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  1. At this point, I think Brandon is backtracking on that assertion. Back before Oathbringer he said that Pailiah was the ardent in the Palaneum, but when asked to confirm that information 2018 he seems to point only to Dova (Battar) as the herald in Kharbranth. (Source). It doesn't support or harm OP's assertion one way or another, just seems to be a WoB that's changed over time.
  2. Rhythm of War had some interesting revelations about the leadership of the Ghostbloods and Sons of Honor, with what I thought was one glaring omission. Restares, aka Kelek/Kalak, is a Herald and cognitive shadow with an interest in leaving the Rosharan system but can't seem to figure out how. Thaidakar, whether or not you think the Lord of Scars is from Scadrial, is a cognitive shadow who is looking for more information on cognitive shadow-hood and can't seem to leave this planet. It seems notable that there are no major interactions between either faction and Talaxin (Zahel). After all, he's a cognitive shadow who has left his home planet on more than one occasion and has continued to exist for a significant period of time. It seems like he'd be able to help them both out. I don't recall any WoBs on the topic, but thought it was worth bringing up.
  3. Why not trial and exile? It's probably easier to shove them through the perpendicularity than to execute them yourself.
  4. Just because you can't successfully protect everyone doesn't mean you don't try every single time.
  5. Telsin isn't born until some time after Stormlight 5, and as far we know the Cosmere does not have time travel.
  6. Added to the top post. I'm still personally leaning towards He Who Quiets at this point, but thanks for your help in adding to the list of possibilities. I hadn't caught that one.
  7. Is there any chance Sixteen is a Scadrian? They're big on the number over there, and the northerners tend to have the lighter skin that is described. I would say the same for the eyes, Rosharan viewpoints tend to think anyone without epicanthic folds is Shin.
  8. Re-reading the passage (and inferring that "they" refers to Odium's forces) it seems that He Who Quiets is the most likely candidate. I also went back and found the following quote from Leshwi that would indicate that the title had been previously known
  9. As of Chapter 116, we've been introduced to the Epigraph writer - a Fused by the name of El. El has no rhythms and no title, though Lezian notes that "They gave your title to another, you know. A human." Just what was that title? I was hoping we could compile a list of possibilities, even if some are significantly less likely than others. Blackthorn Son of Thorns He Who Quiets Stormblessed Voice of Lights
  10. I think you're potentially confused by the epigraph, which is written by Harmony (Sazed). He's the only vessel we know that holds two shards.
  11. Since you've indicated you don't mind spoilers, Renarin doesn't actively do much but is responsible for: (1) Getting Rlain an "enlightened" spren (2) Protecting Dalinar, Szeth, Taravangian and the rest of the coalition army from Odium's future sight (fortune) (3) Reviving Ruthar and last but not least (4) Getting Dalinar to have some Horneater stew
  12. Where are you getting this from?
  13. My guess would be the Sons of Honor, not the Ghostbloods. Specifically due to 1. Eshonai's observation of how much time Axindweth spends with the king. 2. The general Sons of Honor plan to "restore the listener gods" It's not clear to me who the Steward Terrisman and/or Urithiru Terrisman (TBD if they're the same person) is working with, but Mraize targeting the Urithiru aviar is an interesting point.
  14. El

    My guess for this is that the lack of rhythm is due to hemalurgy or some other soul damage. Quote from Rabionel below:
  15. My take on the situation was that Lift has been (unknowingly) using Lifelight for Progression and Stormlight for Abrasion. The passages that involve her using stormlight during the Supression are told from her POV, but she usually eats (ie. creates Lifelight) before using her Progression surge. I'm not sure why it affects Shardblades, but the Supression mechanism seems to mostly block powering surges with Stromlight. Radiant surges powered via Voidlight are unaffected (see Venli), so I think it's possible that pure Lifelight is as well.