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  1. Hi

    Welcome to the Shard! I like your username. Oh snap! You just activated my trap card! The mods get grumpy when you double post, so you're encouraged to edit your post instead if you have information to add. Don't worry about it this time (it's your intro thread, you're allowed to make mistakes) but in future, avoiding unnecessary posting is a good habit to get into.
  2. The Last Post thread was crushed so much it turned into a diamond. The sentient Longest Thread thread super-glued it to a ring and used it to propose to...
  3. Granted, but for every subscriber PewDiePie gets, two people subscribe to T-Series. And three subscribe to DudePerfect so they can #TiethePie despite that being an obvious ploy to become the most subscribed channel. I wish for two randomly selected cities in the world to switch places, without the residents of them knowing about it. I'd also like a helicopter so I can fly over one of the cities and watch people's reactions when they leave the city limits.
  4. Below, fathoms. Darkness is there seen. Never seen: there is darkness, fathoms below.

    - Collected on February third, 16 seconds pre-signing out. Subject was a darkeyed man in his youth.


    I’ll check in on you guys next weekend, and hopefully each weekend after that. Thank you, everyone, for everything. It’s been a blast.


    1. AonEne


      *sixteen seconds later* The healer idly looked up from recording the Death Rattle. What was that sound? Tortured, agonized screaming? Probably just dolphin noises. It did sound an awful lot like "So long, and thanks for all the fish."

      Then again, it could also have been "You're freaking awesome, and goodbye."

    2. Gancho Libre

      Gancho Libre

      Yo Archer you IRL it up, alright?

