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  1. You're definitely not imagining it. I remember reading that WoB
  2. Mood. I noticed the writing while looking at a reddit post and came here to see if anyone else had picked up on it. Silly me, I should have known we'd already have a translation, another piece of text, and nearly the entire alphabet deciphered.
  3. Total shot in the dark: the pits of Hathsin (when the Terrispeople lived there)
  4. Iri? Specifically the Iriali people?
  5. Thanks for the help Technically that specifically refers to being above the mists, and it's an Era 2 term. Luthadel's mistings/mistborn flew though, not over, the mists, and they didn't have a special term for the skies.
  6. Some important location on Dayside? My white sands is rusty. Otherwise the skies above Luthadel
  7. That spanreed post that Jasnah and others use to communicate?
  8. If it is silverlight, it's possible that "cognitive anomaly" refers to the anomalous region of the cognitive realm that the city is located in. It's been heavily implied that silverlight doesn't have a physical realm analog (likely if you transitioned there, you would end up in space), which begs the question of how there's enough space in the cognitive to build a city there. Perhaps the anomaly is an expanded region of the cognitive realm where one would expect nothing (since no one is thinking much about that particular patch of space), and the anomalous property is that it exists at all, not that there happens to be a city there. As for why Nazh didn't mark that silverlight was in the anomaly, we've seen exactly zero cities/non-natural structures marked on these charts so far. Perhaps it wasn't worth mentioning when it would be obvious to the users of the chart.
  9. The Kholinar lighteyes feast hall?
  10. The Nightwatcher's............ curses?
  11. If the Returned's painting interpretation abilities aren't augury, I don't know what is.