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  1. Does anyone know of a twinborn quiz on the net?
  2. Turns out I'm a thug, huh. I assumed I would be a rioter or a slider, but pewterarm, huh.
  3. Granted, but no longer have the ability to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide or use math at all. I wish for dominion over all animals.
  4. Snapping was originally caused by trauma or damage. Then Harmony changed the process of snapping. How? What did he actually do? Now what has to happen to cause one to snap?
  5. I would probably be a surgebinder, but I am unsure which order I would be. Out of the powers, I would want to be the Skybreakers. Out of the oaths, probably a Windrunner.
  6. I am a Aussie too. 'Ow ya going?