  5. If it were up to me, I would approve it on the grounds of it being a non-combatant. But you've posted it here for peer review, so I'd recommend giving it a few hours to let people in other time zones get the chance to take a look at it. Then they can start coming up with ideas for how they will interact with it, as well as give feedback and make suggestions, if they have any. I'll @Lord Meeker to make sure it's on his radar so it can be added to the list at the appropriate time.
  6. So, there was a lot of... I made a brick! Is this good food? "No. You can't even eat it." How about those people over there? Would they make good food? "No! You can't eat people!" I can't eat anything at all. ... Are those people heroes? "I guess you could say that." So they're good people? Good, is that right? "What are you getting at?" My orders are to make Good into food. If I had emotions I'd feel bad for them. Death by spatula is an embarrassing way to go.
  7. The way I scored it, the bolded ones cancel out the 25S points that were remaining, the others make up for the staff. I would say that with these additions, the Jackal not only is eligible for a 'most weaknesses' record, but is also not OP. If you wanted, you could probably drop one or two of these in the final bio. Thank you for your patience, and for accommodating my requests. It really is an interesting character, and I look forward to seeing it RPed. When you can, submit the full bio to the Character Thread, an Meeker will put it up. If you designate a character as being non-combatant, traditionally exceptions are made for its OPness. The one thing I'd like to point out though is that your Type IV biochromatic spatula doesn't have taste buds. How is supposed to know what good food is?
  8. Before he died, Mace's last thoughts were of his family. As his lungs convulsed, his nephew's face came to mind. It was happy memory, from a time between wars. A time when everything seemed possible. Back when I had hair, came a random observation from his subconscious. Also, owwwwww. The pain was unbearable. He tried to heal, but something was wrong. His goldminds wouldn't compound. He tried to flare his metals, any and all of them, but it was like they had disappeared. He couldn't sense them. All he could feel was a painful bulge in his stomach. His nephew's face was replaced in his mind's eye. In its place, a grinning skull appeared. It was nestled in the hood of a dark cloak that Mace vaguely recognized. Suddenly, the skeleton spoke. Its voice was deep and ancient. Mace immediately remembered where he'd last heard it, nearly two decades ago. YOU COULD USE YOUR FERUCHEMICAL ABILITIES. YOU STILL HAVE THOSE. Dang you, Mace thought at it. Dang you to- HELLO, the skeleton interrupted. IT APPEARS THAT YOUR ATTACKER IS NOT FINISHED. With brutal efficiency, Detran brought his sword down upon Mace's neck. In his last second of life, Mace managed to eek out a single word. It was a whisper, likely imperceptible to all but its intended recipient. It was the universal cry of a defeated man. "Why?" MACE KLASTEN, YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW... Mace's body fell to the ground, dead. Concerningly, he could still hear the other man speaking. ...WHEN YOU DO A DEAL WITH DEATH, THERE'S ALWAYS A CATCH. Mace looked at his corpse and winced. An impossible amount of blood was seeping out, soaking into the ground around him. It was morbidly captivating. Finally, he looked back to meet the gaze of the skeletal creature beside him. TIME TO GO, it said coldly. And for once, Mace didn't try to fight the inevitable. Instead, he lifted his head, straightened his back, and embraced the Beyond with acceptance. It was finally the end for him.
  9. 110M+170S=115W =100M+65S I'd score it as being 20 skill points over where I'd like it to be. (Note: I docked 10 for overlap.) That score does not include points for his staff and his telepathic link to it, because I'm unsure how to score it. I would recommend just equipping him with a regular* staff, and adding one or two more weaknesses. *by which I mean a destructible one. It could still have aluminum lining or any number of a variety of upgrades and still not be worth any points.
  10. You could make a full bio, or you could do a shortened version and tack it on to the end of your other two character's bios, like how spren are treated.
  11. Bolded are Darth's words which I quoted from his above post. Mine are the plain ones. Oh. I forgot the identity thing. Yes, that is a weakness. I'll leave that score in then. So, the armor is sandling scale coated in a special oil so it will be waterproof. I put it in there for gear points. +10 He hasn't had the staff for that long, but he is very good with it. Like, he could be a sword master with it, but I counted that in what I scored his skill at. Then I'd score it at what is skill is equivalent to. To get 20S, he would have to have the same amount of skill as someone who has trained with one for about a year. (See later comment.) + points for having a indestructible weapon and his mental connection to it. He has near peak natural human strength, and then the mask increases it a bit. I wouldn't rank the enhancement very high, but that's just me. Think, weak pewter arm, if they were already near super strong. I'd say that's equivalent to a pewterarm. If you can get him in a head lock, you can rip of the mask. The chances of doing this aside, it is possible. So it's about as easy as a normal helmet to remove. If you read over my long duel right up in the Den of thieves, you will see that he actually lost because Walker picked up a shard blade, while he was toying with him. No, Walker gave that shard blade to Redken's family, he doesn't have it anymore. I agree that it can be a weakness, but only in specific circumstances (when you've beaten someone). For the political skill, think of a normal politician. He can bend the story, and trick people into doing what he wants. I'd rank that at +15 then. Instead of the natural 100ms reaction time, he has a 90ms visual reaction time, and instead of the natural 50ms audio reaction time, he has a 40ms reaction time. That's less than I expected. Closer to warrior''s lens. +10 to 15. He is over 60 years old, and trained in hand to hand, sword, staff, and knife combat. He has trained almost this whole time, and he has the body of a 25 year old. These are going to bite. Hand to hand combat and melee weapons are separate scores. He's going to max them out, giving him a score of 50S+75S for those. I cannot help but notice that you didn't include the age thing. He has the body of a 25 year old. That's no different from the base level. I would remove the savantism, but that leads to the question of how he managed to last 60+ years, without becoming a savant. He could have been focused on developing other aspects of his powers instead. The bad person thing means that he does things to people and their families, that are not moral, and will make people hate him, without really knowing that it is wrong. Weaknesses like that are weird to score. In the context of the RP, wherein ability to fight is considered to be a strength, I feel like they're less of a weakness than they would be otherwise. You could flip that and say that he's less restricted by morals, so he's a more effective fighter. You also forgot that he cannot work for anyone.This leads to conflicts with people more powerful than him. It will only be like 5 points, but still, it's there. That's fair. I think that's everything you had questions about. Thank you very much!
  12. You could add some skills to the Aleva bio, if you wanted to. You have points to spare. (I scored these two in the quote boxes.) If you do change either of them, give us a shout, because I'm adding them to the list now. (I know I just said I was handing this over to Meeker, but I was in the neighborhood, so...) Sunbringer, I'll look forward to seeing the updates then.
  13. I hate pinging people. And necroing threads. But I'm about to do both, because I would like to finish off the fight @Kidpen and I started. Kidpen, could you please post something lethal so Mace can die? If you're too busy, or I don't hear back from you, I can just gloss over your role and have him fall on Detran's sword, but I'd rather not have to do that. Thanks in advance.
  14. Sure it does. Now you can hide things twice, pin and feature posts, and have twice the workload. Good luck! EDIT: @Sunbringer Did you want your bios updated to give your characters glassweave jackets?