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  1. I thought there was a WoB about Venli seeing Dalinar start forming plate. He said it in reference to the 2 instances of us seeing the foundation of plate. Jasnah in the battle of Thaylen city and Dalinar in the vision that he shared with Venli. Give me a few and I can go find it. Edit: I guess I'm remembering wrong as I can't seem to find it. I wonder if it was just a quoted post here on the forums that I took as a WoB from the Arcanum. Either way we do see the same geometric shapes around Dalinar's arm when he reaches for Venli, as we do when Adolin rounds a corner to check on Jasnah.
  2. @Chaos mentions that people dislike the WoB episodes, but they're some of my favorites. I like to think that Gavilar's black spheres are the same spheres that you use to "bond" with Yelig-nar. There would be multiple of those, and he's not really "trapped" in the spheres, but it would be similar to Allomancy in that you ingest the metal and it's the key to access the powers. If you ingest a Black Sphere then it's like the key to access the Unmade? That's the theory I've always had and nobody has gotten a WoB directly on that bit.
  3. "Honor is dead. But I'll see what I can do. If this goes poorly, take care of my men" - Kaladin, WOR Chapter 56 Even knowing an amazing fight scene was about to unfold I still had to stop and collect myself.
  4. This is along the line I was thinking. A spicy pepper? Just fine because it's not true "harm". Drinking still scalding hot water? Might not be able to take a full gulp because it can severely burn you. Definitely a fun question. Wonder if that would get a RAFO or not.
  5. I had been thinking about it for a while but couldn't decide between A-Steel with either F-Brass, F-Iron, or F-Steel. As @Slimy_Slider points out that F-Brass with storing body heat is nice if you live in a warm climate (darn Texas heat). It would help save on an electric bill that's for sure. Steel Compounder would be really fun to have, although not sure about the slow movement to store the speed. F-Iron would only really benefit the A-Steel. Not much use for it outside of that from what I could think of (On second thought it would probably be pretty useful in sports.) I guess it comes down between "How practical would it's uses be?" vs "How much fun would it be?" A-Steel/F-Brass is probably the most practical, followed by A-Steel/F-Iron in second then Steel Compounder in third. Steel Compounder is probably the most fun, but I wouldn't want to store it ever... which would then have A-Steel/F-Iron in second again with A-Steel/F-Brass trailing in third. So in the end I guess I've decided to go with being a Crasher just because it's a "best of both worlds" scenario. Practical and fun in that you don't have to worry as much about the anchors you're using, or the damage you could potentially do by just flying and using random anchors. Side Note: While thinking about it A-Iron would be really fun to have in a big city. You could basically swing around like Spiderman.
  6. That's mainly for people who don't normally read. I've had a couple friends who were still blown away by the ending of Era 1 just because they aren't used to paying that much attention to things like a characters name, or a religion that gets started. They notice some similarities and know it's set in the past but don't connect all the dots. For the few active readers I know I recommended Era 1, Warbreaker or Elantris depending on their reading preferences. I haven't recommended someone start with Stormlight yet. I've gotten most of them to read it by now, but don't start with it because the size puts people off.
  7. I always start with Alloy of Law. Yea it spoils Era 1, but it's much shorter than the rest of the full Cosmere novels, and it's just super fun. Hasn't failed me yet on getting even "non-readers" to start actually reading the books.
  8. The Recreance couldn't have happened before the Shattering... The Knights and the Heralds didn't exist before Shattering. They were both brought around because of Honor, directly for the Heralds, and indirectly for the Knights. Honor wasn't a Shardholder before the Shattering because Adonalsium was still whole.. Honor becomes a Shard because of the Shattering...