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  1. So I just finished Starsight and here are a few of the initial questions I want to know the answers to now!!!! 1.) The real Alanik. What will happen to her? she has to live. Will she help Spensa in some way in the future? I see Spensa, Alanik, and Jorgan plus some others forming a cytonic flight together, each with different specializations. Maybe Alanik does have a colony of humans in her planet like Vapor theorized. I hope we get to see the UrDail planet and more of her people. Perhaps Spensa will resurface there because MBot can send them messages. I wish we would have gotten one more update on her — even if she was still in a coma. 2.) Jorgan sensing the Slugs. I keep wondering how in the stars do the slugs know where to hyper jump to? Someone must communicate their desired destination to them somehow. How are they kept? It sounds like Jorgan is on his way to becoming the Slug Specialist. 3.) Delver’s don’t like AI, and MBot just entered the nowhere. That doesn’t sound like a good mix. I think Spensa will be fine in the nowhere — but will MBot? 4.) Mortimer will likely lay low for book three then come back in book 4 and save the day. I thought their ability to be two people was fascinating. When will Mortimer grow up? 5.) I’m wondering when and where Gul’zah of the burl gorilla will show up? He and Spensa seem to think alike and they will probably help each other escape the nowhere. I like how Sanderson uses gorilla & Gul’zah together. It helps me remember what character is what. 6.) What is a life span of a slug and how do they reproduce? Does hyper jumping change or influence their lifespan? Can they power any ship? Or do they bond to one ship and can only power the one ship? Again? How do they know where to jump to?
  2. @Mason Wheeler Barnes & Noble officially opens at 9am. I’m hoping they let us in a bit before that like they have done in previous years. It is 5:30am now and there are about 15 people in line. Make sure you sign the clipboard when you get here. Some people ordered more than one copy of the book so your book number may be higher than your actual place in line. it is quite cold so bring a chair, a blanket to sit on, as well as a blanket or two to put over you and wrap up in and block the wind. Also remember a hat and gloves. Even if you get here at 9am you will be standing outside for a bit as they work through the line. see you soon.
  3. For those who are interested. So there are 9 people in line right now. The first person arrived at 7:30am Monday Morning!!!! (I’m number 7). I decided to brave the cold and the icy streets. It’s in the 20’s and somewhat windy — but no precipitation. The roads were treacherous leaving my neighborhood but once I got on to the main streets they were fine. I-15 was wet in Lehi & American Fork but interstate was dry before I hit Orem. There were no problems with the roads at all after getting off I-15 at University Parkway.
  4. Please update us on the line once you get there.
  5. For those who preordered on kindle, my copy of Starsight just came down. Still trying to get it downloaded on Audible.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I was planning on getting in line tonight but it is so cold and windy right now, that I am fearful of my health if I sleep outside in this snowstorm. I think I just may come in the morning. I recently drove to our local highschool and slid at all four stop signed between my house and the school. Not very safe driving conditions either. I hope everyone stays safe!
  7. I'm planning on being there as well! I hope to see many of you! I just bought a white wig to wear so come say hello if you see me!
  8. Does anyone know if the leather bound editions sold at the BYU bookstore of Hero of Ages will be numbered?
  9. When you are at the beauty salon and you see this and instinctively pick up the bottle to see if it tells you how long an epoch is.
