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  1. You always did prefer stabbing to pokers
  2. We're playing Texas Holdem, right. This is just poker with extra murder
  3. Count me in as a player. I'll be Travis Rifleman, which will manifest as me talking in a Texan accent the whole time while trying to spy on all a y'all's cards
  4. That's why you didn't die. I was terrified killing you would lead to people voting people you'd voted on. Which was mostly elims. Personally, I figured you were a reliable vote once you did get on, so while it was low info, it made sense to kill you to move towards greater thread control. Weeeeeee. That whole game was a rush. Thanks for running it, overlords. I am very sorry to everyone I manipulated or sussed in bad faith. I genuinely felt awful for enjoying being evil so much. Did anyone else have PMs? I've been making less of them in recent games when I've had less time to spare, but I wasn't sure if there was a lot going on behind the scenes or a little. Also, not voting is an elim tell confirmed. Next time someone doesn't want to vote, point to this game and sus 'em for me.
  5. It certainly feels like I should vote here. Hm
  6. Well that's unfortunate. I had initially planned on voting yesterday, but after I slept on it, Mat had me convinced he was village. Or at least convinced enough that I thought there was a better than zero chance that the elims had written Steel off and were bussing or had gone all in on Mat already and the five votes on Steel were all villagers. I gotta do a thread reread because after watching the last few rounds of the LG I promised myself I'd be sure to do that in these situations because sometimes the answers are right there. Just gut right now I'd say my elim team guess is Szeth, Mat and... clearing TUO for voting on Mat alongside two villagers. So it's one of Danex or Araris. Given Araris' vote they're probably not e/e. Let's start by sharing our elim team guesses. Shouldn't be hard because there's only five people living who aren't you. This game is still winnable so let's proceed as if we have a shot and work from there
  7. I still think Tineye Mat was super sus. :P. But it's not really a fair comparison because he had a list of all the elims, which changes a person's playstyle. The votes so far today have gone Steel, Araris, Steel, Mat, Steel, Mat, Steel. (Hey, that's a lot of votes! Good job, gang.) Could be the elims are bluffing with their later to be moved votes, but I'll go out on a limb here and guess Mat and Steel aren't e-e. I'm a little confused why Ash defended Mat there, but with where the votes are, I'm not sure how they could be teammates. I'm guessing one of Dannex or TUO is evil, and we'll obviously be able to tell which based on the resolution of the Steel/Mat thing. Then I guess Szeth takes up the third slot, since Auri sussed them and Mat, so that could be enough to justify killing a rookie. Good news is that means all 3 elims have had to use their votes already, so the village can shift over to Mat and a hammer won't be of much help, unless they use Steel's vote on Araris, but I suspect Steel will self pres if required. That's my current hope, now it's time for me to sleep
  8. Meant to post this earlier but my girlfriend came over early. Okay. If we lose two villagers today, the elims will have parity. Assuming we then are able to correctly identify the elims, best case is we then have to win three coinflips to win the game. So this is exlo. Furthermore, the elims can vote for whoever today, then move their votes onto a villager at the last second and if a three person wagon is enough, win the game. So Dannex, TUO, today would be a good day to start voting. We need a four-person wagon on an elim to win (or a three-person wagon and an elim team with a low risk tolerance). I’m going to be busy for much of today, but I will be on tomorrow morning in case I need to *dramatic sigh* vote. That strategy isn’t working out too well, is it? The obvious reason for an Auri kill would be that they sussed Szeth. Could also be Mat voting for them that did it. Steel made the kill blow. I’m not sure what was up with e!them voting for Mat, but if they tried distancing then got yelled at in the elim doc, and decided to go for the sure-fire exe of Devo, that would fit nicely into a Szeth, Mat, Steel team. So my theoretical vote would go to one of them. Except they’re all voting for each other. Diiiistancing? I’ll also note that Araris has now been on two bad exes, so I’d love to hear an explanation for that. I like TUO’s reasoning that Araris-Steel aren’t e-e though, because in practice, that is usually how those things go.
