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  1. I am bored and don’t have an AMA thread, so I decided to create one.
  2. So, I'm leaving to go on my mission tomorrow (October 9th) at around 12:00.

    However, I think I'll need to set up my phone so that it's a missionary phone, which I think involves setting up a missionary filter, which probably means I will have to stop Sharding before then. 

    Anyways, thank you everyone for being such an awesome community, and thank you for all of your support for me and my memes.

    Goodbye, everyone. I'll be back in 2 years. 



    1. Tesh


      Bye! We'll all miss you! 

      And good luck!

    2. blackout8444


      good luck. We will miss you and all your memes.

  3. Yup. There's even an XKCD about it. Ok, bye everyone, I have to set up my phone so it's a "missionary smartphone" which means I probably won't be able to access the Shard. Thanks for being an awesome, supportive community, and thanks for supporting and upvoting my memes. I'll be back in 2 years.
  4. Scripture power! Keeps me safe from sin. Scripture power is the power to win. Scripture power! Every day I need The power that's inside each time I read. (That's a song that we would sing in primary at church.)
  5. The last Sanderson meme I'm making before I leave on my mission. Goodbye everyone! I'll be back in 2 years!
  6. Yeah, I still have time before I leave. Makes me think of something I said a while back. . . . . .I am Winning.
  7. But you don't need to lock the thread. It'll still be my last post. So I win regardless of whether or not you post afterwards.
  8. Well, since when I leave, I'm going to make a Last Post on here before I leave, that was the plan I mentioned a couple pages back. And then I would win for two years until I got back. The Last Post before I leave. . .
  9. I will win. Soon. Soon. . .
  10. Probably not, just because rules are pretty important on a mission. I wish I could, though. . .
  11. Thank you. No, because one of the many rules is that devices are only to be used for a "missionary purpose." I think.
  12. Where am I going? ...To the Colorado Denver North mission.
  13. I leave Wednesday.
  14. Because that's how long a mission lasts, so that's how long I'm going to be gone for.
  15. I hope that the post limit won't he hit in the next 2 years. . .
  16. Kaladin in Oathbringer part 4:
  17. Hey guys!
  18. Me!!! It's definitely a change that improves things, it makes sense, and I like it.
  19. That's so sad. I hope you feel better. Sorry that I'm not much better than M-bot at helping people who are grieving...
  20. Whatever Shallan has. I mean... cookies?
  21. Puncakes.
  22. I still can't figure out how to remove the space when I hit enter on mobile. It makes me sad.
  23. Do you want to play that game? Because if you do...
  24. Definitely Hoid on the boat. A person playing a musical instrument and talking about art in an epilogue in one of Brandon's books? It can only be Hoid. The Sand Lord appeared to Elorin? That's weird. What's that on the Sand Lord's forehead? Wait, I just noticed that there are faces in the clouds everywhere. Faces, plural. The face that appears in the same panel that just says "The Diem."at the beginning of the duel definitely seems to be male and distinct from the face on the page at the end of the duel. Other faces also appear to be male, and distinct. How did I not notice these!? I need to pay more attention to background detail. Has anyone checked to see if any of the faces match Trell's face from book 2? Are the faces in the prose version, too?
  25. Page 570.12!