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  1. Watched the first episode of Onyx Equinox. The animation looks kind of strange at times but it looks really promising.
  2. I, I don't know. Whether we are North America or Center America is still a debate matter apparently. TPBM tried to become Spider-Man as a kid, by extending their hand to a spider.
  3. Well, not English but it's a step, right?
  4. Never read Twilight past the first book, but watched the storm out of the movies when they were popular and have the books in my tbr. Don't remember enough about it to make sound opinions, but I have an extreme bias towards vampires in basically anything so I would probably say Edward regardless.
  5. I just found us a new fan.
  6. It's here! First time I post one of these (I think) but it seemed appropriate. I joined the Shard a few months before Oathbringer came out (at the time I remember people were calling November "Oathvember"). I was afraid of every subforum because spoilers, my only book by then was Elantris so even though there was still some time before the book came out and the preview chapters were just starting, I'm not the fast reader everyone here is so I didn't get to be part of the hype and didn't read Oathbringer until much later. 

    But now? Now I'm up to date, I followed the preview chapters (for a time anyway. Then stuff happened), I've read Dawnshard, my reread was a disaster but no matter, the book is here now and I can't wait to dig in. So in short, I'm really excited about my first book release. 

    See you guys in a month when I start roaming the spoiler threads.


  7. The truck carrying my copy of RoW is right now somewhere driving around the city, and I can't help but to compulsively look out the window every ten seconds. I know the guy has lots of deliveries to make and that mine could take hours, but I still can't help it. Either way, I start RoW today.
  8. Alright. Just finished this book and I need somewhere to channel the array of nonsense that is going through my mind right now. First of all the book was crazy good. What a surprise, right? And then uhh, Lopen. Yes, Lopen. I mean, I always assumed he was as laid back as he seemed, and he kinda is, but being in his mind brings everything to a new light. I mean, when he is talking about why he made one-armed Herdazian jokes, and then the exchange he has with Rysn right after, I had to fight back the tears, it was so unexpected despite how obvious it was in retrospective. Still speaking of Lopen, I think his feelings toward Cord are cute, but I can't help but ship him with Rushu. Then when Rysn floats for the first time, storms I was dying there. How do you not cry on that part? I will need a tutorial for rereads. Oh, and then there's the Dawnshard of course. When she was describing the mural I was looking desperately for something similar, I was like "Ok, so two layers? That's like the allomantic chart, right? But the colors are wrong" and stuff. Of course that option didn't even make any sense. In the end the closest I could find was the Cosmere symbol itself, and even then the only real relation is that both have a sun at the center. And the deal at the end. I storming love when a final battle is a spoken one. That final encounter between Holmes and Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2? Amazing. Basically every important battle in Monogatari? Top tier. Half the gameplay in an Ace Attorney game? That's true tension. So when I saw one of those was going to be the climax of this book. Well, try to imagine my excitement. And now of course, next order of business is try to predict when will Rysn meet an Awakener, what will it be like, and if it's going to be Vasher or Vivenna. So yeah, basically, the book was amazing, the Lopen is even more great than he seemed, I predict that he won't get the dramatic scene he wants until the fifth Ideal and, guys, I think I'm in love with Rysn. Now just to wait for my copy of RoW to get here, which it seems it will tomorrow. How's that for good timing?
  9. You guys are scaring me, but now I really can't wait.
  10. So, based on everything here for the last page and a half, I assume big ship stuff happens in RoW?
  11. Granted. You can now know exactly what a person is feeling just by looking at them. It's not only basic stuff obviously, the array of emotions is so complex you could almost extrapolate thoughts from it. Whenever you see a person or enter a conversation you instantly know how you should speak to them to keep the mood or to make them feel better if necessary. You are also now devoid of any simpathy for any human being so you only use this power to make people miserable and for them to hate you. I wish for the ability to stop time two hours a day affecting everyone except me, so that I have two extra hours to do stuff.
  12. Yes I am, it should come either today or tomorrow. TPBM knows what the two persons above me are talking about.
  13. Edwin followed Lisa's gaze. There it was! So it was something familiar. There was a shape on the floor. A spren. Its behavior was, strange, however. "...I'm sure you guys will work it out." At that moment he saw James arriving too. The entrance would soon be cramped. For the moment he watched the scene unfold, it should be easier now. Sure, Edwin had been living here for months already, but the presence and authority of a Bondsmith were always reassuring. @Empress Stick @Wyndlerunner @Aragorn