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  1. Technically, it was mostly the afromentioned goat's fault, but let's not split hairs here. They were successful in drawing the attention of local law enforcement, but that was a short lived predicament because, through the use of some Rapunzel-style lassoing, they were able to narrowly escape arrest. (It was a rather close shave.)
  2. The mudkip was happy about this arrangement. Hurray! it thought to itself. I have attracted a Truthless to raise as my very own. I wonder what these things eat?
  3. Salut, Antoine! Welcome to the Shard. Your favourite books and characters have been covered already, so all I have left to ask you is if, while they were sleeping, Vin and Sarene were magically transported to an abandoned town in Arelon and had their powers swapped, making Sarene a mistborn and Vin an Elantrian, who would be the first to figure out what had happened and what would they do about it?
  4. After Harmony’s revitalization of Scadrial, it took the planet’s inhabitants a while to adjust to their new environment. For example, the local weathermen, used to reporting exclusively on the activity of the ashmounts, were faced with the daunting prospect of having to talk about other forms of precipitation. Pictured below is one of the many verbal slip-ups made by the host of Scadrial Weather Watch that resulted:
  5. The inspiration for this action was a 1987 studio recording of a band of the same name, which they'd heard being played at the bowling alley once. As an experiment, this contribution was composed before I read the previous post. The sad thing is, if I hadn't mentioned it, you probably wouldn't have noticed. I love this thread.
  6. Welcome to the Shard, Duglis! (I love your username, by the way.) Depending on who you're looking for, there may or may not be an 'official' portrait for them. Brandon has commissioned concept art for some characters, and some of the anniversary editions have new illustrations added to them, so there's some author approved stuff floating around. Barring one of those existing, our wiki team usually searches out and includes the best art they can find for entries on The Coppermind. If you search for a character there, you'll probably find a decent fanart picture on their page. The wiki also includes a few illustrations by Brandon's official artists, like McSweeney (Although I don't remember if he or Isaac Stewart worked on Elantris): If that fails, Brandon occasionally posts fanart pictures he thinks are cool on his Instagram page, so you could try searching there. Reddit might also yeild some results. Edit: Foreign book covers might be useful too. Or cosplays if you get really desperate. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  7. Personally, I think Matt Damon should play Kelsier. You know, that guy who starred in The Martian and played Jason in that amnesia struck spy series? I figure if we're lucky we can get a spinoff crossover movie out of it too. We'll call it Jason's Mist-bourne Identity.
  8. I awaited Urteaurian Rhapsody with baited breath. I warmed up my voice, preparing to belt out the Thunderclasts and lightning very very frightening. Me! Gemmel no, Gemmel no, Gemmel no be magnificooooo line I thought was coming. Then I got rickrolled. Despite that, fabulous writing, you two! ^ This line was perfect, Itiah. ^ And this made me laugh out loud, PK. Both of you did amazing jobs altering songs seamlessly and hilariously. You deserve some internet applause!:
  9. P!bigtext Happy Birthday, Silva ... Right. There's no bots here. I guess you're not getting any birthday pancakes then. Sorry about that. Have a good one anyway.
  10. The fire ant danced somberly. Then it died. Astute readers of the Longest Thread took note, cleverly deducing that this interlude must have been inserted by the authors to foreshadow events to come on later pages. Perhaps the protagonists of the story will find themselves locked in a metaphorical dance of Life and Death, or ignite the spark of hope within themselves via a... stick? Although no one would admit it, the foreshadowing was very confusing, but it was generally understood that that was what made it Important.
  11. Yeah! Most people just call Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor "Chef Nunchucks", so it's fine.
  12. The Aforementioned Reason 5.23859487247934571 (Which Alcatraz's proximity made come after 6, obviously): They were not throwing away their shot. (Their poor counting ability was due to the regular interruptions of their childhood education regimes by large hurricanes. As such, they learned to sing and to dance surprisingly modern looking hip hop numbers, but never to do math. Hopefully, none of them will ever get a job working with money or anything like that. That'd be bad.)
  13. Four thousand?! That's amazing. Congratulations! I don't have any funny questions for you (sorry to disappoint) but I do have a random one that I thought of a while ago but haven't had a good opportunity to ask anyone until now. I'm asking based on the assumption that you've read a foreign language copy of a Sanderson book at some point. (If you haven't, just ignore this.) Anyway, Brandon likes taking ordinary words and turning them into names or magical terms. Usually, when a book is translated, names aren't changed unless they're problematic. But do you know if the same holds true for words Sanderson has hijacked? For example, is the Shard Honour still called that, or is it altered? What about investiture? I don't know why I'm thinking about this stuff, but now that I am, I'm super curious what editorial decisions get made during the translation process.
  14. Beyond Ragnarok, a book with fantastically named characters like Xyxthris and Dh'arlo'mé, neither of which make for easy reading. (Hence why it got cannibalized instead of read.) Thanks!
  15. From the album Multimedia Shardbearer

    Normally, I’d be the first in line to fight anyone who ripped a page from a fantasy novel. But the one I stole my paper from to make this piece was about to be destroyed anyway, so my actions were maybe, kinda, sort of justified? I’m really, really sorry. Pleasedon’tformabooklovinglynchmob This depiction of a generic shardbearer is made from acrylic paint, black pen, and various types of paper. It’s loosely based on the illustrations of shardplate from Shallan's sketchbook. I’m reasonably pleased with how it turned out, so I thought I’d share. Thanks for viewing!