  10. Yes. Very good question for Brandon.
  11. I was very curious about the coloring too. Apparently Kokerlii is red on green. JoyBlu[PENDING REVIEW] I dressed up as Kokerlii from Sixth of Dusk.I want to know, red and green are in the book are these [rainbow-colored array of feathers] appropriate, or not? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] Kokerlii I had not imagined as fully rainbow colored. JoyBlu[PENDING REVIEW] So red and green, were there other colors? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] I was imaging red on green. JoyBlu[PENDING REVIEW] What about the green aviar? If I wanted to make a green aviar costume? Green and white? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] Yes that would work. JoyBlu[PENDING REVIEW] Is it just those two colors? Are there different shades of green? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] There are aviar that are like this *gestures to JoyBlu's costume*, full parrot. Totally legit. But There are a lot of breeds of aviar. JoyBlu[PENDING REVIEW] *inaudible* What would be the best <pattern>? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] Solid colored feathers *inaudible* source
  12. That is an interesting question. When I was asking Brandon about Aviars this was his response. I would think the bird had to be on First of the Sun, but I’m not sure if it had to be a native bird. But the way Brandon used the word origin makes me think it would need to be native. JoyBlu Is Mraize's Aviar from First of the Sun or is it from another planet? Brandon Sanderson If it's called an Aviar, its origin is First of the Sun. source
  13. What a fun signing! Everything from standing in a cold line at 6am (I have book #15 woo hoo!) to a 1am breakfast at iHop with not-so-strange “strangers” I met at the book signing. So great to see all my Oathbringer line friends and to make new friends. The Dragonsteel staff and volunteers were kind and helpful as always! Loved all the different mistcloak versions of costumes. I dressed up as a Aviar Bird (chicken) from Sixth of Dusk. I said I was Kokerlii— but Brandon told me that he imagined Kokerlii as green and red - and since I had more colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue) i was a different type of Aviar than Kokerlii was — but i was dressed up as an existing Aviar! (I just don’t know my name yet!). I was able to get several fun questions answered. Q: Are nightmaws similar to dinosaurs? A: (paraphrased) yes — but they have feathers (and he went on to describe nightmaws) Q: what is you First of the Sun name? A: Brandon is a first born and was born in the morning. Q: Can you confirm that Shallan is the biological child of her dad (Lin Davar) A: (he debated whether to RAFO this or not, but ultimately he gave me an answer). Yes she is. — dark-eyed Tarah is not Taravangian’s granddaughter (even illegitimately) but Taravangian has lots of kids and grandkids and has had more than one wife and I got the impression he may have had mistresses. It’s possible Taravangian could have a dark-eyes grandchild but he hasn’t decided that yet. JoyBlu: There are lots of little kids running around in Oathbringer Oroden Gavinor Sah’s daughter Vai Taravangian’s Grandkids (Gvori, Karavangia, Ruli) plus one Shallan drew Hoid’s awakened doll girl (Kheni & Cob) raising orphan Q: How old will these kids be at the end of Stormlight Ten? A: RAFO (with a smile) Q: How does Szeth know how to write and what language did he write in with Gavinor’s blood? Szeth’s name — when did it change to son-son? Was it when he became truthless or before? A: Atheli, and it was part of his training. His named changed when he became truthless — which was relatively recently. — other things that will be on the recording that were longer answers Hoid/Wit and Vasher/Zahel have met but are not necessarily aware of the full extent of each others abilities — How Tein & Kaladin’s powers are connected. It’s all about connection to a person (not a physical place or through genetic heredity) although more Spren are gathered about bodies of water in the physical world because that is where the Spren live in the cognitive world. And where more Spren are gathered the better chance you have of attracting a spren. So if you lived in proximity to water, then your physical location could influence bonding a Spren. -an Epoch is a relative term — not an absolute term Here are some photos I took from the event. If I tagged you, I believe you are in one or more of them. If you are in the big group photo and I didn’t get your handle, please let me know and I’ll add your sign to the group! @Peng the Just @Ace0003 @RShara @Sunbird @1stBondsmith @the.fulgid @Stormlightning @Mason Wheeler @OrangeJedi @Slowswift @Doomslug
  14. @Stark Got mine today!!!! The artwork is beautiful. I love how the front and back endpapers create one scene. Howard Lyon did a fantastic job with the hands. There were two places when I ordered my book to put personalizations. I guess I must have entered the info wrong because it didn’t get personalized. One was comments and one was personalization. I put my name in the comments section. It was highlighted on the printed out paper I received so maybe I did put it in the right place and he just didn’t see it? Oh well, I live in Utah and can take it to a signing easier that most people I suppose. It is beautiful. The paper feels fantastic.