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  1. *checks* Huh. That's true. ... *checks again* GASP! The bio has appeared! It's a Christmas miracle! I've added the character to the Era Two list. When we transition to E3, remind me to talk to you about lowering their age, but they're good for this Era. Sorry for the mix up, I'd thought they were only going to be introduced in E2.
  2. Mamma always said 'to assume is to make an as out of Sue and me'. We wouldn't want that, now would we? Thanks for the conformation, I've added you.
  3. I just realized that I totally dibsed the creation of this poll, when Kenod could have done it. Sorry Kenod, I forgot you could do it too as the maker of the OP. You should have told me to stand down! Anyways, I’m trying something new here. I’ve made the first question's options multiple choice, so for each option, people can vote for multiple answers. The result is it looks like four times as many people voted. But this way we can ask about all the laws and not exceed our three question limit. When reading the data for those ones, treat them like they’re separate questions. Then compare the total number of ‘yeses’ to the total number of voters to see if they got a majority. I'm fairly confident those ones will get through. If they don't, then we can rework them or make a more specific question to see why. I made the Power Increase one separate so that we can get the agree/somewhat agree/disagree options, since we know it's contentious. At Kenod's recommendation, I did not include the first law about reasonableness. As always, tell me (or kenod) if there's any problems with the poll (including badly worded questions or poor choice or possible answers). Here's the link to the laws:
  4. Update on the Guild Census (official results) A reminder, we are asking everyone to PM me or publicly declare what guild they would like to be counted under for this government thing. That doesn't mean you're necessarily participating in it, but your affiliation still has a an impact on the ability of guilds to raise armies etc. Once a guild has five members, it becomes a Great Guild. For more details, see this thread. TUBA: Xinoehp, Axelius, Karnatheon, Bitbitio, Silva, Steel Inquisitive Ghostbloods: Sorana, Itiah, AonEne Dark Alley: Kenod The Keepers: Furamirionind, Ark1002, @Ookla the Palindrome The Craftsmen: Mac, Meta The Black Crusade: Darth, Grey Knight I have yet to speak to a lot of people. For example, our new members @Steel Inqusitive, @BooksBeforeDeath, @Chasmfiend#1, @Arith Matic, and some others like @Dr. Dapper, @Ookla the Meeker, @The Forgetful Archivist, @King Taravangian, @Ookla the Gambler, Gancho Libre. If you someone who isn't on the list, please tell them to get in touch. Even if it's just to say they would like to remain unaffiliated. Thank you!
  5. I think the three questions should be something along the lines of: 1. Should we adopt Kenod's laws? (will need to link these in OP) 2. There was one or two laws that were contentious. Should ask about them specifically (whichever ones got a lot of debate. Or just modify the laws to accommodate). 3. Should we adopt the points system? (If it's a yes, we'll get the guys who run the character list to flush it out and start using it for E3) I don't have time to do it now, but I can put up a poll later today if everyone's cool with that.
  6. As soon as Laonin set the boxes down, the man who had been watching the back door of the Forge took notice. Grole had been seated on the soot covered sidewalk across the street for the past six hours, waiting to pick up the package. Quickly, he got to his feet and stretched his arms. He then hustled over to the box and picked it up. "Rust," he muttered. "Guess I'll be burning pewter for the next hour." Grunting, he hefted the box. After that, he looked around to check that no one was watching him, then began walking away.
  7. alleyverse

