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  1. Me too @The Silverlight Scholar I am so grateful that I’ve been able to attend so many release parties and signings (it makes it easier living in Utah) and to meet so many of you online and in person. I truly missed it when Rhythm of War came out. It just wasn’t the same for me as being there in person. After reflecting in what was different (because we got more screen time with Sanderson) I realized that it was the energy in the room, talking to others, seeing people dressed up, listening to their theories and questions, and striking up conversations with strangers who shared a common interest. I’ve also enjoyed meeting you all virtually and learning from you. I’m grateful for the fandom, the parties (even the virtual ones), and the camaraderie that exist in this universe Sanderson has created. Thank you to the people who run this site. Thank you Sanderson for bringing us all together. #GiveThanks
  2. I am grateful for the variety of stories that Sanderson writes. The first Sanderson book I bought was the ‘Rithmatist and then the Alcatraz books. While WarBreaker was the first book I read. My family is constantly rereading and quoting those Alcatraz books. We’ve all read Skyward & Starsight. The different reading levels have served as “gateway drugs” into reading. Each of my kids has “fallen in love” with reading with different series. Box Car Children, Harry Potter, Greek Mythology, etc. Those are the first books that they devoured and reread and after they read those books they liked reading. I currently have a 6th grader who has never enjoyed reading. She has never read an entire series of anything on her own at her appropriate grade reading level before and only the easiest books on the Battle of the Books list. With everyone else in the house rereading Stormlight in preparation for the release of Rhythm of War she decided to pick up Way of Kings. Never in a million years did I think she would finish it. It’s been about 6 weeks now and she finished WoK, WoR, read Edgedancer in one day, and is now working her way through OB. She tells me that the stories are actually interesting and she loves the different perspectives. So thank you Sanderson for giving my daughter something worth reading! She will be blessed throughout her life with her discovery of good literature and I’m grateful.
  3. I am grateful that Sanderson writes and produces his Stories quickly. I love how he is always informing us of his progress and gives us things to look forward to.
  4. Today I am grateful for all the birthday cakes that the Sanderson Stories have inspired. I could only find 3 cakes on my quick search — but I know there were more and that there will be more. (My daughter is already asking for a Doomslug cake for her next birthday). I have better photos of the lifesize shardblade cake but I can’t locate them right now! (Gotta gets those digital photos organized)
  5. Today I am grateful for the beautiful art work that accompanies the books. The maps, illustrations, sketches, and the chapter heading designs are all incredible and add so much to the story. Thank you to @Isaac Stewart for making this all possible. Reading a Sanderson book is truly more than just the words on a page. The art work sometimes is its own puzzle to solve and has hidden clues that I delight in once I fully understand the piece. My reading is enhanced and my experience with the book is better because of the attention and beauty of the art. I also am grateful for all of the fan out out there and for the talent that others share. I truly enjoy seeing how other people imagine the characters and admire the talent others have.
  6. @Kingsdaughter613 what a wonderful way to celebrate a feast day! @EddyJ and what a drought breaker this past week was. A new Stormlight book, a juicy newsletter, and a release party. It was almost too much excitement for one day. One of the better days of 2020 for sure! Now for my gratitude post for today. I am grateful for all the times that Sanderson writes about failing. I was the kid in highschool who had mostly straight A’s with the occasional D. If I couldn’t be an A student then why bother? When I fail I fail miserably. I’ve realized that as I’ve gotten older that my little fails don’t always need to turn into big fails — but it takes a lot of effort to stop myself when I’m headed down the failing path. I’ve also learned that failures mean that I’m trying and that there is a lot I can and should learn from my failures. This is hard for me. I will share some of my favorite Sanderson quotes about failing that have helped me understand and apply and deal with these principles in my life. Warbreaker Warbreaker Mistborn: Well of Ascension Mistborn: Hero of Ages Elantris Way of Kings Oathbringer Rhythm of War The Emperor’s Soul Words of Radiance
  7. @Mason Wheeler this is awesome!
  8. Hello fellow Sanderson Fans. I just watched a video that challenged me to "flood social media" with Gratitude every day from now until Thanksgiving. I am not on traditional social media -- this forum is the closest I get to interacting online -- so this is the best I can do! I was inspired by a recent post by @Kingsdaughter613 who shared specifically how a character treated another character with compassion and patience affected her. Her post touched me and I will read the relationships between those characters differently now. I am hoping that more people will chime in on this thread and share how they have been blessed by Sanderson and his writings. These can be specific, or general -- but please post spoilers in the hidden tags if you need to reference a specific book. Perhaps Sanderson will see this thread and realize how grateful we are for his writing and insights that he shares with us -- and if he doesn't then I will have been uplifted by others who share gratitude for these stories. I'll start off with something that happened to me today. I picked up my 13 year daughter from Jr High today and she was so excited to share with me what she had read in Rhythm of War during the school day. We talked about the book and the characters and discussed what we think will happen later in the book. She had written down specific page numbers with quotes that she felt were important. I am so grateful that Brandon Sanderson has written books that the whole family can enjoy. I don't have to pretend to be interested in what she is reading because we are both truly engaged with these books. It was my son (who is now an adult) who first introduced me to Sanderson -- and I am so grateful that we have found something interesting to discuss. In short, these books have strengthened our relationships and continue to provide hours of conversation and wholesome entertainment.
  9. Ridge & Stump kinda go together! Thanks for the interpretation. I actually really like “Stump”. While I didn’t test as a Truthwatcher personality I self identify as one. Ym is still my favorite Stormlight Character. (The shoemaker interlude). I am excited to see Stump’s character development and her relationship with her Spren. Navani is also an older woman who I enjoy reading about and so is Hesina. I do enjoy reading about characters that are more my age.
  10. So what does Arshqqam translate to in German?
  11. Thank you for the RoW Release Party ReCap.  That was Wonderful!

  12. Sixth of Dusk!!!! Sixth of Dusk!!!!! Sixth of Dusk!!!!!
  13. I loved hearing from the artists themselves. Seeing the sketches of the front cover layouts was really neat. The digital artwork they are showing are so much brighter than what is printed in my books. I wonder if there is a way to download those images to explore the details in them. They are so brilliant on the screen. I also loved the explanation of the Eshoni/Venli combined symbols and the inverse for the flashbacks. I would love to have all of the chapter symbols in one place explained like that. Someone should put those on an Epic Bookmark!
  14. "Approached Resolve" Dusts! Lies! -- power to bring emotion -- Has to do with the way people feel. _______________________________________ That was fun to hear him read and use all those phrases that continually show up in his books.
  15. So I missed the first part but I am in now -- but we were wondering where he is broadcasting from? Is the fireplace in his house? Is there a live audience? Did he mention any of that information. Who is Isabell?