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  1. After weeks away, I come back to this war now. What is happening?
  2. Maybe a couple. Still two more subjects to finish. However, I'm done with three already, and you can add the fourth one after I turn in a report in a few minutes, so just a little bit more. TPBM barely has any voice today.
  3. I may have eaten that once, just out of curiosity. Wanted to know what the thing they always mention in tv shows was, you know. I think it wasn't bad. TPBM plays chess.
  4. I see. It's just that I saw the title read chapter 11, and since I was already closing in on 14 hours and the chapter was called Curtain-rise on tragedy... Well you can understand why I would think that. Also, I feel like I should be worried but I like scary Maria. I really like scary Maria. Under the current circumstances the bizarre mood she provides is so fun to read.
  5. Apparently a TV host, or so google says. Can you show me the secret of eternal life?
  6. I woke up with a cold today. It had to happen on the day I had a formal presentation to finish a subject. And I had to present my final project for my front-end class. And I had an appointment with a company to pretend I do an audit with them for my Audit class. And I still have to record a video for that same subject with my now raspy voice. The universe is punishing me for procrastinating. So anyway, how was your day?
  7. I adore pineapple on pizza. Well actually, I have a hard time thinking of anything I don't like on pizza. Pizza is good. TPBM relies too much on autocorrect at times.
  8. Each part of my body was soulcast separately, I'm Roshar's very own Frankenstein monster. TPBM can fly.
  9. I would, but the good new days are about equally as good, and the good future days seem promising. The good old days can wait until my next life or something. TPBM has had a cat sleeping on top of them.
  10. Barely own any, and people barely ever ask for pens. But when it does happen, I either ask them to give them back 5 minutes later, or give them a good old cheap Bic in case the phone number they need to jot down takes a year to write. TPBM likes racing games.
  11. Maybe too much. TPBM is dreading the fact that they'll get a cold tomorrow.
  12. I would if I had any need. I want that need, where do I get pet axolotls? TPBM digs holes.
  13. That's hard, Nier maybe? Lots of soundtracks I love but that one is so consistently good. There's also the Trails to Azure one, maybe at some point Rule of Rose (which I haven't listened to in its entirety, but the two or three songs I've heard are excellent). And of course there's the Ender Lilies one because Mili... Ok, this is too hard. Have those before I think of more. Favorite music album?
  14. Nah. I mean, I did accept the cookies but there's no way the spikes are still there 5 years later, right? ...right? TPBM likes dried cranberries.
  15. You know, I would say watching the opening is a bad idea because it seems to be full of spoilers but this is like Jojo openings, you don't notice the spoilers until they happen. As things stand I have no idea why Rosa would ever get into a shotgun duel with Natsuhi but now I really want to find out. So anyway, bit of an update pre-Episode 1 ending since I'm just about to finish it but school refuses to give me time to read. Only a week and a half more... First things first. The storming soundtrack. It was great from the beginning but then Fishy Aroma started playing and that was on another level. Then the, uh, event happened and I was too busy listening to the music to even worry.