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  1. I meant that in for example SA he has white hair, while in some other book (don't remember which now) I remember him having black hair. It was my argument for him being shape-shifting dragon instead of lightweaving human, but I was corrected as you can see.
  2. How about a theory that Hoid is a dragon? That would partially explain changing apparition and I don't remember anything saying he is actually human. I know that in Liar of Partinel you see him starting his 'career', but on the other hand it's not canon at the moment, so...
  3. Hey, after finishing Oathbringer I wanted to read Liar of Partinel and it seems like neither of those links work. One give 404 error and the other shows "file not found". Anyone got a copy by chance? Edit: Sorry, it says "site does not exist" to be precise.