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  1. Building on something Pagliacci said, this writing is generally very poetic. However, sometimes it delves into the realm of purple prose, making it difficult to get a clear understanding of what's happening. Most of the times when I lost track of what was happening were because the narration confused me, maybe the adverbs thing would help, I'm not sure. Anyway, below are my specific comments. With school upcoming, I don't think I'll have the time to offer critique of future chapters as I attend to my other commitments, my apologies. Still, it's shaping up nicely. It makes you look at the world differently, and that's always a valuable thing. Good job.
  2. first verse

    The General’s Camp. The Infirmary Tent. Noon. A dozen soldiers burst into the tent. Half of them surged directly forward to confront the gods, while six of them briefly clustered around a hastily summoned doctor who began to distribute syringes. “Be careful with these,” the elderly medicine man was trying to say as the troops snatched the needles from his hands, barely audible over the din of the alarm bells. “You can’t just go stabbing them anywhere you please, oh, please be careful!” Tion looked over to where Truth had been standing when he threw the knife, but a number of uniformed bodies blocked his view of the god as they approached, cracking their knuckles menacingly. “Time to go!” he shouted, looking over his shoulder for Negation. As he did, he felt a beefy hand clamp down on his right forearm. “Do you mind?” he screamed, twisting sharply to wrench his limb free. However, two more hands latched onto to him, pulling him into the growing throng of soldiers. Tion spit in their faces, but held back from physically returning their blows. You will die for this, mortals. The God of Sensation reached inside himself to tap his Power, preparing to decimate the assembled transgressors by overloading their senses. He couldn’t do it. As he tried to strike out in anger, he felt his Power suddenly slip away from him. It was as if he was locked out of his own mind. In the tent, all of his illusions began to crumble. The bells slowed their toll, the flashing light sputtered out, and the last remaining dinosaur in the camp blinked out of existence. In seconds, he was reduced to helplessness. Tion felt a sharp pain in his waist. He looked down to see a needle sticking out of it, its plunger being depressed by an unapologetic grunt. “Negation,” he hollered, his words already starting to muddle. “You can not leaf me. Get me oot, and Tooth too eff, if you…” His vision began to blur at the edges. As he slumped into the eager arms of the soldiers pinning him in place, he tried desperately to warp their sensations, but his Power wouldn’t cooperate. Similarly, his limbs felt heavy and sluggish, and his neck refused to stop his chin from sliding down into his chest. As he felt the familiar grip of mere-semi-consciousness encroach upon him, two distinct thoughts entered his blankening mind, identical in wordage, but distinct in meaning. I could have killed them, said the first. That was accompanied by the equally worrying, I could have killed them. What if I killed them?
  3. first verse

