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  1. I honestly think Syl will ultimately make it to that point; she's already the person Kaladin relies on most, and it's implied that as their bond progresses, she grows more emotionally mature (as seen in the way she regresses when their bond is nearly broken in WoR). I think that by the time Kaladin has completed the fifth ideal, Syl will be fully equipped to handle him, even at his lowest. Also, let's not forget that through all three 1000+ page books, Syl is one of the only people, and the only one who's still alive, that he's shown a true, genuine smile to.
  2. Honestly believe Kaladin's gonna get a romantic partner and then is gonna blow it because he's going to prioritize some Radiant business one too many times. Unfortunately Syladin is unlikely to happen (althoooouuuggghhh we have seen that Syl is probably the most important person in his life right now, and we have seen that they're able to interact on an equal basis in Shadesmar, and at times in the Physical Realm)
  3. lbr the whole thing with Stormfather not wanting Syl to go to Kaladin, and all the "He's mine I chose him" type things definitely sounds like a father who by the end of the book has reached a begrudging acceptance of his daughter's marriage
  4. Give Jasnah A Cute Shadesmar GF 2k19
  5. I think so far it has only been specifically mentioned in connection with Adolin, and I'm personally inclined to believe that it's due to his unique relationship with Maya. Also, as a side note, all Shardblades are deadeyes.
  6. Probably because red indicates corrupted investiture, and as humans on Scadrial are made from both Ruin and Preservation's investiture, it makes sense that their eyes wouldn't turn red unless it was investiture from a different shard that had been mixed in. Someone ask Brandon about it at the next signing!
  7. If they were fighting each other? Kaladin, as a result of his training, skill, and superior maneuverability/agility would probably win. If it was a contest of how many enemies each could take out, Jasnah would win as she can take out enemies faster and in a wider area with her Soulcasting. Of course, this is implying that the two have near-infinite stormlight like they did in the battle at Thaylen City
  8. You may be right, I honestly don't remember
  9. thx @Invocation
  10. HoA spoilers:
  11. Anyone else really hoping for a "classic" medieval european fantasy setting for Dragonsteel? I really want to see what Sanderson can do with what's basically considered the "standard" for fantasy fiction.
  12. absolutely true
  13. Ohhhhhhh you're right, it's been so long since I read SH that I totally forgot Leras was a Cognitive Shadow. Time for a reread lol
  14. Exactly, I doubt he would even really have incentive to take it out of its case. What's he gonna do, lick it?
  15. ^^ I agree, while it's odd since we know of aether as a component in a system of investiture, it makes more sense for it to be the chemical rather than the.....mineral? Whatever an aether is. How would a crystal even cause a stain in the first place?