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  1. Nice, I'd like to see a first person novel in Cosmere.
  2. The Dalinar thing is pretty much confirmed by Dalinar in-world so I'd agree with that. With Kaladin, I don't think it was as much stopping a highstorm but making a break in it winds - probably by neutralizing them - only right around him. it doesnt look like it would require a lot of pare - it was in my opinion just a clever usage of the surge. For Shallan, considering amount of stormlight at her disposal, her artistic skills, memory, and sheer desperation of the battle, I don;t think it's a stretch she could make ilusions in that number (she was also exhausted at the end of it) - the soulcasting thing is weird though, she's not experienced and didn't dip into CR ( though Jasnah mentions that the borders were rather thin), but sheer power wouldn't be replacement for skill. The power buff seems to hit only Dalinar in my opinion, the rest are not nearly as powerful nor is the power buff required to explain their achievements.
  3. While I liked the idea of Eshonai becoming a Radiant I think we might see it now with her sister and her possible redemption arc instead, might end up as Kaladin of Listeners. Also it's interesting to see that Listeners treat higher Spren as servants, I guess they never had partnership with them like Radiants have.
  4. Hiya. What books have you read so far?
  5. Or you know, ban steelpushing in cities. Coinshots are very small minority in society anyway and it's not like they can't move around like everyone else.
  6. I'm not necessarily arguing about this specific case, though what they consider alive might be very different to what we consider alive today. There are people who were clinically dead for considerable time that were then revived, how would it work in Cosmere? When does the soul get released to go Beyond?
  7. I wonder about that. Would brain-dead (or in persistent vegetative state) person's soul be barred from going Beyond in Cosmere? How much of a brain function must you retain before you are realmatically dead?
  8. I'm pretty sure you can edit your original post, no need for questions to be in their own ones I think she might lose control over her aspects - maybe the new pictures in her notebook are result of this? I doubt she could bond more than one Spren though - shifting personalities would prevent that and if bound, could possibly kill that Spren. I also doubt Dalinar could (or will if he could) "unite" the aspects of Shallan, I feel strongly that this is something she will need to deal with on her own while growing as a person and as a Lightweaver.
  9. Given that I couldn't vent to anyone about it, about 5$ above the retail price
  10. Illuminati. Confirmed
  11. I'd go with Braise and the woman being Shalash (and the man Ishar) , makes sense to feature two Heralds and Braize might be where they went inbetween desolations.
  12. It's just that theories are usually more structured and offer more evidence. Thinking out loud is a speculation and should be presented as such. Don't get discouraged though, if you have more ideas you can post them and people will agree or not, based on information and interpretations they have.
  13. theory

    I might have worded that wrong but this is what I meant, the time keeping fabrial using power like gravitation (as those surges are the physical forces themselves(?)), instead of reacting to some Spren-frequency
  14. theory

    I have a point from someone that doesn't know anything about how fabrials work so if there is some info on this feel free to correct me : If this were true it would also provide some interesting info about time fabrials - they would need to be connected somehow to time itself vs time-keeping like normal wind-up clocks do ( though on perception of things can have quite an impact on their CR self so a wind-up clock might get connected to time after all).
  15. That may be, I just wanted to propose something that wouldn't involve killing anyone. But that makes me think - is Hoid spiked? He's holding Breaths,came to Roshar for something, is an Allomancer and who knows what more.