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  1. This isn't a last-three exclusive forum, is it? If so please tell me but, I'm in that kind of state when you just HAVE to say something. I just finished The Great Hunt and it was great but chapter 37, What Might Be, was, just... wow. Like, that was probably the best chapter I've read in a book. Can I expect more things like this later? Because I've heard it just gets better, especially after book 10 or something like that. I started because I wanted a big epic and it's delivering but the spiritual themes seem to be the strong point and I'm loving that. Sorry if this was a pointless post but I needed to say something.
  2. 288. If you know of someone who has ignored rule 267 and didn't return, by all means enter the same house they did. You'll instantly become the protagonist and with that, unkillable. Then you will proceed to solve the mistery about the house and the previous person's death.
  3. Now I can't shake off the idea of the ten protagonists living at some house in the suburbs.
  4. I'm 20. I started about a year and a half ago, the same week I turned 19 I think, and surprisingly enough, I still have to read Mistborn Era 2. When you like both books and videogames life can get expensive.
  5. Can I go to the kitchen first? Thanks. To Lift: Here, a tenth pancake. On a more serious note, to Kaladin when he arrives at the Plains: Not all lighteyes are bad. Not all darkeyes are good.
  6. Granted, you get a rock from Mars, even better, you get all of Mars. Of course you need to take care of it so you are instantly teleported there. On the upside, you can breathe. I wish I didn't need to go to the bathroom.
  7. Granted, now the table slides when you try to draw lines. I wish to write a complex world without any contradictions as setting for a story.
  8. Willshapers. Not much on cohesion yet but from what they say about them in WoR I think it's the one I fit the most on (good things and bad things), and the radiant test some kind person made, agrees. And I love the adventure/novelty thing. I can totally see them ignoring the war because they're too busy exploring a new and strange place... not that that's a good thing but it appeals to me for some reason... (maybe that's where the unreliable and capricious thing comes into play).
  9. Granted. I hope you enjoy your beer because is the only thing you'll consume for the rest of your life. I want to be able to solve complex math problems mentally.
  10. (ugh no hablo español...alguien traduzcalo.) Bueno el castigo obvio aquí sería... Ahora solo puedes hablar español. Like that?
  11. Wait, OB is seen as a drop in quality? With Dalinar's flashbacks, Shallan's identity crisis, and Adolin finally starting to act like a character it's the best in the series yet. For me at least.
  12. Granted, every time you speak, curses get out, curses twice as fancy as your original thought of course. I wish to get SA 4 this christmas.
  13. Granted, but you now can't have thoughts of your own. I wish to have the ability to crystallize my thoughts in the real world.
  14. When you're already reading three books, but all the stuff you find in the Shard makes you want to reread every Cosmere book you've read at the same time (yeah, I blame you guys, I don't know how to stop now).
  15. For me I think it would be those times when he concentrates the entire story in a single sentence. It's the most epic thing you can do with a book. Hero of Ages: and The Emperor's Soul: are the ones that come to mind right now.