    Mace wandered aimlessly, waiting for everyone else to complete their trials. He found himself walking along a beaten dirt path that headed towards a small reflecting pool. He glanced over his shoulder to check that he could still see the rest of the group. When he looked back, a young man was standing in his way. “Hey, Mace! How you doing?” the man cheerfully exclaimed. “Grole,” Mace responded coldly, squeezing his hand into a fist. “You remember me!” Grole grinned, exposing his two rows of perfectly whited teeth. “It’s been so long. How are the-” Mace cut him off. “Why are you here?” he asked curtly. Grole gestured to the large crate resting by his feet. Mace was sure it had not been there before. “Time to fill these. But first…” He handed Mace a vial of grey liquid. Mace checked the label, popped the lid, and drank its contents in one gulp. “He came through?” Nervously, Grole ran his fingers through his hair, brushing it backwards. He started to say something, but Mace cut him off again. “Yes, I know, slow moat.” Grole nodded appreciatively as Mace furrowed his brow. He burned the bendalloy and cadmium Grole had given him, creating a small speed bubble around them, and a larger slow bubble around that. Anyone approaching them would get stuck in the invisible ‘moat’. He noticed Grole begin to speed up, so he imitated him, tapping steel as well. The shorter their meeting was, the better. Mace also swallowed one of his goldminds, preparing for the task at hand. Grole opened the crate, revealing dozens of freshly forged goldminds. His hands were shaking as he pulled the first three out and handed them to Mace. “Klasten stole this gold from that building. Why are we doing this here?” he asked. Mace put the goldminds on and began compounding the metalmind he had swallowed. “Let’s just get this over with,” he answered. When he noticed the cut on his leg heal, he began storing the excess health he was creating in the new goldminds. He held out his hand and Grole passed him another one. “Are you storing identity?” Mace rolled his eyes. “Obviously. This one’s good for more. Give me another three.” They fell into a routine. Mace would swallow one of the goldminds he had recently filled, then compound it to fill a few others. Shortly, dozens of the gumball sized goldminds lay littered across the ground. “That’s it,” Grole finally said. Mace nodded, and the two of them quickly placed them all back in the crate. Mace then pounded the lid back in place. “One more thing,” Grole said. There was a note. He passed a piece of paper to Mace. The older man scanned it, then nodded. “Time to go,” he said. “Yeah, I guess so. It’s been fun working with you, Mace. Sure you don’t want to come to the exc-” Grole trailed off as Mace glared at him. “Tap all the speed you’ve got,” Mace ordered. “Get to the vault as fast as you possibly can. If anyone comes within a mile of you, use a Tia. When you’re done, come back to me. Unfortunately, I may still have need of your services. Now go.” Mace dropped the bubbles. Reluctantly, Grole picked up the box, shot Mace a wink, and started running back the way he had come. He was out of sight in seconds. Sighing, Mace stopped tapping steel. Now moving at normal speed, he continued his walk as if nothing had happened. As he did, he slowly ripped the note into small pieces, then threw them in the pond. It appears I have work to do, he thought as he paced. There are new forces at play in the world.
  8. It could. If they really wanted to maintain their cover, they could support the guild they're spying on, but I see your point. However, publicly making the names available ensures transparency.
  9. To recap: Don't choose the DA, GUESS, or Precrusors as your guild. I agree with the argument that if enough people join, they would become a registered guild anyway, but that'd be messy, so let's avoid that if we can. There's plenty of other fantastic guild options available. And for the record, I intend to post the results publicly, so they won't be secret for long. The PMing is more of a convenience thing.
  10. Announcement Regarding my Retirement from the Alleyverse RP:

    This is the third variation of this post that I have written so far. Alas, I have not gotten any better at it.

    I was not sure where to post this. There was a chance that it would get buried in the Homeless PM if I put it there, so I decided putting it on my profile would be better. Besides, this really is a status update.

    I love the Alleyverse. The community has been kind to me. It has been both my pleasure and my honour to RP with all of you. However, it takes a lot of my time and energy to do everything that I do in the Alleyverse. I have come to realize that my lifestyle, the amount of time I spend reading, writing, and thinking about Alleyverse related stuff, is unsustainable. So, I have decided to retire.

    After Era Two ends, I will be severely limiting my involvement in the Alleyverse RP. As part of this, I will be stepping down from my position as RP leader, and forfeiting all titles and roles associated to my involvement in any Alleyverse guilds (namely TUBA).

    To make it easier on everyone, I have decided to do this process gradually. I am committed to helping the transition process into the next era go smoothly, so up until about a week after the era begins, I will maintain my regular presence in the Alleyverse, assisting with the compilation of the list, RPing with characters (of which I will have none in E3), and providing input and ideas on planning threads. Up until that point, it’s business as normal. It would be unfair of me to abandon you during what will surely be a busy time. But once everything is up and running, I will quietly slip out the back door.

    My biggest worry about following through with this plan was what would happen to the list. Thankfully, Ookla the Meeker (formerly known as Mraize) has volunteered to take on the job. In future, you can expect to see him responding to posts on the Character Thread.

    I am not leaving forever (so save your goodbyes!). In future, I intend to visit the Shard once a week, probably on weekends. You may still see me on the forums, participating in the longest thread or roast battles. Anything that I enjoy but does not require long-term commitment. To a limited extent, I will still participate in social PMs. TUBA’s rarely gets used for anything on-topic anyways. But once again, my presence will be sporadic.

    Alleyverse PMs I will likely mute and/or put on read. If you would like to contact me, the best way will be to DM me through discord. I have not decided how active I will be on there yet. Or, you could send me a PM and wait until the next time I am on.

    There is no need to make this into a big deal. But if anyone has any questions, requests, or comments, you are welcome to post them. I would be happy to clarify anything that I need to.

    Thank you for your time.

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      I've only seen this now, through your signature.

      And so I wanted to say that all the best once Era 3 starts and you begin to go, I like the way you've decided to do it gradually, and I'm still bummed I never got to properly assassinate you like I first promised :P 

  11. Klasten stepped in a puddle. When he pulled his shoe out, it was smoking slightly. That can't be good, he thought. Suddenly, Araha stumbled onto the scene. Klasten jolted in surprise. When he did, he noticed part of his chest faded from view. Great. It's reached my bloodstream. Hurriedly, he rushed to Araha's side and checked their pulse. Unfortunately, that was all the first aid he could do. Hope someone here knows how to heal this guy. In case he was going to have to be the one to do it, he pulled an battle-axe from his bag and prepared to wing it.
  12. The DA politely excused themselves from being considered for GG status. They want to remain separate. So you can't say them either. But you can say TUBA!
  13. So don't say the Precursors, everyone. Say TUBA!