  9. Well that got interesting! Auri is sussing Szeth for their scattershot /shallow reads. And I would say they've been pretty suggestible all game, just based on my observations. I'm not going to be able to get a post in without being ninjad am I. I recommend someone vote on Mat because I can't imagine the elims would allow this to happen, but also Steel showing up like this is weird. Weird because I hadn't pegged Devo and Steel as e-e. Gonna stop and post now because I wanna see what steel just said hello Edit: *confused Archer noises intensify*
  10. When I asked ya, you said you weren't willing to vote for Szeth at the time, so that's what I was working from. Unfortunately my red color button is broken and I am incapable of voting. sadness I actually liked the vote on Steel, for D1. I wish they'd been around today to interrogate. Now I'm conf biasing it into e-e distancing but ignore my brain, it does that Hi! Remember to vote! I need new conversation starters is the TL;DR on that. It still feels like e!Mat jumping on something for a mix to me At this point I'd rather have some sort of reads/vote/T31D than nothing. How people sort them is usually just a reflection of their playstyle. Gut reads are meh, but they're a double edged sword. Allow you to 'justify' your votes later, but they also hold you accountable if someone asks you to vote for someone you 'suspect' and you don't want to. Rollover is 11am EST. Right now the VC is: Archer: Mat Devo: Araris, Szeth Szeth: Auri, Devo Mat: Ash Current preference is to exe Mat, so if anyone feels like backing Ash up there, I'd be much obliged. *cough Danex? cough*
  11. Right now I'm theorizing a Szeth-Mat team. Besides the obvious village reading each other, Mat's vote on Auri has seemed pretty sticky, which I'm reading as an attempt at pushing back on Auri pressuring Szeth. And then there's Mat suggesting I'm suspicious for PM reasons without actually explaining the context to the wider group, which makes me think they wanted to cast a vote but didn't want to be the one to lead a successful wagon. Which has the added benefit of they can come back to it later. I don't think it was a well reasoned vote to begin with, but hey, if you're gonna go for it, you might as well fully commit. Good analysis, but I can't help but notice it didn't lead to a vote. Are you suspicious enough of one of those two to vote on them, or are you leaning towards clearing them both and picking a different target?
  12. Interesting. Kas managed to write a novel based on the deaths of two people who hadn't even RPed. Well done, GM :D. Maybe it’s the summer slowdown, but that round felt less talkative than usual. In approximate order of suspiciousness, I have questions for you all: -Araris: Why’d you stay on Liranil, who by virtue of being inactive, gave us no information from their flip and wasn’t really suspicious? -Steeldancer: Same question. And why do you hate cats? :P. -Szeth, why’d you switch so easily onto Ashbringer? Was it just a joke poke or was there anything to it? -Mat, why don’t you like my fabulous plan to pretend to be elims -Auri, why'd you pick Striker over the other people you evaluated? And are they playing… knife tennis -TUO, do you have any reads? -Dannex, where you at? -Ashbringer, how was work? -Devo, you voted for Steel when you could have put Ash, Striker, or myself into a tie with Liranil. Was that an implicit trust read of those three? Or were you hoping someone would follow you onto Steel Can you explain your reasons for voting Auri a little more? I'm confused by what you mean. You could frame it as Auri is scared of Striker so tried to exe them and when that didn't work they used the NK. But why would they have it out for Striker so much? Why don't you think any elims voted for Liranil? They needed a mix somehow, parking on Liranil seems like a good way to get it
  13. I can't help but notice you're no longer voting for anyone! Might suggest Steel, who hates cats? Or perhaps Ashbringer who had only RPed? Hey Ashbringer, it appears you too haven't voted. I hear Szeth has it out for you, have you anything to say about it? :P. Would that change your approach?
  14. As Gatemaker finished their speech, the five year old boy with sitting next to him at the bonfire finished swallowing his marshmallow, then burst into tears. "MUM SAID YOUF WOULD TELL GHOST SYORIES!" * [Thats non cannon, by the way.] That takes the teeth out of your poke votes, doesn't it? Wouldn't you agree @StrikerEZ
  15. Apparently I hallucinated extra rules. You appear to be correct, I can't find anything about No Votes anywhere in Kas' post. I blame the incredible complexity of the rules for messing me up. By the way, what's your preferred nickname? Olé? Aur? I'm not good with... vowels. Everyone who has posted has voted. My plan is working perfectly. * Jacques Noir knew how to survive in a jungle. He'd co-starred in a survival themed play called Le Jumanji once. "Oui, oui!" he exclaimed handsomely. "Le spies should be le mort, c'est la vie!"