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  1. So I’m on my re-read and just going to keep track of a few thoughts I’m having. 1. Is Adolin going to try and find a reason to stay in Shadesmar so he can work closer with Maya’s deadeye form? Or is he going to come back to the PR and notice another difference in her behavior there? 2. If the 4th ideal gives plate what does the 5th ideal do? My current abs only guess would be something to do with soulcasters. This would be a good explanation for why they’re so much more rare than other shards. thoughts?
  2. I like this theory and was thinking it myself. Gavinor certainly provides drama. A Singer child would probably be easier for Toad to use for the purpose willingly. Wasn’t there a WoB about how long the gap is between book 5 and 6? I think I remember something about 30 years... which would put Dalinar in his 80’s... a ripe time for natural causes to creep up on him if they can find a way to claim the fight lasts that long.
  3. It does, sadly, seem like Dalinar winning isn’t an option. Gah book 5 may be packed with tragedy
  4. Argent says Invention=Cybertron confirmed lol.
  5. I listen to audio books at work lol. Perk of not having anything to do with customer service or the public
  6. Please let us know if yours actually shows up when it said it would... that way if it doesn’t I’m not refreshing my stuff repeatedly for no reason lol.
  7. My audible pre-order confirmation just says “less than 1 day”... I like yours better lol.
  8. I believe previous books were released at midnight... and the counter linked above corroborates that.
  9. So I just re-read the audible description and noticed something. It says something along the lines of “the enemy prepares a bold new plan. The following arms race will challenge the core beliefs of the Radiants and possibly reveal information about the ancient tower.” now at first I didn’t think anything until we knew the Singers are preparing an assault on Urithiru. But if there’s going to be an arms race after their plan... or caused by their plan, it makes me feel like that assault may come much earlier in the book than I would have expected. Maybe I’m digging too deep but this really surprised me.
  10. I have been thinking that Formless might possibly be the “real” Shallan. My reasoning for this is that she is scared of Formless and obviously scared to confront whatever caused her DID to start. Two fears that she doesn’t realize are one and the same has a nice symmetry from a story telling perspective. And there’s nothing in this theory to rule out that Formless is also a child... maybe the Shallan that was abandoned at the time of the trauma? Which would obviously still be a child. This also opens up the possibility that Shallan isn’t scared of Formless because it’s evil or another personality to contend with... but she could be scared of Formless because Formless is a wounded, scared and powerless child and returning to that... well who wouldn’t be terrified. These theories are definitely not mutually exclusive.
  11. Jasnah’s travels with Hoid... though that might be covered in the flashbacks of book 10. I’d be very interested to hear those conversations.
  12. I finished Dawnshard this weekend but there’s no way I’m going to be able to finish the last 1.5 books in the Spellmonger series before Tuesday... but SA definitely gets priority lol. I will have to take a break from Mancour and finish that series after RoW.
  13. 1. Odium putting T in a better state of mind consistently now? He definitely seems to have changed. 2. adolin wanting to see Maya in Shadesmar... too see if anything has changed since her summoning time has decreased? Very interested to see. 3. Super excited to see whatever Stoneward we get. I fully expect this to be a minor character but I’m still excited by this. 4. Navani caught that Shallan had an ulterior motive lol. 5. Jasnah and Dalinar playing right into Raboniel’s plan by leaving Urithiru. Good thing Navani will still be home. Dammit this next week cannot pass fast enough.
  14. My first reaction is the K will be for knights... but this brings about the phonetic vs spelling debate. So I don’t really know. King of Worlds? Knights of Wisdom? I can’t think of anything that sounds suitably epic lol.