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  1. Adulthood is a myth anyway. You're still a kid, just one with debts and responsibilities. If you find any adults actually taking adult behavior seriously, that's the post-18 equivalent of playing pretend.
  2. "But that is another goat and shall be told another time."
  3. Sadly no. I haven't even been born yet. TPBM has learned to walk.
  4. Finished Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. Probably my favorite arc so far, I'm not sure. It's definitely up there with Battle Tendency. I really liked the slice of life approach for this one and the villain was amazing. On to Vento Aureo.
  5. Probably apples. They taste better (the sour ones) and you don't need to peel them. Can you put at least a little effort into not breaking into people's houses?
  6. Passively, because my dad smokes and my grandma did too, so not like I could avoid it. On my own? I don't plan to, no. Do you drink? (you know what I mean, person who was about to reply water).
  7. About a month. How would you go about teaching English to someone?
  8. I... I think I don't. Huh, didn't notice the transition. TPBM runs on coffee and sugar.
  9. Realistically something like a chicken. It'd be heartbreaking though. An office job or straight up dying?
  10. About 5 times a day? Just whenever I'm bored. It's been a few days already, I think you should take a shower.
  11. Chocolate Wednesday! Do you have any difficulty lying and stealing?
  12. Very much so. TPBM has achieved sibling peace.
  13. Alright, I came as quickly as I could. Had to leave a critical business meeting but it sounded urgent. What happened? Like chocolate flavored pasta sauce.
  14. Dark brown. What's your favorite candy?
  15. Yeah, kind of. My main is piano but I have the basics for guitar. Also learned a bit of violin but it's been so long I couldn't hold the thing correctly if I tried now. TPBM plays Pathfinder.