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  1. the pokemon game I really want to see:
  2. I send them this instead: credit goes to @Titan Arum
  3. 9/10, Fun is a very versatile word. (Or, in other words, it is useless. ) (the reason I'm quoting the previous signature is that when I got to the first page of this thread is that about half of everyone's signature has changed...) this is a great thread, I get the opportunity to get upvotes for my signature! I've also learned how to use footnotes!*
  4. YKYASF when you're staring at the textured ceiling in your room, thinking you could almost see a pattern in it... and then suddenly, you want a room where the texturing on the ceiling is the shattered plains.
  5. I really want to see this for some reason.
  6. "with the cosmere, it's safe to assume there are shenanigans happening. the real question is what kind of shenanigans.... And the answer is RAFO!" -me
  7. *poof* Mandela effect... (but would it show up in the Cognitive Realm?)
  8. it was on the YKYASF thread, the specific post is here
  9. I'll give a new personification of a shard meme to the world credit goes to @Wyndlerunner for the idea. I just made it into a meme...
  10. well, there is a WoB...
  11. I hope other people will get this, although I have never watched whatever TV series that came from, I just heard about the meme.
  12. ...I am offend! wait, are you the alternate David that Megan used to save them from having to decorate those cupcakes?
  13. sorry, that sometimes happens. I fixed it.
  14. well, yes it is a waste of Atium to actually do so, but this is more a question about how Atium works than anything else.
  15. asking a Spren who they are I wonder if this will work.