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  1. Hello all, This may be a strange request - please let me know if this is an inappropriate forum for this post, its the best match I could find though so I hope I'm in the right place. I am in a small clan in a video game with my brother and one other friend and we chose the clan name of Windrunners because Stormlight is our favorite series. The game allows uploading of an image to display as the clan emblem on banners throughout the private clan living space and on our character's themselves. I have no drawing talents whatsoever and will not infringe on copyrights by simply tracing the images directly out of the books since I do not have permission to use those images and no idea how to go about obtaining permission to do so - nor, I imagine, money to pay any licensing fees associated. And for the same reasons I will not simply take one already made from google images. I would love to have a close approximation of the tribal-like symbol of the Windrunners shown in the books as the clan emblem. Would anyone be willing to do a quick symmetrical doodle approximating the symbol that they would not mind us using as our emblem? Or have something already made they don't mind allowing me to use? It will not be used in any commercial way, simply something to decorate our private in-game clan housing and characters. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you all for your time!
  2. I've looked through here a couple of times and have been a fan of Brandon for years (since before the WoT deal so that was doubly exciting!) so I figured it was high time I create an account here. Stormlight is currently my favorite series though I love ALL of Brandon's works - Elantris hooked me first, then I picked up Mistborn and he jumped right up my list of favorite authors right under Jordan. I have so many crazy (and some not so crazy I think) theories regarding the plot and lore of Roshar and its characters that I figure this is probably the place for me to be, so hello everyone!