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  1. Looks like polarizing light is used to reduce glare and to otherwise control what energy is focused on. In the case of the painrial it might be related to how much pain is let through and depending on where touch and pain differ it might dictate which kinds of sensation can be let through e.g. something crawling on you might not be painful but you might be able to tune a painrial to take away crawling sensations instead of burning sensation. Below are the things I read to try to understand what they might be saying.
  2. Deposed is caused by the government or otherwise new leadership. It can and likely does lead to death but is different from an assassination or murder because it is not orchestrated by "legal" and/or local means.
  3. Steven Universe Reference!!! "Alone Together" look out for "Together Alone"
  4. I think that is quite literally based on the fact that the sun does not move. Think of how we think the moon is following us when we are traveling. Imagine how distinct that would be if the sun was still at all times. Its a landmark or skymark as the case may be.
  5. I see there is a much better solution above but my main problem since I was reading on my phone was having to find my place again. With Aether of Night I just suffered through. In any case I just cut and pasted each chapter into its own document so I could at least limit the number of pages I had to navigate.
  6. Can I say I read the two graphic novels before I figured out how to get the books and I actually enjoyed them. However, I went into this thinking I was going to get an ending. Much to my dismay I am left with a cliffhanger. So I'm actually sort of miffed now. Cause I know we won't be seeing the rest of this story any time soon. It is interesting to see Brandon as young writer. There was a hollowness to the chapters that i wanted filled and there was something distracting about the rapid changes of mind with the characters even if I understood what he was going for. But even still it was good and I appreciated the different intrigues happening. I am very curious about what is going on with Ais and Eric. Were they experiencing mental health problems that just weren't written well or is there something else going on there?