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  1. If Rial is his real name then it sounds like an awfully Arelene name.
  2. Just had a thought of: What would happen to a shard if you just gave Nightblood a bath in their shardpool? How much would be gone in an hour? How long would it take to kill a shard this way? I assume that it a fair amount would be gone, as it is relatively dense investiture, and Nightblood kind of accelerates in his consuming of investiture. Furthermore, there's an even easier way to kill Preservation specifically. Let's say that Nightblood has tapped the Well dry and Preservation was still alive (in this scenario Preservation is his own entity). You could just start swinging Nightblood at night repeatedly and seriously harm Leras. I just wanted people's opinions and ideas.
  3. I presume that a larkin could however easily take a Nalthian's breath away, as stormlight and Breath are very similar.
  4. Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Do we currently know what the benefits/rewards of the fifth ideal is? All I remember is Nale showing a shardblade (but that's part of the third ideal) after saying he joined his own order, explaining the fourth ideal (its benefits and words), and saying that you must 'become the law' to achieve the fifth ideal (with this obviously changing to things such as becoming protection for windrunners) Wanted to be sure he never mentioned any benefits of speaking the fifth ideal is.
  5. Heck to the yes would I like it!
  6. Hoid has shown time and time again that it's possible to get more than one form of investiture without using hemalurgy. This must mean that he has some way to remove the interference between investiture and the connection some investiture has to its planet, such as how it is harder, or even impossible, for a surgebinder to leave Roshar (can't find the WoB though). But I will dismiss this as a fairly simple task for worldhoppers, as otherwise we wouldn't see any worldhoppers with abilities off planet. However, at the end of Oathbringer, Hoid is shown to have acquired the attention of a spren, specifically a Cryptic. We know he leaves Roshar, as we see him as Wax's driver in era 2 of mistborn, which takes place during the 15 year gap between SA 5 & 6. We also know that Hoid has Breath, from a hint in either TWoK or WoR (can't remember though), and more directly when he Awakens the child's doll in Oathbringer. As shown here,, a person with Breath would take much more effort to bond a spren, but with all the other investiture Hoid has, I would like to know what possibly allows him to do this. My only idea would be due to the fact that he's Yolish, and that the Yolish have a sort of anti-interference built into them, though this is not based off anything.
  7. If Syl is not flexible, as you suggest and makes more sense, couldn't she just constantly be changing her shape under Kaladin's will, such as shortening one side of one arm to bend it.
  8. So if Syl can change into any shape, would she be able to form a human body, or at least some kind of body for her to inhabit and use in the real world? If so, what would happen when she touched the floor? As I assume she would just fall straight through, cutting/displacing everything along the way, as I also assume that's what shardblades do. Additionally, even if she could walk around, she wouldn't be able to touch anyone not wearing shardplate, as she would just instantly cause them to either die or lose the use of wherever she touched them. But this could be useful for combat, as you have an indestructible warrior, who instantly kills anyone who touches her.
  9. I remember reading somewhere that it was theorised that there could only be three bondsmiths as the bondsmiths only bonded with 'godspren' if you will. The three spren are of course the Stormfather, probably the Nightwatcher/some other incarnation of Cultivation and the spren incarnation of Odium. Wasn't one of the main characteristics of Windrunners their large amount of squires? Each of those squires was also able to use surgebinding/at least absorb stormlight (therefore having accelerated healing) with Kaladin showing this at the end of WoR when Lopen absorbs stormlight and begins to regrow his lost arm.
  10. With a good enough knowledge of hemalurgy, you could steal the surges. However, Brandon has said before that for a Nahel bond to be stolen, both the person and the spren have to be spiked. You could always spike these into another spren, causing them to bond, or, alternatively, you could possibly spike them into just a person or animal, or even yourself, causing the same thing. However, this could always cause weirdness with surgebinding and what order you'd be, as Brandon has said that even a seon bond would provide weird powers on Roshar. I believe that we will eventually see hemalurgy on Roshar as era 2 occurs in the 15 year gap between books 5 and 6, and with the sudden rediscovering of hemalurgy, who knows what could happen. With the communication question, iirc Brandon has said that Ruin can get into people's minds through holes as he created the people themselves, so Odium mainly uses Unmade for communication with people, and is able to control voidbringer parshendi. I may be wrong on some points though, so feel free to correct me on any points.
  11. The medallion is already an unkeyed metalmind from what I can remember, and the nicrosil stores the ability to use a certain type of metal (e.g. becoming a coinshot or a skimmer). Because of both of these effects, anyone is able to temporarily become a misting or ferring. With ferrings, the medallions also have charges of metal stored. Overall, the medallions are unkeyed before anyone uses them anyway, and then they have a band of nicrosil and then a band of the metal correlating to the charges store in the nicrosil, allowing for use of one feruchemical metal temporarily.
  12. I was just wondering if the strength of a feruchemist had anything to do with how much investiture they can store, or if it's constant throughout everyone.
  13. I'd happily help when available. I've been waiting for someone to do one of these for a while.
  14. Stormlight has been shown to leak from spheres, which was one of the problems Sigzil had wasn't it? So you'd need to measure how long it has been since being infused, exactly how much stormlight was lost (as every gemstone is cut differently, meaning different rates of leakage), and how much is left. In a best case scenario, you would maybe be able to get a fairly decent estimate, or at least with the technology shown in the books.
  15. Couldn't we also possibly use ettmetal/harmonium to achieve a similar effect, as we know it is 100% investiture, and that it can power machines. Additionally, the reaction with water could possibly be measured and worked out the destructive power of (I'm not really sure about this one, it could be measuring something else, but this was just a half-baked idea that came to me while typing this).