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  1. Was it a goat RP?
  2. That many enters but no hidden text? Really?
  3. TLT has been assimilated. Resistance was futile.
  4. Me before I read Secret History:
  5. I know it’s my destiny!
  6. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide.
  7. To catch them is my real test!
  8. Gogoat! ...and my internet connection is very slow. Slower than a gogoat, at least.
  9. However, I am something of a Pokemon need, if that matters to anyone else here.
  10. Unfortunately, I only have vague knowledge of later Star Trek stuff. I have only watched about one season of the original Star Trek, and some of Deep Space Nine. I know some stuff about later Star Trek, like the Borg, but not much. Mostly just the meme.
  11. How about we just assimilate other thread ideas into TLPW, just like we did with the Add a Goat, Ruin a Quote. We are TLPW
  12. spoilers?

    Welcome to the Shard! ...there is something about this paragraph... maybe it’s just that it looks like it could be a Ketek because it starts and ends with the same concept. Oh, well, it’s probably nothing. Have a cookie!
  13. I’m pretty sure that this has been asked and RAFO’d.
  14. Honestly, I should have waited in this one: