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  1. Jasnah - Stephanie Jacobsen Lopen - Lin-Manuel Miranda Rock - Andre the Giant
  2. I’m relieved to discover that I’m not the only one who has problems with Shallan. I liked her in WOK, although I felt that she lacked depth. In WOR she got the depth that I wanted, but her character started bothering me. I tired of her ‘wit’ and humor. I grew annoyed with her dishonesty, manipulations, and low-level cruelties (E.g., stealing Kaladin’s boots, suggesting that someone gag Renarin, her classism, her insults, etc.). With OB I’ve found her increasingly immature (Shallan said it herself – Jasnah treats her like a child because she acts like a child). I’m utterly bored with Veil, including her dealings with the Ghostbloods & the identity issues. Consequently, reading Shallan’s POVs in Oathbringer was a chore. And I doubt that it’s a matter of seeing where her story goes because I’ve had to put up with her through three +1,000 page books. To put it simply: I don’t care what her destination is because I’m not liking her journey. That's a shame because the characters are what I like most about the Cosmere. Shallan, however, just grows more tedious as the story goes on. *sigh* I want to like her, but I just don't.
  3. I think that Ialai is behind the second murder because of her conversation with her husband in WOR: I don't think that Iaiai is attempting to avenge her husband's death. I think she's employing Sadeas' Plan B (assassination) in order to undermine Dalinar's political ambitions/influence.