't yet thrown you through a window.
  12. The disease doesn't need to be horrible. Something as mild as a cold could be enough.
  13. Look here. There is an more up-to-date extension of this thread in the Oathbringer spoiler area if you want to pursue it further.
  14. I'm imagining a background silhouette behind the words on the front which is meant to be Taravangian, but just to trip people up a bit, in the foreground under the words is a steaming cup of tea with tea leaves next to it.