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  1. The ring theory does make more sense when you consider Highstorms don't come at regular time intervals, they even mention that as an inconsistency in the books. Now, it's true that if that's the case, the Origin would have to be in a very specific place for the storm to align perfectly north to south at Urithiru at the Valley, but what if it's the other way around and those places are there because the storm forms a line there? Tbh I can't defend this since I can't remember how old the storm is supposed to be.
  2. Only watched the movie, the book is in my tbr list. Do you ever do things that are dangerous but don't regret?
  3. Agh, the frustration. Having to leave the tea party for tomorrow after that ending! Well anyway, first things first. You're right, it's dangerous to assume Battler's right. What I meant was more along the lines that proving him right seems to be the goal of the story, at least for now. Coming up with a logical explanation for everything is a lot harder than simply accepting a magic system with no rules, so any clue that helps solve that is a step forward. Besides, the particular bit I talked about only works in one direction. If I tried to flip the variables and use it as proof that Battler is wrong, it only would open more questions and answer none. And I mean, sure, your comment made no particular sense to me back then, but you made it sound significant. So I had it on the back of my mind all the time until it clicked with another piece. Although...
  4. Podcasts, though to be honest I haven't given audiobooks a fair try. I sometimes go into audible and listen to the demos but I start cringing within seconds for some reason. Do you lean toward hard realism or rule of cool? (no matter if you like both but like, which one do you prefer more often?)
  5. What app do you use to read pdfs? I think most of them should be compatible with interactive pdfs.
  6. Yeah, will you organize audio calls with the participants or is this going to happen in the forum itself?
  7. When you say you'll host this here you mean this is adaptable to text?
  8. Okok I have something this time. This only works assuming Battler's in the right of course, but for the sake of protagonism I have to assume he is. This is reminding me a lot of another VN called One Thousand Lies. Both stories are extremely different from one another, but now that I remember it exists, I'm starting to think the author read Umineko, and applied some of its fiction vs reality shenanigans there. There's a couple twists that remind me of Beatrice and her mo. Back when I read it a few years ago it blew me away tbh, but it has been like 7 years, so I don't know if it would hold up now. It's also more of a slice of life comedy, and it's nowhere near as long as this. I'll have to reread it because now I'm curious if I'll find any direct references.
  9. What's the deal with slimes? They're the enemy that gives us the most trouble with any party. Tonight we lost two level 5 characters to a couple of level 2 slimes. Any time one appears we're bracing ourselves because we know someone is gonna be swallowed by it and fail every single save to get out. True final boss material right there.
  10. 1/27/23 - Poisoned Purple Fish
  11. Tbh I'm just glad you still can find time to enjoy it, even if it's not often. On an unrelated note, episode 4 of the anime is out, and I just find it funny that in the end this party is also doing bracer style jobs. Can't betray the formula, it just works. I guess the namesake of the series is a pretty short event, and people who don't play the games do need the context about the empire, so it's all good. I'm enjoying it a lot. I like Lavi, she feels very different from other protagonists. She shares their reckless hero instinct but while the others are social butterflies, this girl is as reserved as they come. She also reminds me of Altina in some ways, can't way to see if they meet.
  12. Great 3am find.
  13. Storms, this looks fun. Hope it's not too late to join in. 1/26/23 - Trying
  14. Kind? Sour ones I guess? Best thing to listen while walking to school? (music or otherwise)
  15. When I close an app on my Switch but it says "The app closed because an error occurred". I don't know why that bugs me but it does. Like no dude, it was me.