    The General’s Camp. The Infirmary Tent. Noonish. “Oh, Entropy,” Tion chirped, taking a step forward. “You are welcome to try concealing your plans from us, but there is one thing that you can not keep to yourself.” The God of Sensation moved past Negation, closing the distance between himself and Victoria. “And that is,” he continued softly, “your stench.” One of the soldiers listening in snickered, and Tion paused to listen to the sound of his commanding officer whacking him upside the head. The man’s metal helmet made a little humorous ping! noise when it happened; further proof, Tion thought, that metal armour was an overrated idea. Waging wars was so much more fun when the most anyone ever brought to the battlefield was a pair of shin-guards and a big stick. The part where they passed the ball around was funny also. Having carefully placed himself within spitting range of his foe, Tion continued to rambunctiously undermine the diplomatic efforts of Negation. As he prattled on, he started surreptitiously diving his hands into his various coat pockets, feeling out their contents, searching for a specific item he knew was in one of them. “I pity any man who has to spend a prolonged period of time with you. I was in your presence for what, a day, and look what happened! You are a danger to everyone around you, Entropy. Worse, by insisting on engaging in such shenanigans at this vital juncture in our planet’s history, you are a danger to all of Hopearaa.” Tion’s eyes flashed gold for an instant, so fast that an observer might have thought it a trick of the light. He delved into the portion of his mind where his Power resided, splitting his focus. He could hear himself continue speaking, but his voice took on a more practiced cadence, like a comedian telling a familiar joke: technically engaging, but ever so slightly robotic. Meanwhile, he began to tap into the rhythm of his Power, that second, subtle heartbeat of magic pulsing through his veins. It felt, normal. Weaker, perhaps, than it had been in past, but it was closely attuned to his thoughts and reflexes at the moemnt. He knew that if he reached out to it right then, he would have been able to channel it as easily as he might flex a muscle. So why isn’t she responding? “Your aggressive behaviour can not be permitted to continue. It’s outrageous, and I think we all know what’s to blame. Your thirst for power has blinded you, made you rely on these ‘soldiers’ to see. Their views taint yours, limit yours. They can’t observe the bigger picture as we can. Have you ever thought of all the things you’re missing because you outsource your senses to your scouts and spies? Sensation’s Smile lady, you’re knee deep in palace intrigue while the real world slips by your notice. Now is not the time to play politics!” It was as if the Power was being blocked somehow. Tion kept trying to flare the coloured threads of Entropy’s aura, the dancing waves of light that he could still easily see, but they refused to respond. It was like pumping electricity into a rock. No matter how much effort he expended, nothing happened. Almost as if, he mused, thinking back to the last time he had encountered such difficulties, the connection has been severed! “What’s worse is that it seems you’ve been losing sight of your priorities, the priorities the four of us are supposed to share. Empires and kingdoms are nice and all, but we promised ourselves we’d never sell our secrets for such fleeting gains as station. For our own safety, we can never let them know who we are or what we do. They’d come after us if they knew, They’d feel morally obliged to. It’s never worth the risk.” Tion began to study the General’s aura with interest. In past, once he saw someone’s soul, coming back to manipulate it later was as easy as putting a name to a familiar face. But he ignored the profile he already had in his memories for the goddess, treating her as a new individual. He took a snapshot of her, creating a detailed impression of her mental and emotional markers. Once he felt he had forged a new connection to her aura, he attacked, lashing out with an aggressive invitation to see the everything about the world as terrifying. Then he did it again. A quick mental impression to give himself a target, followed by a surge of Power, this time anger inducing. Again, to promote nausea. And again, to suggest being tired. And again, and again, and again he assaulted her. Tion was hungry for revenge. “And yet here we are,” he continued, showing no verbal signs of the mental strain he was putting on himself. “In a camp you vehemently claim lordship over. You’re really willing to fight us over a handful of horses and a few dozen humans? They’re going to die soon anyway, I don’t understand why you would you would side with them and their petty little goals.” The God of Sensation diverted some of his Power to altering the waiting soldier’s perception of the sound waves coming from the tent to a greater extent. Forgoing subtly, he altered his voice to their ears, making him sound like Entropy, their commending officer. Ghanderflaffle! his General Victoria voice cursed in German. Soldiers, get in here and seize them. Don’t let them get away or I’ll make you wear mismatched socks in public while I read the character description scenes from young adult romance novels at you – as you slowly dissolve in a pool of simmering acid! His right hand finally found what he was looking for in one of his upper coat pockets. He clutched the handle of the object, and slowly began pulling it out. “I do not believe that you are worthy of the power you hold, Entropy, little though it may be. In fact, I would like to invoke a fo- look out!” In one slick motion, Tion fully withdrew the knife he had stashed in his pocket and threw it dexterously in the direction of Truth’s chest. He then stumbled backwards, flailing his arms as he tried to regain his balance. Outside of the tent, the hurried movement of soldiers could be heard, headed for the entrance flap. Of course, before he did this, Tion fired off blasts of Power at Negation and Truth, intending to make for them personal illusions so that, to their eyes, it would seem as if Entropy had suddenly reached forward, grabbed the knife from his pocket sheath, and whipped it with malicious intent at Truth’s heart, pushing Tion backwards in the process. He started really selling it too, grunting in pain as he stumbled, a shocked look on his face. “No!” he screamed, watching the blade fly. The tent lit up with flashing red lights, and an annoyingly loud alarm bell sound began to clang in everyone’s ears. Tion gasped, the perfect image of a god whose Powers were reacting to his surprise and agony at seeing an attempted murder, conveniently also making it difficult for anyone to speak to one another and offer an explanation about what the Gati had just happened. It was utter chaos in the tent, which was just how Tion liked it.
  4. Hi guys. I need some help. My current signature looks like this:


