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    Hello there! If you're looking to get in touch, feel free to PM me. I mostly hang out in the SE subforum, but I'm always open to side quests.
  1. Ok I had to try teaching ChatGPT to play forum mafia. It's 1am now but this is for science TL;DR It's a little simplistic, but I gave it very little info to comment on. With a little work, ChatGPT could play in a game. But it's prone to oversharing, so it needs an editor to remove its meta commentary and occasional admissions to being evil. I'm all for Sart based on the assumption that at least one of the two messing around at EoD were evil, but I don't share you confidence in v!Silh. I don't see e!Ash (with accurate roleclaim or even with Thug) and e!Drake on the same team, so I can't make the 2nd Tie Guy results work without e!Silh, unless e!Bip slots in as the second elim.
  2. Alright but what if his role is just that he gets written up as a survival when he's exed. Technically, we'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Zombie and a living dude with no active actions
  3. Stop @ing me, it's my Night off :P. PM Spider can learn alignments. Also, I see Drake shot at me. Rood. I wasn't notified though. And are we 100% sure Ash isn't dead?
  4. I wonder if vet has a relationship to Araris' mystery added vote. I'd rather take Ash out of the tie because then e!Silh is more incentivized to act. The elims can afford to do nothing to a e!ThugAsh-v!X matchup. I'm cool sitting this one out. I understand the reasoning. Biplet
  5. How do you differentiate between Thug Ash tanking the exe and Thread Master Ash, unless you exe them twice, which isn't viable?
  6. If JNV doesn't have a quokka role I'll be very disappointed Personally, I think Walin was evil. And maybe Dannex. The challenge of going outside of the pool is that it is technically an unknown number of elims. But the odds are better if you're pessimistic, so Biplet seems to make sense of the three. Steel I still want to know why Tani claimed. There had to have been a reason. There was an upside. I regret going for it now, but I can't undo it. That seems like an RPer task. I suspect they'll turn up Thug trying to get ahead of being in the suspect pool today.
  7. Mechanically accusing someone but refusing to divulge their identity isn't very cash money of you Counterpoint: I've done a terrible job of using my PM :P. Also, am I supposed to be covering for TJ when Tani could have submitted the kill so he wouldn't have to?
  8. Fun fact, you can never tell if you were trolled by scanning yourself by those rules That's Araris. He just seems to attract a vote every round out of respect
  9. I forgot to mention, that's not an alignment indicative role to have. Can you turn a zombie's no vote into a vote, because wasting Tani's wouldn't be a bad idea. To satisfy my curiosity about who the UPS is, I'd like everyone to attempt a left-hand turn, please and thanks >:) Do you scan whether someone was trolled or that someone is a troll/ing? inb4 that's all that the role does
  10. He has one with me. And no, it was D2 because he'd indicated a preference for scanning the alignment scanner, which made more sense TJ didn't receive a GM PM and is really just a spectator
  11. It would have worked then, but that ship has since sailed. I guess there's no reason to be clandestine about it in this situation so here's the highlights What You Don't Know -Day action to activate, the flavor being that I declare I have not read the rules -I get a bubble of ignorance that gives me invincibility to some actions -The GMs have very deliberately PAFOed questions about this role but not my other one, which I believe is confirmation that they are Trolls. :P. Also because I've since discovered that it can't be turned off. I had a theory that roleblocking could but it appears not -Interestingly, I don't get told if people target me. Or at least I didn't yesterday
  12. >.> Wiz is a snitch On the subject of TJ's action, I fully believe it because I am a limited Smoker. A lot of actions won't work against me - including alignment scans, unfortunately. I highly doubt that anyone else has this role, but on the off chance someone wants to also claim it, I'll just say that the flavor has to do with reading the rules. I also agree with Mat that Drake deciding to stop killing right about the time our suspect pool got really small is a bad look. Realistically I don't want to exe them, but I'd appreciate an alignment scan on them if possible. As for Ashbringer, my money's on they're a Thug going for broke. They're on my potential exe list. I'd rather do Steel over Biplet. Silh also needs to die eventually.
  13. On a related note, I've caught myself falling into the rut of relying on scans to solve this game and subsequently getting lazy with my analysis. I know people like to take Nights off to decompress, so I propose we set aside some time next Day just for non mech analysis. Can everyone get some reads together for say after the initial post-rollover results sharing time and the midway point of next Day (Sunday, essentially)? That still leaves time for strategic considerations to be brought up afterwards.
  14. Ya know, I don't feel like getting in touch with you has been a problem so far :P. To clarify, the Spider must be in the 1 on 1 PM they make You have my blessing I honestly won't keep up with a PM you make with me, so maybe go for Wiz instead
  15. See I was leaning more elim on them. I don't think we can conclude much about them for being in an unbroken tie, although I was expecting Tani to make a last second appearance under unfavorable circumstances for the elims. Araris got an extra vote again. Does anyone have a good reason to want a PM with me?