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  1. YKYASFW when you come back to work after a week off and your boss asks “where have you been on vacation with all these new restrictions?” & you tell him you’ve been on Roshar
  2. I just feel drained, confused and empty after the rolercoaster that was part 5 and after that Epilogue.. I'm scared. I feel like a proper post book depression is coming
  3. Ok. Elhokar’s death? Threw the book across the room. Renarin giving Dalinar the bottle in OB? Heartbreaking. Dalinar not giving Odium his pain & Teft swearing the 3rd oath? Powerful. Shallan integrating Veil? Stopped my heart & gave me heart palpitations at the same time. Kaladin struggling with depession & suicidal thoughts? Really hard to read. But that little dog sitting in the rain while his words were being washed away? That really broke me and took out all of my tears. There were so many things in this part that are my favorite scenes from the whole series so far. •The Dabbid POV was really special and once again I tip my imaginary hat off to Brandon for writing such diverse wonderful characters that don’t feel like tokens. •I loved that Navani finally accepted that she is a scholar & that came from the support of another woman, especially one that was an enemy. It’s such an interesting relationship the 2 have and I admit I didn’t expect Raboniel to pull me in & fool me so much as she did. Even though I knew this whole time what her intentions were, i couldn’t bring myself to despise/not care for her. It was a little frustrating though that Navani continued with her experiments while knowing she was giving Raboniel a weapon. These chapters still need to settle in a bit, as I still confused how I truly feel about them. •Shallan finally integrating Veil was ... very emotional and it made me stop & put the book down several times. Veil asking if she did good, Shallan saying to Kelek that the person sending her thought she was much weaker.. oh.. I don’t know what will happen to her from here, but I sure hope she will let others love her.
  4. Haven’t finished part 4 or went through the other reactions, but Kaladin doing Schema therapy & realizing he has unrelenting standards is basically me this whole year in therapy I could’ve saved a lot of money if this book came out earlier!
  5. Ohhh no you are right. Ohhhhh I really don’t want Pattern to be the traitor
  6. Then they proceed to talk more in depth about how there other knights betrayed their oaths & killed their Spren. I also think that the certainty with which he says Shallan is going to kill him raises some questions, but... I really hold on hope that this will be just a misunderstanding. I can’t accept this!! also didn’t the inkspren say that his Cryptic friend turned deadeye about a year ago? It if really was Shallan’s initial spren she must’ve killed it before she killed her mother, so that would be 9-10 years ago. I think she already bonded Pattern at that age.
  7. I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t feel like part 3 was dragging at all I really like how immersed I was in this world so far in the last couple of days. I teared up when Lift talked about her mother. I love Venli a lot! I’m so excited for her maybe freeing Lift & getting to her 2nd oath! Also the flashbacks made me realise I don’t like Eshonai as a character at all! I’m glad we got Venli instead of her. The Sibling is maybe the best new character is this book Did anyone else notice how, at one point, someone(I think it was the Sibling) calls the city Ur, instead of Urithiru? For a moment there I thought if the “El” mentioned on the epigraph of chapter 60 couldn’t be short for Elantris, based solely on the fact that they are both cities of gods & get a short form? one thing that bothers me is that I’m getting close to 70% & I am not ready to let this book go, but also can’t stop reading.
  8. I’ve had the same feeling and i think it was for 2 reasons: 1. It’s odd how few interactions of Pattern & Shallan we’ve had in this book so far. It seems that their talks have been replaced with conversations between her alters & he wasn’t present for a lot of moments that broaded the subject of how she’s feeling. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but I clearly Felt a disconnect there. 2. He uses “haha” a lot in His dialogue. It feels so stiff. At first i didn’t noticed, but the more he talked, the obvious it became. I do hope all this Pattern story is a confusion & will be explained as right now I feel it’s not only something that will break Shallan, but me as well I’m incredibly surprised how well part 2 worked for me. From the previous books I expected it to be a bit of a slog, but I was invested in every character. I’m a bit worried I’ll dread the upcoming Dalinar POVs as he’s never been one I connected to a lot.
  9. It’s here! It’s here i kept refreshing my Kindle the whole night and lost all hope when 7am came around & it still wasn’t here. But then... poooof!
  10. I'd call this a blessing for us considering how part 1 of Oathbringer ended & the torment of that FULL week until the rest of the book. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but the beginning of this chapter reminded me why I never liked mechanics in school & I was always more interested in disscusing characters The beginning was a bit of a slog for me, not gonna lie. As many already stated, I also think that Lift going to Shadesmar with Shallan & Adolin would've made for some cool interactions. I always kind of hoped that Lift & Shallan will become friends as we don't see that many girl friendships in this book & they also seem to have had traumatic childhoods. In my mind Lift's quirckiness would do for Shallan what she does for others (eg. alleviating some of Kaladin's burderns). I am really excited for Navani in this book. In this first part I've felt the influence & repercusions of Gavilar's words from the prologue towards her. While it's obvious she is a strong woman on some fronts, it seems like she places herself in this mindset of "ohh.. i'm not smart, i just had the privilege of working with smart people". For me that reads as a big insecurity. I cannot wait to see her realising, owning & be proud of the fact that even though she's not the nerd Rushu is, her ability to delegate the right people for the right jobs & steering them in a certain direction is a skill in itselft and not many would be able to do it.
  11. youtube

    Oathbringer was the least favourite for me and I think that was due to the fact I was so, so hyped about it. I remember myself 3 years ago, I couldn't sleep and was waking up in the middle of the night with excitement when thinking about the book. There was this whole thing with the weekly chapters & theorizing and that set up incredibly high expectations for me and I ended up a little bumed with some of the things that happened. So, personally, I liked that their reviews were a little more pro-con, so that when I jump into RoW I know more of what to expect. I'd much rather go in with reasonable expectations & be blown by it. I kind of get what you are saying, in regards to the hidden part of your comments, but I also feel at this point some things were kind of confirmed by Brandon (see the hidden contents). Also in his video Daniel gives enough warnings before going more "spoilery".
  12. youtube

    I was actually watching this right now ! It gets me even more pumped, but it's still 10 days away which is a struggle
  13. So the non-spoiler reviews for Rythm of War have started popping out and 2 that I was expecting were Daniel's Greene & Merphy's Napier. From what they say here I am a bit worried that I will have the same issues with RoW, as I had with Oathbringer. Daniel says it very well, something along the lines of "liking the meat, but not the bone". For me Oathbringer had a lot of specific moments that were my favourites in the series, but as a whole didn't deliver on all the fronts I was hoping for. The reviews are mostly non spoilery, but just to be extra cautious I addes in "spoiler" what I thought might be considered one. . What makes you even more excited after listening to their reviews? Also, I don't know the indepth policies of the forum, so if putting the links to their reviews in this ,it is considered promotion of some sort, I am sorry. Hope that it's ok though Daniel Greene - Merphy Napier -
  14. Yes, Moash isn’t inherently bad, but up until what point one’s trauma & influence excuses one’s actions? He’s influenced, not mind washed/controlled. As for the redemption.. There’s a certain breaking point after which things can’t be the same. Yes, you can understand one’s actions & circumstances, but that doesn’t mean you connect to them or that doesn’t leave a mark. Even IRL when someone hurts someone else it takes a long journey to get over that & It’s not always a guarantee. While I trust Brandon as an author, I feel like At this point Moash would need a whole book for that & why spend So much time on that when there are so many other great characters we can explore?
  15. I think Moash is being read just as Brandon intended & is a well written character. That being said... HE NEEDS TO BE SQUASHED LIKE THE VERY DISGUSTING COCKROACH HE IS!!!!