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  1. @Draginon lol i know im super late to the party and this thread is like 6 months old but i would love it if bethesda produced it honestly. you know, a fallout/skyrim style game with pickpocketing and stealing and that sort of thing? i think bethesda would make it incredibly
  2. that's a really cool idea! im following this bc i want to see where it goes
  3. all I want is for Lauren Cohan to be Vin. that's all I ask.
  4. At the moment I cant think of anything but this is a great idea so im definitely tagging this so i will be back later with suggestions
  5. @Head Crabs exactly the emotional allomancy would be a huge plus
  6. THAT'S SO HARD UGH idk probably a mistborn but it would still be AWESOME to be an elsecaller
  7. @Hatzis that's... actually very good reasoning, man i wish i had done that
  8. ugh yES MISTBORN IS AMAZING also you should read mistborn era ii, which is set 300 years after era i I think? secret history is great, you don't have to read it after era ii, feel free to read it after era i.
  9. @Gigalemesh I agree with you on all of those! The Emperor's Soul was one of the later books that I read but I absolutely loved it! HoA was amazing as well, and Mistborn was the first series I ever read, so it will always be special to me
  10. Hey all, so I was just thinking - in Mistborn HoA, it says that in the old days when allomancers were fairly new and their powers weren't diluted by generations, multiple soothers could take hold of koloss and kandra. In Vin's day, to achieve that effect, you need duralumin + brass/zinc. So that got me thinking... In the old days, could you use duralumin and bronze to pierce a coppercloud? I don't have any exciting theories, I just wanted to put that out there. Also, I don't have an exact source for the HoA reference but I'm fairly certain it says that somewhere.
  11. @Warbreaker_Weiss yeah, i'm the same way. i'd rather read them all at once in the final copy.
  12. Hi there! Welcome to the Shard we're so glad to have you here!
  13. @AndrewStirlingMacDonald I see you did a post about this a little while back. I read it and ours have some similarities and differences, but I thought it was very interesting to read someone else's opinion on this topic