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  1. No disrespect taken! I rely on the Coppermind WoB archive to stay on top of the most relevant Cosmere insights like I'm sure you do as well. The Coppermind doesn't capture Brandon's commentary on his writing method, memes, or other less-plot relevant content. I'm sure that isn't everyone's interest, but for others, they could be interested in that content without having to wade through all the other Reddit fluff.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a longtime lurker on this forum, and it's where I go to get my in-depth Cosmere insights. I know a lot of people prefer the 17th Shard forum over using Reddit. However, Brandon has a much larger presence on Reddit. To make things easier for you (and me!) to find Brandon's Reddit WoB's, I recently made a bot on Reddit that collects all of Brandon's comments and copies them to one easy subreddit. Over the last few months it's collected just under 400 comments and update posts from Brandon. It's really interesting to see all the areas he posts outside of Brandon Sanderson-centric Subreddits -- especially in writing posts and elsewhere in the fantasy world. I hope you check it out! It can be found here: (If you prefer the old Reddit format) (If you prefer the new Reddit format) I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions as well! -DeJeR