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  1. In the end, all worries were justified, with them there was never a false alarm. Still, he was embarrased when he felt excitement along with the concern. Edwin had to turn away in case it showed on his face. But they were going to be just like spies, of course it was exciting, if he was going to risk his life, the least he could do was enjoy it. He even got to skip school out of the deal. He made sure there was nothing important to take care of. Clases? One day wouldn't hurt. Books? They could spend the night in the locker. Food? There was always the house. Storms, I'm treating this like a field trip. See if I'm this happy when I'm about to die two hours from now. But right now that didn't matter. There was nothing to worry about. Until he heard a rustling noise coming from his backpack. "Uh, guys? Before we go, you should probably see this." Edwin took his backpack off and opened it in front of everyone. Inside there was his jacket, covered in hot dog leftovers and the cat trying to get out. He would have waited until they got home but he didn't want to risk the cat getting hurt in a potential fight. This way everyone would know at least, so they could think of something.
  2. Edwin took a hand to his temple. Could they spend a single day without running into a new problem? Voidbringers attacked them at school, at the house, the police knew about them -some things anyway-, and now there might be a spy? This life was like walking in a dark room. You don't see the exit, but you run into every obstacle in-between. "Alright, we should check it out, but if she is still there we probably shouldn't question her right away. If she is a spy and she escapes. I don't think they'll be so careless next time. Best-case scenario, we ambush them." @Sorana @Ookla the Maybe-Existent @Wyndlerunner
  3. Hey, what about Elyas? For some reason it was surprisingly easy to picture him, though I don't know if he gets any battle scenes or more screen time at all (I'm only in The Shadow Rising).
  4. There was a substitute teacher in art class, she seemed quite confident, though there was something more behind it Edwin couldn't identify, like if she was testing something. She asked them to write "The most important words a person can say". Edwin's mind jumped to Ideals immediately, even scarily, but he only knew one Ideal, and it probably wouldn't make sense. It hadn't made sense to him until someone had explained it but, what if he tweaked it just a little? It's not the goal what matters, but how you achieve it. There, that wasn't so confusing. Now if his handwriting was only a little bit better. He put it with the others and went back to his seat until class was over. By that time Edwin felt something on his arm, he saw Shana going out of the classroom and Rob looking at her as well. Had something happened? He decided to follow.
  5. So storming excited for that, and also so storming frustrated because: a) I'm still stuck in Sen I (the pc I have doesn't actually run the game, as it needs 4GB of RAM where I have 2, making loading screens span anywhere from 2 seconds to 20 minutes so, it's a little hard to even want to play, but I'll get there.) b ) I don't own a PS4 for III, IV, and Hajimari (getting one would actually solve 'a' too, so that's my main objective this year.) Wait, that's the Grandmaster? as in, we have a picture of her? Does that mean we get some info in III and IV or something? Argh!!! Can't wait to get there. But what has me interested/worried is that they're announcing this as the beginning of the end when a few months ago they said there were three arcs left. Does that mean they decided that would take too much time and decided to make it shorter or it's just that Orpheus-Plan-Final-Showdown Arc is so storming huge they have to drop big hints three arcs before the end?
  6. Anyone watching series 12? I've only seen episode 1 but storms, I loved it. I like the James Bond parody thing, this show has a thing for stuff like that. And it's a part 1! Does this mean we can expect more multi-part serials? If there's a thing I don't like about the new series (or rather, that I'm liking more in the classic one) is that almost every story ends in the same episode it starts, which is why I loved Extremis in series 10 and why I'm so excited now. Crossing fingers here. Also, regarding the end of the episode:
  7. Lewis followed the others into the colorful van. It was uncomfortable, to say the least. These people just, smiled so much, it was really hard to keep up with. He tried forcing a smile, not a very convincing one but it would have to do, it was either that or stop using the ring. It probably had been full for a very long time but Lewis wouldn't stop using it. He couldn't risk being happy, he had lost that right. When they reached Big Ben Lewis let out a sigh of relief as he got out of the van. The thought that these people might kick him out hadn't left him for a second on the way here, even though none of them had stopped smiling. It was creepy.
  8. Edwin looked around for the others, the cafeteria, the courtyard, nothing. On his way to the library the bell rang. Maybe he should have started there, he could think of at least a couple people likely to be there. What to do. Edwin thought. He could meet them in the next class but he couldn't discuss the backpack topic with teachers listening. For now, it was time for art class. At least that would be relaxing and with enough luck, he would be able to tell them if Mr. Andrews got distracted or something. With that in mind, after slipping a couple hot dogs he had gotten from the cafeteria into the backpack, he started walking to the classroom.
  9. Oh great, in that case it would be like a full modern saga. Can't wait to be 50 and read them.
  10. Rather than updates on projects it seems this was about updates on the way he works, which is probably good, doing things the same way wasn't going to work all his life. The fact that he's taking pages from Gaiman and Martin says a lot about how much his circumstances have changed over the years. I'm really excited about the leatherbound for WoK but getting $200+ by summer this year is going to be difficult, but well, can't hurt to try. By the way, has anyone else wondered how he's going to wrap up the Cosmere in three books? I feel like it's a big plot for a trilogy. Also, is anyone else excited about Call to Adventure: Stormlight? The original game is insanely fun and taking it to Roshar is going to be great. Besides, I knew it was going to be Stormlight themed, but if every card will depict a scene from the books, you could make a picture book with the end result, it's looking pretty great.
  11. Lewis felt relief flowing through him when Kira answered, none of them were missing, now they could make their way to the Big Ben without worries. More than they already had anyway. "Agreed." he said when Wita suggested they started moving, the police would probably send more people when they heard there was something odd here. "Though we should be prepared for more obstacles when we get there, this gets more dangerous as we go on."
  12. Edwin got to school thirteen minutes late, it couldn't be because of the cat, that had barely taken five minutes tops. He obviously had finally taken too much of a deviation. He'd have to start repeating streets tomorrow. He first stopped by his locker to do something quickly. He left all his books there except for the one he would be using on his first class and left that one in his hand. That would make things easier. The hallways were empty as he looked for the classroom, History with Mr. Foreman. Edwin took a deep breath in front of the door and opened it. The teacher stopped talking and forty pairs of eyes stared at him. "Late again, Mr. Bennet?" What do you mean again? It couldn't have happened more than once or twice... or did it? "I'm sorry, it's just... something came up on the way here." "As always, I'm sure." Some laughed at that. "Just go to your seat." Edwin didn't answer and just made his way there as quickly as he could. He placed his backpack on the floor and relaxed, as long as there weren't any unexpected noises coming from it, everything would be fine. And of course now it came. Now that the stress was gone, he couldn't help but, think. Forty people here, maybe a thousand or two in the entire school. They probably had spent their Sunday playing, or shopping, or just relaxing, but he had killed a man on his front yard, and now back to pretend nothing weird happened. It was a strange feeling, like in the morning, it still felt like a dream, it probably would be easier to pretend it was, it probably was the best for his mental health too but, could he just lie to himself like that? "Hey." someone was touching his shoulder. Victor was trying to get his attention. "What did you do this time? You look terrible." Was it that obvious? "It's nothing." he said. Victor was about to ask for details again when the bell rang. What? Where did the time go? he had been late, yes, but it felt like he had just sat down. He looked at his notebook, it was completely blank, he might as well not have attended the class. He got up and out of the classroom in a hurry with a quick apology to Victor, glad to have an excuse not to answer people's questions.
  13. There was no one outside the basement, what had happened there? "Kira?" Lewis said. "Is everything alright?" It sounded silly to ask something like that, but they hadn't seen anything since they left the living room. @Ookla the Random