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  1. Perhaps a compromise? Either the Epic power or the channeling. That would be less OP.
  2. I have not read the Wheel of Time series. As such, I can't accurately judge if the character is OP. If someone who has read it could help me out here, I'd appreciate it. But I suspect the sentiment is in the wrong place. If the goal is to create a powerful character for the purpose of competing with other powerful characters, it may not end well. If people are excited about an idea, I hesitate to say no, but I prefer if RPers develop characters from the bottom up, rather than top down. It makes for funner, fairer RP.
  3. If I base it off my name, it would have to be Callsign: Arrow. If I go for something related to where I'm from, perhaps Callsign: Touque. But I think the one I'd use would be in honour of everyone's favourite (former ) planet, Callsign: Pluto.
  4. Somewhere on the island, near the edge Klo panted an he ran, his feet slapping the uneven ground. He knew he was bleeding. The sharp rocks underfoot didn't help. But he kept on sprinting, headed across the flat, sandy expanse that made up the beach on this side of the island. The rough sounds of the waves smashing into the shoreline lured him in. Behind him, he could hear nothing. There was a complete lack of sound. That's how he knew they were chasing him. He thought back to his escape, preparing an explanatory internal monologue. Had it really been just thirty minutes since he'd dug his way out that cage? Suddenly, his thoughts were cut off by an eerie silence. He squinted at the water. It was still there, waves crashing upon each other, but he couldn't hear them. It was as if he'd been suddenly struck deaf. A muted rustling noise came from his left. He followed it blindly, picking up speed again. As he followed it, it got progressively louder. I can make it. Just a little further, he thought desperately. Then he felt a sharp pang of pain in his right thigh. He fell hard, face plowing into the dirt. More pain followed, along his legs and back. Then, the sweet relief of sleep.
  5. 1. I should think that a famous historical location like Plymouth wouldn't need to advertise. They probably have reenactments that they tell people about on their Facebook page, but they're well ingrained in pop-culture, so they shouldn't need to. 2. Plymouth rock is the place the Mayflower landed in 1620. There were pilgrims aboard, possibly English ones. They disembarked at some point and founded America (not the official one, but the settlements that somehow ended up as a country). It soon became apparent that they had too many shoes and too little experienced farmers, so they nearly starved. But then some indigenous people gave them some food, and they celebrated by starting a holiday known as Thanksgiving. Everyone else in the world laughed and said, 'November? That's a silly time for a holiday. We'll celebrate in October thank you very much.' Source: Horrible Histories and Animaniacs. 3. Three is what that guy from Divergent becomes when he gets over one of his fears. 4. 71 got picked on as a kid because he's, well, odd. 5. *randomly draws Scrabble tiles from a bag* It's seven multiplied by eight. 6. A prime number. 7. Not a prime number. (Ha! Loser.) 8. Better than 87 (who still isn't prime). 9. Someone's phone number, if you put an area code on it. 10. If I had a flamethrower, some balloons, and a bag potatoes, I would fill the balloons with hydrogen, position the potatoes over them, likely on one of those turny spike things they use to cook small animals, then stencil the Boring Company logo on the side of the flamethrower, sell it online for more than it's worth, and buy myself some properly baked potatoes because baking them via explosion is a terrible idea. 11. If I were Hamlet's doctor, I'd diagnosis him as being truly insane based on those words. Say what you want about hawks and handsaws, but people who talk to themselves are clearly mad. 12. Three, I think. 13. Do you mean an English, Irish, Scottish, International, or American mile? I'll assume you mean an American mile. The logical amount would be 1000 feet, or maybe 1200 since it's based on a different number. But let's calculate this. I know based on car's speedometers that there's about 50 miles in 80 kilometers. 5 miles : 8 km Therefore 6.25 miles : 10 km .625 miles/km 1.1 m = 1 yard (based on rulers). There's 3 feet per yard. 1.1 m : 3 feet 1.1 km = 3000 feet 1 km = 2700 ish feet # feet/mile = (2700)/.625 = 4320 [I had to use a calculator for that one] Therefore, there are 4320 feet in a mile. 14. That's got to be a trick question. I'm fairly confident it's just one. 15. KING HENRY!
  6. My apologies. I believe I've fixed that now, let me know if you ever spot anything else that needs fixing. Thanks.
  7. Pngs and preformance enhancing cookies. *throws up from solar radiation*
  8. An entrepreneurial man approached, and posted a picture and a notice.
  9. Get comfortable lads, this is going to take a while. I have not read: Skyward (which I intend to read sometime) Legion (but I have a hold on it at my library, so that will soon change) Mitosis and Snapshot (I love the Reckoners series, so these are snap on my bucket list) Edgedancer (believe me, it was incredibly difficult to write a roast of Lift based solely on her Coppermind article) Infinity Blade Wheel of Time (I tricked my brother into starting the series, hoping he could summarize it for me and tell me the important minor details, but sadly he bailed after the third book) White Sand Perfect State Firstborn Centrifugal Anything With 'Prime' in It's Title Those Stories He Has Put in Anthologies But Not Published Elsewhere. (I can't think of any more off hand, but I'm sure there's some I've missed) Dragonsteel The Liar of Partinel Shout-out to the Arcanum, Coppermind, and fellow RPers for filing in my knowledge gaps. I intend to read more Sanderson books in the future, but I've got other books on my list too (like Name of the Wind), so it might be a while.
  10. 1. Hemalurgy violates multiple human rights, promotes violent cultism, villainizes science, and had a monopoly on the baked goods market. Not cool! 2. The Ghostbloods love to spy on other guilds. As such, they've tried (and succeeded a few times) to infiltrate TUBA. The TUBA PM is full of Top Secret and Very Important Information *cough Princess Bride quotes cough*, so I can't afford to make mistakes with who sees it. I'd have to be extremely confident that a Ghostblood wouldn't divulge any information to their guild if they became a member. Usually, the risks are just too high, but at some point I hope to be able to open up membership. TL;DR I'm paranoid. 3. Guac is the greatest substance on the face of the Earth. I love it more than anything. I would gladly recommend guac to a friend or colleague. This speech has not been rehearsed. 4. Eggnog is the greatest substance on the face of the Earth. I love it more than anything. I would gladly recommend egnnog to a friend or colleague. This speech has not been rehearsed.
  11. I'll ping him for you. @Archer
  12. Also distantly, the sound of a team of TUBA morticians being dispatched to collect the bodies of the defendants after the DA lawyers had finished with them could be heard. They had really squeaky shoes.
  13. Elsewhere. About three metres off the ground. Klasten spun slowly, his feet tied to a high branch of an indigenous deciduous tree. A yellow pika-like creature, whose tail shape made it look like it was being perpetually struck by lightning, kept jumping up to poke his face, sending Klo spinning even faster. Klo tried to grab it with his hands. It bit his finger. "Leek," Klo told it. "I don't wand any trouble, tribble." The creature punched him in the nose. "How am I ene hair?" Klo continued, still feeling the effects of the poison from before. He got no response. The torture lasted for several more hours, until the rodent got bored. Klo had passed out, so it wasn't as fun anymore. It scampered away, as, in the distance, the beat of tribal drums could be heard approaching.