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  1. Way cool! Outstanding work!
  2. Very nice job on these!
  3. Happily, no, but I have heard of people who did, and I feel devastated for them, haha.
  4. I think Dalinar and Kaladin are easy-to-overlook-yet-really-solid fantasy character names. I feel like the really fit their personalities as well. Boring answer maybe, but those are my favorites. I also really like Hhrathen and Odium.
  5. mistborn

    Welcome! I'd personally recommend Elantris next, then Warbreaker and Stormlight. But whatever order you read them in, you're in for a treat. Enjoy!
  6. Awesome! You've read it all so quickly! Welcome to the Shard!
  7. Excellent! Enjoy Elantris--it was the first Sanderson book I ever read, and as such it holds a special place in my heart.
  8. Welcome! And don't worry, the people that think you're crazy today will wish they had listened to you years down the road... I know because I thought Sanderfans were weirdos years ago, and now I wish I could go back and thank them, haha.
  9. @daanan, your Szeth summary is hysterical. Lots of funny stuff. Well done!
  10. More Sanderfan memes:
  11. Welcome!
  12. Welcome! I love the Emperor's Soul as well--what would you say makes it your favorite?
  13. Welcome! Glad you're here!
  14. Words of Radiance: Edgedancer:
  15. Szeth vs. Kelsier would be pretty fun.
  16. I echo many of the thoughts that have already been shared by multiple posters on this thread. I respect Brandon's ability as a author to--with a great deal of wisdom--delve into characters who are so different from himself. Brandon himself is a very religious man, but he writes atheist characters with a great deal of sincerity, for example. More than anything, Brandon is a master of understanding what makes people tick, and of exploring their feelings, thoughts, and motivations. I do not personally feel like Brandon's writing of particular characters implies endorsement of their views/behaviors/actions; rather, he wants each character to be true to their own self. It makes his characters compelling and causes them to come across as genuine rather than forced. That's a great skill for a fiction writer to have. Brandon himself has written some great insights that are related to these topics on his website: (Several of the sections on this page offer interesting glimpses into Brandon's perspective about all this.)
  17. Welcome! Cool observation!
  18. I too am grateful to Brandon for reawakening my love for reading. He really is a special talent. Welcome to the Shard!
  19. Welcome! Glad you're here!
  20. Wow, quick reader. Welcome to the Shard! Glad you're here.