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  1. Granted, but you now can't have thoughts of your own. I wish to have the ability to crystallize my thoughts in the real world.
  2. When you're already reading three books, but all the stuff you find in the Shard makes you want to reread every Cosmere book you've read at the same time (yeah, I blame you guys, I don't know how to stop now).
  3. For me I think it would be those times when he concentrates the entire story in a single sentence. It's the most epic thing you can do with a book. Hero of Ages: and The Emperor's Soul: are the ones that come to mind right now.
  4. Granted, but now you can only move your hands. For the rest, as if you were a character in a videogame, you'll need a controller. I wish to be able to speak and read every language.
  5. Well, I guess there really is no reason to do it. It's just something that popped in my head, like it would be interesting if it happened. I hadn't thought about the ecosystem thing either, it would be a shame to destroy everything that's appeared there after all this time. @Ookla the Gralsritter Likewise, I see it was a close one, a bit more and we would have the same name.
  6. Before reading Oathbringer I heard something about Dalinar finally "Uniting them", and by the sound of it it was one big event rather than the slow process previous interpretations would require, so the first thing I thought of was the Shattered Plains. It fits with him being a Bondsmith and, well, they were shattered for a reason, maybe they had a purpose someone didn't want them to fulfill? In the end it wasn't that but now I'm wondering if it might happen in the future. Power probably wouldn't be a problem seeing what he did at the end and he's already sticking things together and he's only in his, second Ideal? Any thoughts on this? Or could you tell me if I'm missing something? I tried to look for things related to this before posting but the search bar doesn't seem to like me.
  7. I think so but how are we going to find an Invested panda?
  8. Oathbringer:
  9. I think the scene between Kal and Laral in Oathbringer was kinda cute, hope we get somewhere from there. Sure, he's angry at her for not being a damsel in distress (really, Kal?) and she's angry at him for thinking it was that easy, and for have wanted her to be a damsel in distress (I don't blame her) but from the way Kal talked about her to Syl afterwards, it just seem like a childish kind of anger. I really hope those two see each other again to see what happens.
  10. So, basically, the only point we disagree on in the end is whether Jasnah will become more social or not. My guess is that she will, yours is that she will not. We'll have to wait for that, I'm just based on the hints we get about her; enjoying conversations where she makes and receive witty comments and all that but I guess in the end all my theories are about what I want to happen so that leaves me pretty biased. That's kinda what I was thinking, that she's been like this for so long she no longer knows how to go back. Well, there may be already something in its way if everything goes well for Adolin.
  11. Yes, she is a cold hearted killer. Yes, the odds of surviving the desolation are practically zero and someone like her is probably what Alethkar needs right now but, not THAT cold hearted, we don't need another Blackthorn. That's where the growing comes into play, I'm not talking about the person Jasnah is right now but about the person she will become. She isn't some perfect version of herself who already has learned everything she has to learn, what would be the point in having her in the story then? My point is reduced to; there are seven books left, her character will definitely develop in that time, she will change, and most of the time when that happens, other people are involved, and you never know what will happen with that people. Maybe she'll just accept some advice from time to time and learn from that, maybe she'll make a lot of close friends to guide her or maybe she'll fall in love and learn from that experience. Most of what I said is so improbable it makes me want to laugh but like I said, you never know. Just don't let her die the way she is now because, seriously, she still feels incomplete to me. Just saying.
  12. Wow. That's a rather pessimistic way of seeing things, in general. In a series where moving forward even after a life spent among suffernig and mistakes is a recurring theme, Jasnah doing that would give the idea that she just gave up, no hope for her. Of course they are not equals, we rarely are on equal ground with anyone except friends around our same age. The same way a person doesn't need to be on equal terms with their parents to trust them and vice versa, Shallan doesn't need to be on equal terms with Jasnah to do the same. I've given advice to my parents and grandparents on ocassion, even a teacher a time or two, the same way they give it to me, things like that are perfectly normal. And Shallan and Jasnah already have been in that situation, Shallan was worried about Jasnah and tried to help her when they were on the ship, and Jasnah tried to do the same for Shallan in Urithiru. At this point they're practically half-way through a normal adult-child friendship, I don't know what could ruin it. And being a scholar is probably the only one out of all the things she's doing right now that's basically a dream of her. Take that from her and things might get ugly.
  13. That's precisely the reason why she has to grow, she'll be forced to now that she's facing so many responsibilities she hadn't before. And I guess an arranged marriage would help know what her position is on the matter. For all her negatives towards marriage I still don't quite get if it's because she doesn't like the concept of marriage or if it's just that no one has been worthy so far. Maybe but she still isn't a full fledged scholar so it's likely going to continue at least for now, besides the main reason she's still her ward is to teach her to be a Radiant IIRC, even if Jasnah herself is still learning. And my point was about their relationship. There will be a time when the wardship is over but that is by no means reason to go back acting like strangers. Wait, what? Jasnah and Szeth? That would be interesting to say the least. But they're certainly similar in some ways. I don't know about something romantic but now I'm definitely looking forward to their interactions.
  14. I see a lot of people talking about Jasnah as if she's already post-developing (don't know if that makes sense), which I think she's not. I think logic is for Jasnah what the multiple personas are for Shallan, just a lot healthier. She had trouble as a child, we still don't know what it was but from what we know it was enough to break any normal person, let alone a child. So she starts relying in logic, this helps her move on and overcome what other people say about her (they do say people saw her as kind of a freak while she was ill, right?). But as she grows alone, she stays that way. While reading I had the impression she wanted that to change but considered there were more important things to do and ignored it. She still has space to grow and a lot of time (anything can happen in seven books) so I wouldn't say her being in a romantic relationship wouldn't help her with that. I still think it's unlikely though. I can't imagine what kind of person Jasnah would fall for. Now, as for that person being Kaladin I really don't think we'll even get close. Actually, I have the theory he was just the last one to arrive in the trio that are Adolin, Shallan and Kaladin. Adolin can talk with her as if it is nothing because they're cousins. Shallan is just similar to her in the correct way and even managed to be accepted as her ward. Again, nothing weird about them talking normally. And Kaladin, well, is Kaladin. He isn't afraid of talking back to just about anyone. I can just picture those three being seen as the weird trio that talks to the storming queen as if hanging out in a bar. It would be good for her too.
  15. If they can make air solid, virtually they could fly, though the way I imagine it, it may be a bit uncomfortable and probably would consume a lot of stormlight. But using the same concept. Could they shape air and water around themselves so they can dive with an air bubble of sorts to breath and reshaping water behind them to move more easily?