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  1. Fun fact. Spanish speakers didn't have to look it up because "Hatred" literally translates to "Odio".
  2. Edwin tried to sneak away unsuccesfully. There were too many of them, though most were focused on Rob, Shana and Ben. At least they had a shield, he had his own problems, there were two chasing him. It was a matter of who had more Light, the one who ran out first would lose, and he was willing to bet they had more than a kid who had brought just a bit in case of emergency. He needed a weapon, quickly. There were some planks on a table in front of one of the houses -the owner probably was going to build a treehouse or something- and on the side there was a hammer. Well, it's better than nothing. I hope they have an extra one. He took the hammer, spun on one foot and slammed the sharp side on the head of one of them. He fell, most likely still alive but out of it for now. Then there was the other one, They stood in front of the other waiting to see who would make the first move. Edwin made a gesture with his free hand, pointing subtly towards the man. A second later Twinkle made herself visible right in front of the Voidbringer's eyes, startling him. Edwin took the opportunity and did the same he had done with the first one. "Thanks." he said to her. He left them there, he didn't want to kill anyone, even if they were Voidbringers. As long as they caused no more trouble for the night. He returned to where the others were. There were even more now, several vans had parked close. One Voidbringer had put something on the ground, it was glowing. What in the world is that? It could be nothing good.
  3. Edwin saw a bit of a commotion over at the food table. Some of the guys were there, along with a blurry version of Ben, apparently calling for help. "Ben and Shana have been captured by Voidbringers!" That was a second voice, Mahad, Shana's spren. The next few seconds were as blurry as the Ben illusion had been. Leona ran towards the door followed by Flid, Cassie tryed to disperse the illusion, probably so it wouldn't attract attention -it turned out Glint was inside-, and Mahad zipped into a wall. He ran for the door too. There was a van, they followed it. Leona was the closest but a shadow was approaching her. A wall appeared in front of the van seconds before the shadow stabbed Leona. Flid took care of that and took Leona away but the van was going to escape -apparently the wall wasn't too strong. It smelled, sweet? He couldn't contain a smile, of course she would do that. He ran with all his might the remaining distance and bent behind the van, putting his hands on the floor and inhaling Stormlight, hoping to manage something in time. Ok, Ed, you can do this, just this once. Make. It. Work. The left wheel sank. It was only a couple inches but it should keep them in place for a time. Just then he heard someone getting off the van. Oh right. he thought. The Voidbringers.
  4. Edwin stepped into the gym, he was wearing a suit he didn't think he would be using before graduation. So, you don't have a date, you don't know how to dance and overall you're not the most social creature on Earth. It was a great decision to come. "Well, I'm here so no turning back now." for now he decided to walk around, looking at the place. He thought Twin might get bored and fly off but she was sitting on his shoulder, looking at all the lights with eyes like a child's.
  5. Edwin looked up, intrigued. "Ooh, what is it?"
  6. Edwin sat there, with a hot dog held over the flames, absently watching that nothing flamable fell close to the fire. This was good, and last night too, after a fashion. It had been a really good weekend, really intense. "I can't believe tomorrow we come back to old, ordinary school." he said to no one in particular. After these two days, just thinking about it felt like purgatory.
  7. "Hi." said Edwin waving to their classmate.
  8. Edwin went behind them, wondering if the others had taken extra stuff too. "Who's paying for this again?" he whispered to Twinkle. She just shook her head while shrugging, looking as confused as him. Well, he had brought money with him in case it was necessary so he wasn't really worried.
  9. "Yeah." said Edwin showing her the three boxes they had picked. They were supposed to get two but, it was better to be prepared just in case. "Umm, need help with all that?" he said pointing at the delicate tower she held on her hands.
  10. "I'm all for that but, did we choose a place to meet up?"
  11. Edwin looked at Ben, he was clearly still at his limit. They were going to need a solution for that as soon as today, but for now... "Leave him to me." he said and went after him. He didn't help him for the time being -Edwin knew in his place he would probably be too proud to accept help-, but stayed ready to catch him if needed.
  12. Edwin nodded. "Sounds good. But that's all in different areas, right? I can get the flour."
  13. Edwin turned when he heard Shana. "Um, sure. Sounds good." He went after Shana and Ben, hoping not to be third-wheeling.
  14. Edwin got out of the car and followed the rest to the entrance. Then he started looking around.