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  1. That's a good point. Thank you for your response!
  2. Before I ask my question I have to admit that I am guilty of reading too fast and so I often miss little details. That may very well be the case here. Also I only discovered Brandon Sanderson's books last week and I've already read the first 4 Mistborn books and am starting my 5th one in a few hours. I'm very new here so if this has been addressed in earlier discussion threads, I apologize. I couldn't help but be very confused when in The Well of Ascension (pg 430)Breeze tells Clubs "We're thieves and scammers. We shouldn't care. I mean ... I've gotten so bad that I Soothe scullery maids so that they'll have a happier time at work! I might as well start dressing in pink and carrying around flowers. I could probably make quite a bundle at weddings." How does he know what a flower is if the only flower that any of them have ever seen is the small paper that Mare used to carry? How does he know that flowers are popular at weddings? How does he know that they're a sign of happiness and good times as opposed to the dark and dead world that they currently live upon? TIA