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  1. You know, I said that more for the joke than anything but my actual experience is different. I don't know if they don't notice or don't care, but they never say anything.
  2. You seem to have some freedom with that. The only freedom we get is fitting more than the normal 6 subjects in the schedule (like, getting one or two subjects that are supposed to be for future semesters), but that turns us into irregulars, which means next time we have to choose a schedule we choose last, which means we get the leftovers. I really find it weird how if we choose to study harder we are screwed in that aspect so we have no choice but to go with the program. Edit: Just realized we might be talking about two entirely different things here, but oh well, it fits with the thread.
  3. Yeah. It's always hard to read in class without the teacher noticing.
  4. 1. Ratatouille 2. The Incredibles 3. Inside-Out 4. I love them all. Black Widow probably. Forest or beach?
  5. Well, in my case the first pc I tried to run the game on, it was a beautiful wild card where everything was fine except loading screens. Meaning the time a battle took to load, the time a cutscene took to load, the time a new area took to load, etc. They could be normal or they could last 20 minutes. I was afraid of opening doors. In the end I got like 70 hours in but skipping a lot of dialog with NPCs and with long breaks between sessions, as they felt more and more like a chore. So I decided to just drop it and start over once I had something that could actually handle the game.
  6. It's not late at night but I wanted to randomly share that I'm mad at myself because I decided to get up my chair and pledge 10 dollars on the Kickstarter only to find that it had ended an hour prior.
  7. I did. I feel so dumb right now. I was going to try again when I saw I got the latest newsletter. I could never find the confirmation email but I am already receiving it. In which of my attempts my registration was completed or how I managed to miss the confirmation mail I honestly don't know.
  8. You're telling me that new models and lighting changes eat twice as much RAM?
  9. Alright so, I just got a new laptop (it feels good to see the Shard on desktop again) and it's pretty weak by current standards I guess, but it can deal with CS I and II no problem. It can't do anything aparently with III and IV but hopefully by the time I finish CS II I'll have that sorted out. For now, I'm just happy to be back into actual new stuff (for me at least) from this world.
  10. All this talk about aluminium makes me think that if mind controlling Investiture users came to invade Earth, those funny little aluminium paper hats would actually be a great defense. Kaladin is getting a lot of buildup for the Fourth Ideal. In OB he collapses trying to swear it and the solution turns out to be that someone had to save him this time. And now he's refusing any kind of help, both emotional and in combat. The guy has a huge responsibility over his shoulders when he shouldn't. He gives the others tasks he knows they can handle but overall tries not to let them take risks. Maybe the next Ideal is about making Protection a mutual thing? Protect and be protected? He's not letting anyone in, and unless he does so he can't fully trust anyone. He wants everyone he meets to trust their lives to him but he's not willing to do the opposite. Teft is looking better I see. I love that. He was always my favorite bridgeman and it was painful seeing him go down in OB. We had some hints at possible future problems between Shallan and Adolin. Granted, they've only been married a year so it's only natural they don't understand each other completely, but in their case, Shallan doesn't even understand herself, so of course Adolin would have a hard time doing the same, more than a normal couple I'd bet. I don't think these two can be a stable couple until Shallan starts being completely honest with herself. Looking forward to her arc this book. And looking forward to storming Dawnshard. We're getting clues that whatever happened there is general knowledge for the Radiants. Is Rysn getting close to the action now? And that battle. Now we're getting to see full-scale Radiant battles as they were being promised since the prelude. Imagine the scope this is going to have in the end if it took three books just to get to this normal state of things. I can't even imagine what Brandon has in store for book ten.
  11. Homestuck
  12. I kinda like the uncertainty. It's fun watching the animation, trying to guess if you got a rare unit, and then if you got the one you wanted. And I find it oddly satisfying when I do get the one I wanted, or a rare one I hadn't even contemplated, and I don't really spend money on these things, so there's nothing lost either way. I'm somewhat proud of my Fate GO collection, even though I'm a really inactive player. I do like the classic mode, and even on casual I restart almost every time a unit dies, but I guess knowing I have the option of just keep going gives me some peace of mind. I do plan on returning to the Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn duology, then the GBA ones and then FE4 (and the sequels it apparently has?). That last one seems to be on a pedestal and I really want to see how it got there. I'm intrigued about pairing Robin with Tharja if only because I'm interested in seeing what happens when obsessed characters actually get what they want. Chrom x Olivia also seems to be really popular. I liked him with Sumia but for a couple that is aparently canon, their supports were surprisingly simple, kind of cringy at times? Which in turn leads us to Gaius x Sumia. Not gonna lie, I was already considering that one for another run and it's solely because pies. Regarding Nowi, I still don't know how I feel about her since she looks so young but I paired her pretty late and only got to try with Henry and Vaike, and between those two I really liked her relationship with Vaike (Henry had good intentions but seemed to be looking for a way to shove her problems under the rug). And maybe sixth or seventh. In practice I don't know how it is but this game seema to have a massive amount of replayability. I'll try to keep in mind the advice for Fates (actually I should take a screenshot), I'm starting Birthright and already the mechanics seem really different. I hope I can build numbers like those some day. The story here started really strong imo and the game is much more cinematic so the future looks good. Also I'm both proud and ashamed to say that I'm already hard at work forming couples, and I freaking love the idea of A+. Something like that was needed.
  13. Yeah, I haven't heard many good things about it, but I find the concept behind that game interesting enough to still have quite a bit of faith in it.
  14. I like gachas, I'm not sure I understand the hate they get. Speaking of Fire Emblem, I just finished Awakening at around 48 hours. It's not the first FE I play but it's the first one I beat, mainly because while I love everything about this series so far, I also have a really short fuse and restarting a stage fifteen times does things to you. So yeah, I played on casual. I'm not sure I love how the story is told in short cutscenes before and after a stage, playing a few in a row makes it feel as if the plot was advancing too fast. Not that bad though, there were plenty of other places to get more story bits in between. Grinding makes a huge difference in this game. It was a difficult game until I started using reeking boxes and suddenly my army transformed into a band of psychopaths swearing each other eternal love as they slaughtered enemies without even looking at them. Also, the supports. I know some like them and some don't but those are like another game in and of themselves if you like shipping characters. Which I do. A lot. Actually, here's the full list: I also got all the family bonds for Robin and Chrom and their families and I was planning to continue and do that until I ran out of possible supports but I decided at that rate the game would never end, and that I still have to play the rest of the series so I'm saving that for a second run. So yeah, overall I really liked the game. Great soundtrack too, I can't take Id - Purpose out of my head. I'm really looking forward to Fates now, I've been excited about that one since its anouncement.
  15. Lewis watched Wita tend to his wounds. Of course only he would disregard something like that, and just after deciding to be happy. The irony almost made him laugh. "Thanks." he said when Wita finished, gratefully accepting her help. The fact that he had been able to get those wounds without even flinching was amazing. Using the ring still terrified him, but one couldn't deny its uesfulness. He turned toward the man who had been at the center of the circle. He wasn't the only one awake, but it was as good as asking any of the others. Maybe he even knew more. You didn't agree to be hurt like that without being completely sure about what you were doing. "Alright. Why don't you start by telling us what this is all about?" Foolish question. If they didn't know what they were trying to stop then why had they gone to such lenghts to stop it? Regardless the truth was they didn't know, and he was sure they wouldn't like the answer. But, it doesn't matter, does it? The only thing that mattered was making sure it didn't succeed. @Sorana