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  1. Just finished reading it......and re reading it. Legion is one of my fave character's because in him we see the true potential of human mind. And it's a really interesting read ..the last few pages felt dreadful as we said good by to legion forever ,knowing there wont be any more legion in future . He finally has himself in control....with all his knowledge in one place and his aspects alive inside him having their own adventures. He no longer needed them to follow him around anymore and help him. Legion would always have a place in mind and heart as one the best characters written ever. A goodbye to legion ...hope to see him developed in some form of a movie or show.
  2. There is too much of warbreaker stuff in it too..... And the part where humans are voidbringers and from another planet created by odium... That's another book waiting to happen...which I can't wait to read... This book felt like a filler though No doubt it was amazing and brought so many aspects and connected us to each character deeply... More 7 to come.... I wonder how the story will turn....currently as the story is progressing it feels like it shouldn't be 10 books long and unnecessarily be made that long