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    Hey there! Want to play a game? It's called '5-Clicks-to-Chaos'. See those recent visitors to my profile page? If you click on them, you'll go to their profile page. Then if you click on the people who have recently visited that person's page you'll be at a new profile. Keep jumping from link to link until you reach Chaos' profile. Try and get there in as little clicks as possible. If you get stuck, you can also use the links to someone's followers. Happy playing!

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  1. Announcement Regarding my Retirement from the Alleyverse RP:

    This is the third variation of this post that I have written so far. Alas, I have not gotten any better at it.

    I was not sure where to post this. There was a chance that it would get buried in the Homeless PM if I put it there, so I decided putting it on my profile would be better. Besides, this really is a status update.

    I love the Alleyverse. The community has been kind to me. It has been both my pleasure and my honour to RP with all of you. However, it takes a lot of my time and energy to do everything that I do in the Alleyverse. I have come to realize that my lifestyle, the amount of time I spend reading, writing, and thinking about Alleyverse related stuff, is unsustainable. So, I have decided to retire.

    After Era Two ends, I will be severely limiting my involvement in the Alleyverse RP. As part of this, I will be stepping down from my position as RP leader, and forfeiting all titles and roles associated to my involvement in any Alleyverse guilds (namely TUBA).

    To make it easier on everyone, I have decided to do this process gradually. I am committed to helping the transition process into the next era go smoothly, so up until about a week after the era begins, I will maintain my regular presence in the Alleyverse, assisting with the compilation of the list, RPing with characters (of which I will have none in E3), and providing input and ideas on planning threads. Up until that point, it’s business as normal. It would be unfair of me to abandon you during what will surely be a busy time. But once everything is up and running, I will quietly slip out the back door.

    My biggest worry about following through with this plan was what would happen to the list. Thankfully, Ookla the Meeker (formerly known as Mraize) has volunteered to take on the job. In future, you can expect to see him responding to posts on the Character Thread.

    I am not leaving forever (so save your goodbyes!). In future, I intend to visit the Shard once a week, probably on weekends. You may still see me on the forums, participating in the longest thread or roast battles. Anything that I enjoy but does not require long-term commitment. To a limited extent, I will still participate in social PMs. TUBA’s rarely gets used for anything on-topic anyways. But once again, my presence will be sporadic.

    Alleyverse PMs I will likely mute and/or put on read. If you would like to contact me, the best way will be to DM me through discord. I have not decided how active I will be on there yet. Or, you could send me a PM and wait until the next time I am on.

    There is no need to make this into a big deal. But if anyone has any questions, requests, or comments, you are welcome to post them. I would be happy to clarify anything that I need to.

    Thank you for your time.

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    2. Archer


      Thanks. Strangely enough, the feeling is a little bit mutual. I think if be better at being assassinated nowadays. 

      But I think I still hold all the 'being assassinated' records, so I can live with that. (Most Times, Longest Thread, First, Most Annoying Constant Reincarnation... I think I might have the Highest Reviewed too since EE gave a glowing review of the first time the Ghostbloods killed me. :D

    3. AonEne


      You'll really be missed, Archer. You're a great friend.

    4. Kidpen


      Goodbye Archer! I know I've said it in PMs, but I'm very glad you're not leaving all the way. I hope to see you around, even after you leave!