    I like it because it's unobtrusive and short. However, I have come to realize that it is also incredibly lackluster. So, I would like some feedback about how it could be improved. You've all seen the same sigs I have, what looks good to you? At this point, I'm pretty open to any and all suggestions about content, so if you have an idea for me, I would appreciate it if you'd comment below with it. I'm thinking of doing a full overhaul, so don't feel limited to the links and text I have now. 

    As advance thanks for your assistance (and, because I'm sure you were expecting something more humerous than this when you responded to my summons) here's a random joke that you may peruse:


    Me: I think the Patriots have the best starting lineup of any football team this year
    British friend: Say what, my good man?
    Me: …?
    Me: Oh, right. Gotta translate
    Me: *speaking very loudly and over enunciating* THEY HAVE A JOLLY GOOD STARTING QUEUE.


    1. AonEne



      because I'm sure you were expecting something more humerous than this when you responded to my summons

      Nah honestly I don't expect anything anymore when it comes to status updates.

      I think of signatures as somewhere to advertise things you find important that you want other people to also find important, plus somewhere to show off your personality a bit for anyone who cares. Maybe a quote you think is cool or funny or encapsulates you well, whether one you said or someone else did; links to places on the Shard you like or are a part of or somewhere else. Stuff like that.

      I personally try to stay away from bolding, changing the size or color of, or doing other special things with the text aside from links because while signatures are fun, they shouldn't be the focus of your post, especially not after people have read them once or twice. What matters is what you're actively saying; if someone pays attention to your sig, great, that's the icing on the cake. The below is more I try to avoid or have found annoying in the past:


      Quotes = not good for sigs imo

      These line thingies


      Spoiler boxes aren't allowed, but you know that

      Long paragraphs, because signatures just aren't the place for them.

      EMOJIS :wub:

      And of course along with spoilers, the mods want sigs to be short just in general, which I agree with.

      Take all the above with a pinch of copper, because excluding the actual rules, it's just my opinion.

    2. Archer


      *crosses 'three lines of ninja emojis' off of my list of possibilities* :lol:

      In all seriousness, that was very helpful. Thank you. 

    3. AonEne


      You're welcome, glad I could help!

      Okay, I could make an exception for a solid block of ninjas :lol:

  5. Cool, what are you going into college for? I don't know how much access to baking stuff you'll have, but I've attached a good recipe for peanut butter cookies that's excellent for making friends. They're slightly addictive; last time I brought them to school, everyone who had one made a point of returning a few minutes later to mooch some more. Cookies are good for times like these.
  6. Yo Gancho, you IRL it up, alright? Thanks for the for keeping the mimes in business. And for the holiday. And for all the unbridled awesomeness. I'll miss you, friend. Stay safe.
  7. first verse

    Entropy's words rang in Tion's ears. “I see you’ve noticed my soldiers, Tion. Good thing I’m smart enough to block your powers.” The god's eyes widened. His jaw dropped. He shook his head back and forth too quickly, and did everything else he could think of to make it seem like he was pretending to be surprised but doing a poor job of it. “So you are!” he stage-whispered with palpable mockery. “How smart of you!” But despite his double-bluffing exterior, he was extremely confused. As he hammed it up, he eyed Truth suspiciously. Maybe they told her? But, when? And why? “My entire worldview-” he used his Power to make an illusionary explosion around his head “whoomph! Totally changed. Mind. Blown.” The God of Sensation then nudged Negation with his elbow. “I suggest we wrap this up before she spills any more secrets.” With a mischievous look in his eyes, he glared at Entropy smugly. “For someone who doesn’t want a fight, you certainly seem to be readying for one.” He snapped his fingers, sending blasts of Power at the other gods in the room, ones that would create detailed, real-time illusions along the walls of the tent, showing what was on the other side of them. Conveniently, the droves of soldiers he made appear were all malicious-looking and well-armed, whether that was an accurate representation or not.
  8. first verse

