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  1. I am wondering if we will find out if Lift’s chicken is an Aviar? I know it’s nothing huge and cosmere changing but I love 6th of the dusk so I love seeing Aviar/chickens.
  2. I thought honorblades were made of Tanavastium? We’ve now seen Raysium so Tanavastium makes sense, will we see Korvellium?
  3. I think that even if he was afraid it wasn’t because he was surprised as much as it is scared to see if the audience (Odium) would play into the game Hoid was playing, wouldn’t you be afraid if things went wrong and you ended up showing your hand instead of the bluff you had set out?
  4. Or could he have met with Thaidakar’s avatar and not the actual being?
  5. I am relistening to WoK and the thought came to mind that maybe the bondsmiths used their surge of Tension and a form of cymatics to form the dawn cities, any thoughts?
  6. I was thinking, if you burned the spike would that lead to a permanent "connection" to harmony? Basically it would take away the need for the spike to be physically in the person?
  7. Maybe it could be “I will let go of those I have lost, to save those that are still here” his fear of losing people can hinder him from protecting those who are still with him
  8. Just my speculation, azure’s (vivennas) shardblade is her own attempt at creating an awakened sword kinda like nightblood? Though to awaken something like that would take someone of a higher heightening than we know for sure vivenna has reached. Thoughts?
  9. could Harmony or any other shard collect other shards such as Odium if the vessel died?
  10. Is there a WoB that tells us that they are cognitive shadows?
  11. Is there any evidence of any heralds worldhopping after they “ended” the oathpact? With their level of knowledge I would think they would be able to do so especially considering they would be proficient at going to shadesmar?thoughts?
  12. Could Shallans answer to what true beauty was (family all alive and together) be a truth she spoke allowing her along the path earlier in her life?
  13. Can worldhoppers use investiture on a planet other than the planet with which the shard is associated with? For instance can Vasher/Zahel awaken something on Roshar? Could an allomancer burn metals somewhere other than on scadrial?
  14. Do the events on Roshar occur before or after the original mistborn series on Scadrial?
  15. Hey everyone long time lurker but decided to get on the forum officially. I discovered the cosmere a few months ago and have blown through everything from Brandon as fast as I can because I can't put it down!