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  1. It would probably be something like I will protect even those I can not save
  2. No just no I think she is more suspicious of him than even shallan because she thinks he is hiding something
  3. Brandon Sanderson says that hoid doesn't hold a shard.
  4. When you want to read 3 chapters of oathbringer more than any other book
  5. I would name mine the kingslayers Powers would include super strength durability speed and hightend senses
  6. None of your damnation business
  7. Personally I think Renarin is dalinars son because even though he isn't the warrior adolin is he is just as companionate if not more so than dalinar
  8. Wayne only because he wpd just wright about trading and getting drunk which everybody would read who would you rather have as a boss kaladin or kelsier
  9. Syl because she would think they all are the same Who would be a better president the Lord ruler or lightsong
  10. Overall every chapter so far has been more exciting than the last and we have only read 6 chapters plus the prologue
  11. Who's powers would be more dangerous a fullborn who uses allomancy and feruchemy or a stormrunner who uses the 3 lashes
  12. I dont think it was an immoral act to bind with the stormfather because although he may not want to admit it he needs dalinars help to defeat odium and he just can't admit it
  13. When your playing gears of war and the crazy old uncle looks like dalinar kaholin