    Tion snorted quietly when Entropy invoked the ‘state’, but the rest of her words concerned him. The goddess was acting to calmly, and choosing her words to carefully: actions at odds with the view of her he was trying to cultivate in Negation’s eyes. As Negation rebuttaled, he pushed a little harder on the General’s intangible emotional threads, trying to make her angrier at him. “Drop the charade, Victoria,” he interjected before she had a chance to respond to the question, amplifying his voice with his Power so that the soldiers outside of the tent would be able to overhear his end of the conversation. “You’re among equals here. Your jurisdiction is a sham, built on reckless abuses of your power. Do you know how hard it is to cover up your body count? Don’t forget the reason you have a rank to pull, young lady.” To cover his bases, Tion focussed on the military men assembled around them. They were experienced soldiers, many of them battle-hardened and tough as nails. He warped his words with his mind, making them inflame their patriotism and desire to defend their leader against his insults, but at the same time, he also pushed on their fears and doubts, planting the seeds of mistrust in their minds as he carried on with his targeted tirade. “This used to be your War Camp, Vic. But there’s only one of you, and three of us, so…” he half-shrugged, nodding meaningfully at Negation, hoping his standing safely behind her would not be too at odds with his bold talk. “She who has the power make the rules, and I do believe that yours is almost depleted. How’s about you call for backup, and show us what tricks you’ve taught your pets?”
  9. Archer suggested a truly random mega post of some kind: nothing connected to an RP character's arc or a forum game storyline, rather, a six thousand word post requesting a copy of Aether of Night or saying hi! in an intro thread.
  10. first verse

    Tion took a half step backwards, positioning Negation between most of himself and Entropy, wiggling his eyebrows at the General once he was sure Negation would not notice. Meanwhile, he gently reached out with his Power, trying to mentally inflame and encourage Victoria’s inclinations towards frustration and anger as subtly as he could. Her aura was already tinged red, he doubted she notice a little more rage in her life. Except that last time she did. He stuck out his tongue for good measure. But- hello, what’s this? Tion peered at his shoes, using the movement to steal a glance at the walls of the tent, and the auras congregating on the other side of them. He couldn't help but grin a little when he saw the soldiers moving stealthily into position around them. This should be fun.
  11. 'Last post' wars can be easily prevented by locking threads, but there are other ways to stop them. If people don't act in a responsible nature, mod intervention can be done in other (albeit more time consuming and extreme) ways, including conversations, ‘deletions’, and posting bans. On the mod end of things, it's also a simple process to schedule thread lockings, making them un/lock at pre-programmed dates and times. If there’s a problem, a thread can be locked for a week, then automatically unlocked once people have forgotten about it. The reason Meeker started locking MPs, I think, is that in the case of main plot threads, more so than in location ones, thread necroing messes with the RP's continuity. When they're locked, no one can try to restart something from ‘the past’, and no one can bring them back to the front page of the subforum and make them become listed out-of-order. However, by enforcing no-necro rules and clearly designating the threads as being finished (for example, by saying so in the title), we could probably achieve the same result. Perhaps only the current MP thread could have a featured tag designation indicating its nature, and the others could have normal tags? (I’m referring to the yellow boxes that appear beside titles. If there’s a style-guide, those could be used quite effectively to advertise the appropriate MP thread over its predecessors.) Whether we lock threads or not, I’m inclined to just second Invo’s sentiment here as being the most important consideration. While it’s true that the creator of the threads does have some responsibility to keep the plot moving along in an organized and prompt fashion, I fear that all too often, a few people finish up, then don’t wait for the others involved in the plot to end what they’re doing before moving on. Getting locked out sucks, and we should avoid doing that to people. I suggest that, if threads are to be locked, it should be announced as far in advance as is reasonably possible, then not done until all participants indicate OOC that they’re ready to continue on to the next stage. Don’t even make a new thread until everyone’s wrapped up. It will mean that some people have to wait a few days before continuing RPing, but it will be worth the wait. Sometimes taking a break is a good idea anyway, to take stock and discuss how things are going. And if you really want to get the OP of the next thread posted, make it, then lock that until the time comes to restart.
  12. first verse

