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  1. ...I am offend! wait, are you the alternate David that Megan used to save them from having to decorate those cupcakes?
  2. sorry, that sometimes happens. I fixed it.
  3. well, yes it is a waste of Atium to actually do so, but this is more a question about how Atium works than anything else.
  4. asking a Spren who they are I wonder if this will work.
  5. if you are playing a video game while burning Atium, does your character on the screen have an Atium Shadow?
  6. I can't believe that nobody posted this when we was talking about wedding ceremonies:
  7. are we sure that humans aren't evil? let's ask nightblood.
  8. my opinion is mixed, because of how things turned out: some humans, (the aggressive ones) attacked some aliens, possibly as a response to something, and the aliens reacted to humankind as a whole, instead of as individual "countries." so, I think if anyone is completely at fault, it is mostly the aliens for escalating it so far, but it is possible that humans escalated something, too?
  9. Googe! how many steps is it to American Fork!?
  10. American Fork. (it's the city where Brandon lives.)
  11. not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but it won't be happening for a couple months... I'll try to give you an update on the exact date in a month or two.
  12. it is taking place at the AF City Library.
  13. when your mom recommends you, and a couple of your friends, for helping brainstorm for a Sanderson-themed escape game at the library. (prepare for this thread to be derailed!) and then you decide that the Shard can probably help. (some incentive for you guys, they are considering inviting the Sandersons to be some of the first people to play!) rules: there is a relatively small budget (but we can be creative instead), and things need to be tied down, or something like that, or else people will take it. we have to have some puzzles, some action things and some things for fun, and one or two nods to true sanderfans. here is most of what we have so far: (spoilered for size and organization) edit: although, it will not be happening for at least a couple months, from what I heard, because they are doing a harry potter one right now.
  14. yes, but it's just not the same.... edit: this conversation happened a while back in this thread with oathbringer, too. (at least then, there was a given date by which people could post spoilers outside the board.