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  1. Yay! now I don't have to read and interpret HTML code! this is what HTML-or whatever Inspect Element is in- looks like If you don't want to see the actual code, here are some snippets from it: <a href="" class="ipsButton ipsButton_important ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_fullWidth"> <li class="ipsDrawer_itemParent"> ga('send', 'pageview'); and a few other unintelligible lines of code that I have no clue what they actually do.
  2. *prepares to use Inspect Element to fix Ene's screen*
  3. Exactly what I was going for!
  4. So small, Ethan thought. Has it always looked that small?
  5. Behold, my Inspect Element hacking skills! You would think that Inspect Element can't be used to hack anything, but it can. Once, a friend of mine used Inspect Element to hack into a Hotel's wifi. But Inspect Element can't actually change anything, you might say. Here's how he did it: he created a virtual copy of the hotel sign-in website, allowing him to edit it however he wanted, because it was his, and didn't really exist. Then he changed it so that it would just accept the username and password he inputted, letting him right into the wifi. ...It might be possible to do something similar by creating a virtual copy account of myself, then giving myself admin powers, allowing me to mess with whatever I wanted. I wouldn't do that, though, because I don't want to get banned. Note: Don't actually try to use this for anything other than hacking into hotel wifi, it is probably very easy to track where it comes from, and I would need to understand a lot more about the internet before I could use Inspect Element to obscure the trail leading to my computer... However, the keyboard doesn't know the shortcut for inspect element, so we should be safe. For now.
  6. I knew it! I knew you were bluffing.
  7. I kind of meant in real life...
  8. No, I will not listen to you, for I am Infinite Batmans!
  9. yes, but some would argue (although it might just be me...) that Being Anonymous is a Divine Attribute, Because if it weren't, I don't think humans would have so many religions... That might just be me being weird, though...
  10. I don't think so, but they also haven't merged the Oathbringer memes thread with this one, so... anyways, Skyward memes!
  11. you are the Shard of Ambition? Whoa! The Bringer of Shadows is also the Bringer of Shades!
  12. When you read activity as acclivity.
  13. Are Skyward things allowed yet?
  14. When, at least twice a day, something that isn’t Sanderson related makes you think of something Sanderson related.
  15. No, the data that is your post was winning. Now the data that is this post is winning. The data will always win! No matter how hard we try, the data is always the winner. ...I may or may not have picked up a chunk of the Shard of Ambition.