    The General’s Camp. The Infirmary Tent. Late morning. In a rush of sensations comparable to whiplash, Tion felt himself get yanked back from the brink of death. His insensate body was bombarded with a flood of stimuli: the haze of daylight, the symphony of nature’s noises, and the acrid taste of the smoke-tinged air assailed him and clamored for attention. Meanwhile, his limbs began to tingle, trembling in time to an unheard rhythm. Then, as if some switch had been flipped off, it all stopped. The god’s eyes fluttered open, and he moved to rub them as he began to address the figure in his peripheral. “Entropy, such barbarous torture is not only undignified-” He blinked, bringing the person into focus. “Ah, Negation! I knew you’d come.” He peered at his body, for the first time taking stock of the transformation that had taken place. His ribcage, once mangled, seemed whole and solid again. His arms, he confirmed with some quick flexing and rotations, were back to being strong and well-defined, unblemished, save for the pale white scars that faintly marred his wrists. And his legs felt as fine as they ever had, showing no traces of the gashes he had ripped into them a few hours prior. Noticing something, he stared at his calves, mentally in a state between curiosity and confusion, trying to figure out the reason for the discrepancy between what he was seeing and what he felt from them. He looked at Negation, wondering if she had not yet finished, but the other god seemed content with the job they had done. So, Tion moved past that conundrum and confidently got to his feet, making a show of marvelling at how Negation had healed him. “This is fantastic! Superb work, as always. I really can not thank you enough.” He winced unintentionally, but smoothly leaned forward to give Negation a hug so his face would be hidden from her. With practiced precision, he used his Power on his lower body, making everything feel normal again, for the time being. “I am concerned,” he continued, leaning back again to watch his rescuer’s expressions. “As I am sure that you have already surmised, I was the victim of an unprovoked assault and abduction perpetrated by Entropy. Why she would do such a thing is beyond me. I will leave the matter up to those smarter than I, such as yourself, to ponder. However, I do feel confident in guessing at her next steps. Or maybe her previous steps. Where’s Facet?” He looked around, as if he expected to find the god standing in the tent beside them. “We need to locate the others, the weaker ones. There’s only el- ten of us, when one succumbs, it’s in our best interests to work together to contain the damage. That means getting Reality, Creativity, all of them accounted for and on board.” By habit, he reached into his coat pocket to tap one of the items he kept there, but instead, his fingers bumped against an empty bottle there he had forgotten about until then. “I can’t fathom what this ‘Augury’ is, or how it will affect us, but perhaps the best route to follow until we know more is to maintain some secrecy about this whole affair? Unfortunately, it appears that Entropy’s madness has extended to sharing the mysteries of the divine with her…” (he spit out the word with contempt), “army. After her act of cowardice, I heard her discuss quite openly matters of, shall we say, sensitive nature?” He lowered his voice to an earnest whisper. “I know I can count on you to do the right thing, Negation. You’ve always been a dependable leader. We need to make a plan. We need to find the others. And we need to deal with our rouge god.” Tion paused. His eyes became steely, looking down and scrutinizing Gati's with rarely seen resolve. His vocals dropped another octave, coming out as a near growl as he finished. “Entropy must be stopped. But first, God of Negation, you know what to do.”
  13. If you had a printer that could print onto latex, whose 17S profile picture would you most like to see put on 100,000 balloons (the number used in the 2016 Democratic National Convention balloon drop)? You can't say your own, because I've always thought of it as more of a 100,000 snowglobes picture.