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  1. flamesinger theory

    Ryan threw himself to the ground. Anything electrical? What was that? He checked his orbment and found nothing out of the ordinary. At least he would be able to help. "They really don't want us here, do they?"
  2. Lewis started following the others. "Actually, I think I'll go on the bus as well." Always follow the bigger group, especially if the alternative leaves you with only one other person you barely know. And a bus fee shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Well, a lot can happen in two books and a time skip.
  4. So no one has named Laladin as a ship yet?
  5. And then we'll find that it was actually Kaladin who chose Syl to be his Knight.
  6. I should do the same at some point. I finished the entire arc on my phone and let me tell you, it's terrible when you have sweaty hands. Also, battery becomes kind of a big deal when you know the last session is going to be two hours long at the shortest.
  7. Ohh, those were great, the one thing that bothered me though, is that in Zero they say "As expected" enough times that it has become a personal meme of mine. Maybe the Geofront one will fix it. Last I checked it was at 90% I believe?
  8. Can we post screenshots here? Because anyway, this needs to happen.
  9. Okay, here it goes: Spoilered because this may become a novel in and of itself and because. You know. Spoilers I guess. Liberl Radiant Orders: The list right now is kind of a mess, incomplete and with no particular order. I will be updating it as I have time to (because right now I'm running out of brain processing energy) and as I replay the arc to get a better grasp of certain characters, because when I said all of Liberl I meant ALL of Liberl.
  10. Then maybe a year before choosing and a year after? They're at war so they'd probably want to keep it short.
  11. I guess, but since it has been shown that people become squires after already some time with a Radiant, I figured it needed to be decided with plenty of time. I could be wrong though, do we know how much time has passed since the start of the series?
  12. Edwins' eyes opened like plates. "Wait, did you say a spren? Any spren?" he said and as if she had read his thoughts, Twin hurried to the center of the kitchen now visible to everyone, and looked directly in Cassie's direction.
  13. They were going to the house of the dead man. It didn't really concern him anymore. It was true that he had got curious but actually investigating at another location implied more commitment than he was planning. But his curiosity didn't go away, and he had already almost died tonight, might as well find out why. "I'll go." Then there was the problem of getting there. There were a few ideas, some better than others, some that bordered on dangerous. "I have a car, but you can't complain about my music taste if you're gonna ride with me." said one of them finally. "I vote for that one." said Lewis. Who cared about what kind of music he listened to as long as they got to the place?
  14. Lewis followed when the girl started walking. That looked slightly dangerous, it would be ironic if, having managed to come out of the fight unharmed, she fell and hurt herself. He kept an eye open just in case. "What's your name? It seems impolite not to ask, since you helped us out and all. Mine's Kira." she asked. "I'm Lewis." he answered and kept walking, it was strange somehow, having nothing to say. Uncomfortable. Had silences always been this heavy? He decided to break it and try to get the full picture while he was at it. "Did you know him?" he asked, gesturing towards the man lying on the floor.