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  1. Chocolate is my favorite edible thing in the known (and unknown) Universe, whether is a drink, a sweet, or anything in between. I live in an eternal struggle to consume enough chocolate for it to be satisfying but not enough to end up with diabetes.
  2. Edwin felt Shana's hand on his shoulder just before she suggested cleaning up. Did she know what he was thinking? Probably not, but it was comforting all the same, and he was grateful. Rob offered to sink the bodies. Edwin looked up to him. "Will that work with the blood? Isn't it too scattered to do a clean job?" he asked feeling slightly stupid. He was a Willshaper, he shouldn't have the need to ask that question. @Sorana @Wyndlerunner @I think I am here.
  3. Lewis stood hiding as Wita went ahead for the distraction. He started burning what he had left, he would need another vial soon. There was a gunshot and then steps running in their direction as he prepared a coin between his fingers. There would be only a moment's window. Wita passed running and then the first man fell immediatelly by Marcel's hand and Lewis shot the coin through the neck of the second one before he had time to process what had happened. These two wouldn't give any trouble now.
  4. Edwin saw the bodies and wondered for a moment what would the neighbors think. There were pools of blood and a newly emptied house. Would anyone even notice? He sat tiredly on the floor, over a spot that hadn't been covered in blood or lost limbs. I need more training. He thought to himself. Incapable of doing much at the moment save for trying to convince himself he hadn't been as useless as it seemed.
  5. I've been thinking. As of this spring break (hard to notice it's already here, given the circumstances, but it is) it's 3 years since I'm a fan of this series. I've finished half of the games, witnessed the announcement of three more, the release of two, the localization of one, I've made up three weird Ookla names based on it, but for some strange reason, I keep feeling as if Kiseki was something new for me. As far as my mind's concerned, I started FC just a few months ago. Like, it's not that those three years in general felt short. A lot of stuff has happened and I've felt it. It's specifically my time as a Kiseki fan what feels short. *sigh* Don't mind me, just sharing a really weird feeling. Edit: Also, I just found out about the possibility of a Liberl 3d remake. Like, can you imagine the ending of chapter 7 in SC with the current engine? It might mean a delay in actual new games but I hope it happens.
  6. I feel you. I've been in that exact situation actually. People sometimes get mad at me for not doing things I apparently said I would do when they came to my room earlier and I'm just like "What do you mean? I literally just woke up." What does an alarm for deaf people do?
  7. I want to go to the movie theater.
  8. I just realized, I can get off my bed, walk the distance to my phone and back, and turn off five alarms across the span of half an hour. All of this without waking up.
  9. I would like for him to be an Edgedancer, but I would be fine with anything as long as Maya is revived.
  10. I'm kinda surprised though. We're all Sanderfans but that doesn't mean everyone's main passtime is reading. Although, I guess this proves it.
  11. Ralts would be great for psychology. Imagine Halloween with lots of Litwicks in the streets. I haven't been anywhere where it's actually celebrated but with a lot of blue candles walking around I imagine it would be both spookier and safer. I'd be thrilled to play the piano with a Meloetta present. Klefki would be both a blessing and a bane for locksmiths.
  12. I was bored when I found this, do I qualify?
  13. Storms! I have to hurry. I got a part-time job specifically for this but with the quarantine I'm stuck with nothing. Any chance we'll get Hajimari by 2022 then?
  14. It is the best. Though, I shold tell you a topic for that already existed.
  15. Chihayafuru - 75 episodes: A girl recruits people for a karuta club, a card game about memorizing poems. (a favorite of mine not many seem to know. It sounds and it's pretty chill some of the time but there's a reason it's clasified as a sports anime) Monogatari Series - 86 episodes~ plus 3 movies: A half-vampire high schooler deals with cases of people possessed by other monsters. (a real life eater and one of the best stories I've watched, but only do it if you can bear with the massive amount of fanservice. Also, despite so many powerful beings protagonizing, fights are very scarce and each episode is more likely to be a 20-minute conversation, but that's where the series shines the most) Durarara - 60 episodes: A high school boy moves to Ikebukuro in Tokyo, looking to make his life more interesting. (urban fantasy. It has a ginormous cast, lots of crazy situations, kind of a mafia story at times. Of note that most of the characters aren't what you would call mentally healthy. You see depressed people, pyromaniacs, stalkers, downright psychopaths, and a long etc) High Score Girl - 24 episodes: The relationship between a boy and a girl across several years while they share the hobby of video games. (one of the most adorable romantic comedies I've seen, plus it's filled with out of place info dumps about video game history that don't feel out of place at all. Also, starting when they're both kids and from there builiding to their teenage years is a really interesting concept) Garden of Sinners - 10 movies: Set in the same multiverse as Fate/Stay Night, it tells the story of Ryougi Shiki, a young woman with the power to kill anything, as she faces supernatural cases in the city. (urban fantasy, it can get a lot darker than Fate. Ten movies might sound a big commitment but most of them are 1-hour long) Boogiepop wa Warawanai - 18 episodes: A mysterious being known as Boogiepop appears whenever a supernatural danger is present in the city. (yet another urban fantasy, this one follows a serial format let's say, where each one will span a few episodes with different characters and the only major tie being that Boogiepop interferes. Also there's the 90s series, which can work as a sequel to this, and is one of the few anime, if not the only one, that has made me feel actual fear) Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 12 episodes and 1 movie: A girl has to decide if she wants to be a magical girl as she sees her friends struggle with that responsibility. (the reason everyone is trying to subvert the magical girl genre) The Ancient Magus' Bride - 24 episodes and 3 specials: A girl loses the will to live thanks to the things she can see, and lets herself be sold in an auction. A strange creature buys her and promises that she will be happy. (this one is pure magic, and an amazing use of contrast too. At times it's a beautiful painting worthy of being in a museum and at times it's like a horror movie, but in both cases everything revolves around magic) Perfect Blue - movie: An idol decides to change to being an actress, and she has to deal with the harsh way the industry treats her and someone who seems to be stalking her. (I'll only put this one on the list but I recommend anything by its director, Satoshi Kon. He was a master of mixing reality with illusion, and his first movie is probably the best example. An interesting and kinda horrifying descent to madness) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - 27 episodes: Two boys who lived underground with their people have their lives changed when a mecha from the surface attacks the colony. (this series is a chain of what I would consider terrible storytelling decisions in any other story (lightning-fast pacing, constant weird powerups, overly increasing scope), but the way they're worked here is brilliant)