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  1. Pew pew, I'm toilet papering your page because you mods ruined my Halloween costume when I tried to trick or treat. It went from a beautiful Cheshire cat in a witch hat:

    <| : )   to this abomination  <| :)


  2. TRICK OR TREAT!! My costume is the cheshire cat in a witch hat:

    <| :)

    1. Archer


      curses, the overlords interfered with my clever emoji cat

    2. Rebecca


      Oh no! It’s okay, I get what it was supposed to look like. :P

      Here you go!



      Some pumpkin seeds! Except not the ones I made Sunday night because those did not taste good. These ones are actually yummy. :P


    3. Archer


      Yum! Thank you! 

  3. It’s Halloweek now so...


    1. Archer


      Eeeeeek! Nice profile picture update. Have a toothbrush:


      HA! IT WAS A TRICK  OF THE BEST KINDimages.jpeg.665dc032f1859c0f9164d021c108da1e.jpeg


    2. Rebecca



      Nice profile picture update.

      Thanks! ^_^

      A toothbrush!? that a chocolate toothbrush? I love it! :lol:

  4. This is much more achievable than just getting her lots and lots of swords. Thanks!
  5. How about girls who like swords? That should narrow it down to the interesting ones. (Also, girlfriends who enjoy anime, cats, and art, but I think I've got her mostly figured out.) Profile picture. Or personal floatation pdevice, but that seems less relevant.
  6. If Alcatraz ever returns to Earth and/or finds Bastille, he's going to claim inspiration from your wise words. But I mean, what are the odds that in this entirely unexpected situation that he might have to face his crush and recite emotional poetry? Haha...jk...unless?
  7. Hey, easy question for you, can you explain women? Like, everything about them in a way that even a teenage Smedry could understand? Thanks, love the pfp
  8. *As Alcatraz wiggles in the vent, a notebook and a rhyming dictionary fall out of his pocket. Embarrassed, he unwedges himself and rushes to recover them. Then he stops, and looks at Megan.* Hey, hey Megan? Come back here again? You’re pretty good at rhyming stuff, And you’re like my crush, so very tough. I know my flirting comes off poorly, And like you said, I'm not mature-y. Any advice for wooing women? I’m trying to make a special moment. I doubt I’ll see Ba- her for a while, But when I do, I want to make her smile. *Alcatraz makes puppy dog eyes at the High Epic.* Edit: and then Archer remembers to tag @Condensation, because yes, this denouement is entirely unplanned
  9. Oo, fun. Bonus roasts. Nicely done, Condensation, here's my response:
  10. I was going to write a Britney Spears parody called Oops! You Did It, Megan, but it didn't work out. So here's my freeform roast, which is chock full of Reckoners spoilers.
  11. Reminder that during Halloweek, you can stop by ANY participating 17th Shard profile page and recieve a free virtual chocolate chocolate bar or uninspiring toothbrush. Who's participating? It's unknown! Will I forget about this post and be confused by attempts to trick or treat on my page in two weeks? Most definitely! So grab your loot bucket and get ready for some good clean chaos. Happy Halloween, everybody! 

    1. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      That is a gold idea. 

    2. Tesh


      This is brilliant.

      I'll do it, but there's a 95% chance I won't remember.

  12. Nicely roasted, float! Alcatraz's already fragile ego has been dunked in boiling butter and roasted over a volcano. Also, I like that you have, officially, zero posts still.
  13. He wore a brown fedora, but strangely, no pants.