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  1. Finished Age of Myth yesterday (started January 1st). A long time I wasn't sure if I really should start it, because of the opening sequence. At least three times I didn't make it to the end of chapter one... But now I liked it that much, that I'm starting Age of Swords right away.
  2. From the album Quotes

    My life to yours. My breath become yours. The next try at handlettering. Bad quality due to scanning/photography-issues...
  3. I'm so happy right now! I passed my last test for bachelors degree. It was a hard way to get here, but finally I made it.
  4. Shame on me. Still reading (or rather "listening to") Oathbringer. Since the end of january. In the meantime I read "Das Lied der Dunkelheit" (The Warded/Painted Man in German).
  5. My first fantasy read was The Neverending Story by Michael Ende (in German, as I'm from Germany ) It has a very special place in my heart. I had seen the movie and liked it. Nothing special, until quite a while later. (I'm not sure how many months/heart or how long it's been since then...) My cousin was to stay the night and had a book with her: The Neverending Story. An old edition with the two-coloured print and the beautiful illustration at the beginning of every chapter. I borrowed it from her, read it, loved it. And wanted a copy of my own. But it was impossible to get the same edition as it was out of print. And all the other editions didn't have the illustrations or two-colour-print. Fast-forward a few years, I stood in the bookstore and was on my way out, not having found anything - until there it was. The Neverending Story. Just a paperback edition, but with the same cover as the old hardcover my cousin had. I picked it up, looked, and there it was: two-colour-print, illustrations, everything I wanted. So I bought it. And all since then it's a treasure to me. Not only being the first Fantasy novel I read, but finally getting it after a kind of nevernending story of it's own
  6. It's in Chapter 45: Shadesmar Do you intend to share your analysis here on the Shard? I'd be interested in reading it.
  7. "Roman" is German for "novel".
  8. If anyone wants to know: Translation of German title in italics Mistborn/The Final Empire: Children of Mist The Well of Ascension: Warriors of Fire The Hero of Ages: Rulers of Light Alloy of Law: Hunters of Power Shadows of Self: Shadows over Elantel (Elantel is the German name for Elendel) Bands of Mourning: Bands of Mourning Warbreaker: Sounds of Storm The Way of Kings: The Way of Kings / The Path of the Winds Words of Radiance: The Words of Light / The Storms of Wrath @Herowannabe Translation of titles in Germany is...complicated. Sometimes they just take the original English title and stick with that. Sometimes they translate it. Or they make something up. That's one reason why I prefer reading in English, so they can't ruin the book because of a bad translation.
  9. I live in Germany, so... I should be able to help out Mistborn: It might be hard to get the originial editions, because they are out of print. But there'll be new editions by another publisher, starting in march Era 1: 1. Kinder des Nebels 2. Krieger des Feuers 3. Herrscher des Lichts Era 2: 1. Jäger der Macht 2. Schatten über Elantel (already published by the new publisher) 3. Bänder der Trauer (already published by the new publisher) Elantris: the title stays the same Warbreaker: Sturmklänge Stormlight Archive: all books were split in two. 1.1: Der Weg der Könige 1.2: Der Pfad der Winde 2.1: Die Worte des Lichts 2.2: Die Stürme des Zorns Oathbringer hasn't been released in German yet. And with translating the title... don't try. In most cases it wouldn't help
  10. Thank you! I did it by hand. (But a bit rushed, thus the shaky lines)
  11. Had today a short conversation with my superior at work. Nothing really special. How I like it after 5 weeks, how I get on with my colleauges and all this "new to work" stuff. And he said that I make quite good progress with learning the new things, orientation and all. I'm really happy at the moment!
  12. I finished Words Of Radiance at the weekend. (Overall, I really liked it. But Shallan isn't really my favourite character...) Now I'm halfway through Edgedancer. If all goes well I finish it until Friday and can dive into Oathbriner.
  13. I'll start a new job tomorrow. Since getting accepted I was really excited. But now...I feel quite strange. Still excited, but also a bit insecure/nervous.
  14. New year, new book. I'm reading Words of Radiance at the moment. Just finished Part One.
  15. I have been awakened!
  16. It's in Chapter 57 (Wandersail) of WoK. Approximately 1 fifth (of the chapter) in.
  17. A comparison of the changes between WoR first edition and the canon version can be found HERE in the spoiler section.
  18. I have no solution for the e-book-problem. But I think you can find all changes HERE in the spoiler section.
  19. After finishing The Way of Kings (It was great!) and all of Arcanum Unbound (Edgedancer excluded)... I now startet a reread of Die unendliche Geschichte (The neverending story). It was the book that brought me into reading and has a special place in my heart. (Which means a reread every other year)
  20. I think the secret project from 2015 State of the Sanderson was Mistborn: Secret History
  21. I just finished Warbreaker! (Like Elantris, it took a little time for me to get caught. But then...I loved it!) Now, I'll start Way of Kings!
  22. Unfortunately, I haven't (yet) read WoK and WoR, so Oathbringer has to wait a while. But I finished Bands of Mourning yesterday. Next, I'll start with Warbreaker (and after that, all Stormlight Archive)
  23. @Herowannabe Here's the link: (State of the Sanderson, July 2013) And this is the part on Skyward: Skyward. (Working title.) Young Adult cosmere novel. In the early stages of development. Probably a few years off.
  24. Arcanum Unbounded! Finally!