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  1. Yeah, I don't think we know enough one way or the other to tell if Shallan is on this specific mission or not. I can see it going both ways. We know she goes to shadesmar but we don't know exactly when. We don't know how long they are in Hearthstone, but my guess is not very long after chapter 8 if Moash is captured.
  2. While I totally agree with this, there is at least one case where cognitive shadows don’t really have much choice in the matter. This whole prologue came off very ominous to me, and I couldn’t help feel like we are seeing Gavilar again somehow. It may not happen, but I’m getting some serious vibes here. I also can’t help but feel that Navani won’t be the only one to know this side of Gavilar. Maybe he doesn’t come back, but something is going to happen.
  3. I don't completely ship it, but I'm not against it potentially happening. I don't know why, but the idea of Syl trying to change the nature of her bond to understand and help Kaladin better gave me total Queen Tsa vibes for some reason. I couldn't help but feel that Syl is wanting to do something new with the bond in this chapter, we just don't know exactly what that entails. Is it something that has never been done before?
  4. I always had the impression that Shallan tapped into the spiritual realm when she sketches. The scene in which she sketches Yalb surviving the shipwreck and Shalash destroying a sculpture hint at this. If there is a resemblance between the sketch and that final scene, couldn’t it just be that Shallan’s sketch tapped into that moment a bit?
  5. The thought I had while listening is I wouldn’t be surprised if Ialai tries to assassinate Adolin in revenge.
  6. The worst would be bridge 4 pre-kaladin as a post Reod Elantrian
  7. immortal words

    This quote actually reminds me of the moment when Kaladin and his Dad have to give up on Rillir and focus on healing Roshone. I could see Kaladin having to face a similar situation where he has to do a "triage assessment" of those he can protect. This being an oath could go with that. I also like the idea of it hving more to do with leadership. I can't wait to see which direction it goes.
  8. This is how I read that passage. The stoneward used cohesion to soften the stone and tension to harden it again so it could be stepped on. So technically the Stormfather would be correct in saying that tension is used in changing the stone, and that it would work differently for Dalinar.
  9. I have thought about that at first, but Spook seemed to get the full powers of pewter through his spike even though it was just a small shard of the original weapon. Listening to this episode has left me feeling like hemalurgy is not as intuitive as I thought, especially when looking at the importance of positioning the spike.
  10. This has probably been discussed or answered somewhere, but what happens when you take a spike and split it into two before spiking the recipient? So for an example, when spook gets spiked by the shard of metal that gets stuck in his body, could the remainder of the sword still have been used to spike someone or did spook basically use the power up when he was spiked? If you split a spike from one donor and attempt to spike two recipients, what would happen? My guess is that both shards of a split spike have the potential to transfer powers until whichever one spikes a recipient first (kind of like a schrodinger's cat situation). What are your thoughts?
  11. Ok I don’t think this is likely at all, but it is technically possible... We know from a WoB that the night watcher does have the power to change a beings species. This would of course break the bond between her and Kal. But, if he becomes a herald that bind might break anyways... Ok that was fun to think about for a minute.
  12. This is actually something I was wondering about in my most recent reread, and I am glad that you asked about it. I read this as confirming my suspicion that not all groups of people are referring to the same magic system when they use similar terminology for things. I think this is evident with the confusions about what a voidbringer is. We know who the first voidbringers were, but that term was later used to describe a different people. We also see Lift calling Wyndle a voidbringer, which may indicate that she was exposed to people that saw any spren as voidbringers. It can get kid of confusing when trying to define voidbringer. Some groups of people would have different definitions for that. This WoB makes it seem like the same may be true for the terms surgebinding and voidbinding. We know that they have definite differences and rules for each, but that doesn't mean that we can necessarily take all of the accounts of them at face value. We may be lead to believe that one group is talking about a magic based around Odium, then later find out it was really something else. I don't have a specific theory about which accounts may be misleading just yet, I just have a general feeling that what is viewed as voidbinding or surgebinding to one population is not necessarily the same to a different one, which is why he specifies that the question will really be answered in Ash's and Taln's flashbacks. I am assuming that they're past perspectives will be the closest to being accurate (although this may end up being a false assumption, too). Overall though, I don't think it changes anything with this theory. I generally agree with most of it and lean towards something like this. I am now left still wondering where the sibling is now. There are two ideas I like, and I think that either could possibly fit with this theory. I like the idea of the sibling being related to the sleepless: but I also like the idea that the sibling is related to stone: I like both theories, so I want both to work. This probably isn't possible, but I will go back and look at things again to try to make sense of it.
  13. I am not sure if this adds anything to the discussion or not, but this passage stuck out at me in my recent reread: "Phantoms appeared, created from Stormlight by the woman with the red hair. These were the shadows in the darkness, the ones he heard whispering of his murders. How she brought them to life, he did not know" -Oathbringer, Ch. 120. Are these whispering shadows related at all to the source of the screams? What does this passage say about Shallan's illusions?
  14. I did think about this, and I can see it happening. I still want to know why he would care so much about Taln keeping his blade? Is it because he doesn't want people knowing about the Heralds and the honorblades yet? Or is it because almost all the other Heralds don't have their's and this will be significant in the future to stopping Odium? Besides being the occasional mentor to some of the characters, we don't usually see Hoid directly help or intervene with the main conflict. He's usually doing his own thing, but he's clearly invested in destroying Odium. As a reader, we don't always get to see Hoid's involvement. So if Hoid did want Taln to keep his blade, how does that help Hoid and his cause more than other ways he could have intervened? Yes a few of the characters know that there are more shardblades than publicly known. That is kind of my point, so I guess I was unclear about that the first time. Only a selective group of people could have known about more shardblades, and even less would know where to find one. Hoid would be a viable candidate. I do think that Hoid leaving a blade fits with the information we have. There is just so much that we don't know that I could also see something else happening.
  15. This would be consistent with the WoBs about it. I always found it odd that Brandon has said that Hoid doesn't have the blade, but then specifically adds that he may or may not have had it one point (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/87/#e5773). We know Hoid wasn't the one who did the actually switching (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/224/#e6885). This would hold true if you don't consider what happened to be actual switching, more like giving up a shardblade. Brandon would not answer whether or not Hoid knows who took the blade (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/60/#e8850). After reading these, I think it is fair to be suspicious of Hoid being involved somehow. Although I will say that I got the impression that maybe Hoid knew about some things, but was not really involved in how it went down. My big thing is that I don't have a good answer as to why Hoid would give him a shardblade. I could see him wanting to help the Herald if it aligned with his goals, but enough to give up a very powerful object? Maybe... For that matter, where would anybody get a spare shardblade from? Whether it was stolen, won fairly, or given freely by the legitimate owner, I feel like it would eventually become news that a shardbearer no longer has their blade. As I continue reading, I will definitely keep a look out for any word about a missing shardblade, because someone is bound to notice. Of course, there could be a cache of secret blades (or even just one blade) somewhere that wasn't public knowledge but someone knew about (this could fit with Hoid). Or someone is missing a blade and they are just not significant enough for our characters to hear about it.I will also watch for any information we have on the fake honorblade, and maybe we can know who its original owner really is. I think this would give us a clue about what really happened. I feel like there is something here, but there are just too many holes still for me to be completely convinced.