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  1. I also originally thought that Dalinar managed to force the Stormfather into a shardblade, but the text isn't explicit about that. Instead it says: I think that we're intentionally supposed to believe Dalinar forced the Stormfather into a shardblade. But given later information that Bondsmith's dont have blades, and the ability of Dalinar to grasp the cognitive and spiritual realms, I think that's what Dalinar did here. It's not clear if he's powering the Oathgate with the Spiritual or Cognitive realm, but one of the powers is what is likely driving it.
  2. If I recall correctly, Szeth (and all new Skybreakers) were pardoned with the appropriate paperwork while swearing their ideals. It was not clear whether the pardons were only for crimes in the Makabaki regions, or if the Skybreaker masters were thorough and got the appropriate pardons for every jurisdiction. It's also possible his sentence was commuted down.
  3. I've been thinking a lot about this WoB lately, having re-read Oathbringer. Rock is quite adamant that as a third son, he is not capable of and does not fight. However, towards the end Oathbringer, we see Rock handle a shardbow, an object that requires an amount of strength that no un-shardplated person, even with Stormlight, can wield. Is it possible that Horneater sons adopt forms suited for their particular station? And towards the end of Oathbringer, Rock has adopted the Horneater version of Warform?
  4. Is there any indication that Odium actually controls the odiumspren? It seems more likely it's a situation like Cultivation and the Nightwatcher, she can watch over the spren but can't control it. If Odium wants to intervene, he has to do so directly.
  5. The post-Shaod Elantrians have been around for several hundred years by the time of Mistborn 1, and several hundred additional years by the first half of the Stormlight Trilogy. Even if the Silverlight inhabitants came to the cognitive realm before the Reod, they've been around for long enough to be considered ancient.
  6. theory

    Isn't that basically what hemalurgy is? Ruin co-opting Allomancy by way of metal spikes? I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that Odium harvested pieces of Surgebinding spirit web to give to the Fused as voidbinding.
  7. I'm not sure how much of that we can take as fact. Rock is definitely hiding things, so to me, he's our most unreliable narrator (outside of the Interlude characters). We know what he's told Kaladin and the Bridge 4 crew, but there's really nothing to back it up at this point. Moelach is confirmed to be up in the Peaks, right? I think it's not a likely anymore, but confirmed by Mr. T.
  8. Burning Tanavastium confirmed.
  9. I think Ashyn is a likely candidate. Especially if, as Brackcha alluded, the Heralds are from a planet other than Roshar.
  10. My thinking as well. The full quote being: I was thinking something to the effect of "though, admittedly, not from land" or "not from this angle."
  11. From Chapter 12, it would appear that Dalinar has it, but doesn't want to give it to anyone yet.
  12. I have this weird feeling that it's Adolin. I'm not really sure why for Cosmere reasons, but as a plot device (especially if the Kaladin-Shallan-Adolin triangle becomes real), it would make for an obvious plot device.