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  1. I've been trying to think of what the Lord Ruler would have done if he had defeated Vin and taken up the power of the well of ascension a second time. I like to think that the Lord Ruler would have changed Scadrial back to it's state before he first took up the power. But would he have had the knowledge to know exactly where to move Scadrial to? I onetime asked Brandon, though I didn't record it. But in general he stated that what the Lord Ruler would have done would be based on his mod at the time. So if he could have taken it up relatively soon after the first time, my theory would be more likely. He said that based off his mood at the end of The Final Empire, he may have made things on Scadrial worse. He did elude that there are many different other theories he has heard. So I want to hear what theories you guys have regarding what would the Lord Ruler have done if he was able to take up the power of the Well of Ascension a second time.
  2. Though I don't think this fits as well, but as soon as I read this "Losing my Religion" by R.E.M. came to mind for Sazed during the Hero of Ages. On another note, I know there was a kickstarter for an album based off The Way of Kings. Have you listened to that? I haven't, but I'd be curious on how well that music matches the book.
  3. I actually have been dying to get with a group to play the Mistborn Adventure game. I had a buddy that was starting to get a group together, but it all fell apart when he got accepted to a graduate program on the other side of the country.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I have read everything cosmere, I just am terrible at picking up anything besides major plot points. One other question, is there a great place to search what has been asked before? Let's have a question regarding a theory in Mistborn, but don't know if it is a topic previsly discussed, how is the best way to search? Or should I go ahead and just ask it on the Mistborn thread?
  5. Hello! I've been on 17th shard for a while, but never posted or been active on the shard. I just attended the Skyward release party in Orem. I got book #8! But in line I felt almost a little out of place, to the fault of nobody. Thishis community is just so large and these events give an opportunity for people to get together. I just got thinking that I should get more involved with the shard. What are your suggestions on getting involved? How much time do you spend on the shard? My comere knowledge is limited, but I do enjoy reading, can I still get heavily involved without such a depth knowledge of cosmere? Thanks
  6. I think waiting is best. I'm trying to get through Oathbringer
  7. Hello! I've known about 17th shard for a while and have even read some threads, and finally figured that I should join so I can participate in discussions as well! I have almost read everything cosmere related and love Brandon Sanderson's work. I enjoyed his writing so much I even picked up the wheel of time so that I could read the books he finished. I live in Riverton, UT (south salt lake county). I look forward to many discussions and even getting to know any of you if it be at any of the midnight release parties, or other events.