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  1. About the hemelurgic theory, don’t spikes lose the powers they steal if they aren’t immediately stuck in a person or something similar? The chain would lose a lot of investiture in the time it would take to bend spikes into a chain and transport it between shardworld, not to mention we don’t have any idea how long it’s been in that shop. Also what would be the point of making a chain of hemelurgic spikes if a person would have to unbend them to use them. The dragon steel and awakened theories sound interesting, but I really don’t know enough about either to know if the chain is made of one of them.
  2. But would Kaladin really fight him? I bet Kaladin would see him as a confused teenager, think of Tien, and invite him to join bridge four. Jokes aside Percy doesn’t actually fight that much and almost always augments his fighting with his strength from water or trickery and without that water he probably would not fight amazingly. Unless he actually had the Achilles heel. If we are equating an Achilles heel with shard plate, I don’t think it would be much different than when Kaladin killed the shardbearer, just with a different weakness. I’d say in the shattered plains without water Kaladin would demolish Percy in most situations except soldier versus Achilles heel where it would be 50-50.
  3. I think it’s going to be Fen. She was able to adapt remarkably to a Bondsmith Vision. When she was in Dalinar’s vision she not only saved the young girl but also was able to unite the people of the village and form a cohesive force to battle the midnight essence creatures. I don’t know which of the siblings she would bond though.
  4. I’m still learning how to write theories so bear with me. I believe that Odium was attempting to stop the radiants by influencing people in their lives. When I was reading about the backstories of Shallan and Kaladin I became slightly suspicious. I saw that Dalinar’s life was hugely effected by the shards. Odium was actually preparing him to be his champion by making him into a Thrill addict. If Odium was influencing with one life why wouldn’t he do the same to potential Radiants. Kaladin had a relatively happy if a little lonely childhood until Roshone showed up. Roshone was horrible to Kaladin’s family but became even worse when his son died. What ruled his life, hatred or in other words Odium. Roshone tried to take away Tien, the little brother Kaladin was trying to protect. Notice how Kaladin’s mother said that Roshone had been better since Kaladin had gone. Later in the army Kaladin’s doing great and is right on track to become a Windrunner. He saves Amaram’s life and kills a shardbearer but Amaram rewards him with the deaths of his friends and a slave brand. This sent Kaladin in a destructive spiral and paused his progression as a Proto radiant. In Oathbringer we find out that Amaram has been influenced by Odium. We don’t know a whole lot of Shallan’s past before she killed her mother and subsequently killed Pattern. We do know that her father cared about her a great deal and was once a kind person. However, her father also destroyed their family, keeping Shallan from ever reuniting with Pattern. Shallan often discribes the anger that she sees in her father and observes it almost seems to control him. I believe that Odium was influencing him in an attempt to destroy Shallan. I don’t have flashbacks books from the other Radiants so I don’t know if Odium was doing the same to them.
  5. I thought Seeing the future was something of Odium so I assumed that Syl was looking because she knew that somebody with a cracked spirit web would be trying to protect people and would need her not specifically Kaladin. Someone will always be trying to protect others so she will always be needed by someone. With Shallan I assumed that she was already holding her sanity together with lies before Pattern came around. I mean, Shallan’s mother was willing to kill her own daughter something was obviously vary wrong. The fact that Shallan still doesn’t remember those years doesn’t bode well.
  6. Pattern says in WOR that Shallan attracted him because instead of breaking like most people she cracked. Sorry I don’t have the exact quote. This implies that she had some very serious trauma in her early childhood but she mostly held together, probably through lies.
  7. I’m fifteen. I read the LOTR’s when I was in seventh grade and read Words of Radience at age 12. I love the storm light archive because it has the depth of plot and complex charactors that are completely lacking in the Ya books my age group are supposed to read. My age does give me a different perspective but it doesn’t affect my ability to read Oathbringer.
  8. I really loved the book. I attempted to protect my grades by not reading at school but staying up til two AM probably didn’t help. I am looking forward for Jasnah’s book. Her backstory is going to be great to read. My least favorite part was Moash striving to compete with Amaram for #1 hated character. It makes me think that Kaladin’s next path will be about not protecting the people he likes if it is not right. Favorite part was probably Kaladin seeing his family again or Dalinar doing his unity thing. Does anyone else think the radiant Mraise mentioned that had been killed was Tien?
  9. Didn’t Jasnah soul cast five theives in an alley in Kharbranth? I’m pretty sure Shallan is just not trained enough in soul casting to really utilize it yet.
  10. Dalinar’s servant drank with Amaram’s body guards and they admitted to Amaram’s dishonorable actions. I always assumed he bribed people.
  11. This is a theory on the champion that is based entirely on very little factual evidence. In the WoR the Storm father tells Dalinar to have Odium to use the ancient rules and use a champion. I was wondering if it was possible that the home team’s champion would be chosen by Cultivation seeing as she is the shard that is still alive and unshattered. This would mean the champion would probably be someone on the cultivation half such as Lift or Renarin rather than Kaladin or Dalinar.
  12. Hi

    I figured there was no point to having an account if I never commented. I’m one of those long time lurkers and first time posters. Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author and I love reading crack pot theories.