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  1. Quick question for veterans, how spoilery will these forums be for the next few days? Like, will they're be spoilers in discussion titles? Will there be different discussions open for different sections of the book?
  2. Of course, Oathbringer would come out the week before Thanksgiving break, when professors are cramming in assignments, and on a Tuesday, which is one of the days where I really can't skip any classes. Weirdly, I kind of wish the book was coming out next week, so that I'd have all of Thanksgiving break to read it... That being said, I am 100% going to be at Books-a-million at opening and will cram in as much time as possible before classes start and although the good student in me will feel bad, there is no way I can be productive when there's a new Sanderson book sitting on my shelf
  3. I'd say that we're fairly certain that Honor was talking about the The Way of Kings, mostly because of Gavilar's last words to Dalinar and Gavilar's own influence from Honor. But maybe you're right and he'll pick up Oathbringer in Oathbringer and discover more stuff about the Knights Radiance.
  4. If Dalinar remembers his past wife just to start forgetting Navani, I am going to fall over and die. Pleeeeease Dalinar, noooooooooooo
  5. @Knabepicer You're right! I misread. Although Elkohar is vowing to follow Dalinar's commands, Dalinar won't be the Highking of Alethkar but Urithiru. This still doesn't mean that he'll become Highking of Roshar, but does this mean he'll become the leader of the KR? It still seems strange to me, especially since we don't know anything yet about the KR infrastructure. Dalinar and Elkohar obviously don't either, but that's not stopping them. I guess we have to wait to find out.
  6. Whoa, Highking of Roshar? Maybe I read it wrong, but I thought that he wants to unite the nations in a let's-be-friends-and-fight-together way, not a let-me-lead-you way. There's way more to uniting than conquering or leading: he would have to convince the leaders to work together without being their Highking, which is much harder. There's no way all of the countries of Roshar would just bend the knee because Dalinar's a KR. And even if they did, then wouldn't that mean that the KR would basically become the ruling class? If Dalinar is Highking over all of Roshar and the leader of the KR, then they would become his own personal army/noblemen, which is NOT how I envisioned them. I assumed that the KR were a separate group from all of the countries, that they have no allegiance to a single country but would help whenever asked/needed. So Dalinar would be the Highking of Alethkar only and would try to get the nations to work together through diplomatic means only. Also, we don't have any evidence that Bondsmiths lead the KR. They might've been consulted and their opinions might've held a lot of weight, but it seems to me that every KR order was self-governing, although I love the idea of a KR council! That'd be awesome
  7. I think I agree. The problem with reading just a few chapters of Oathbringer weekly is that our perception of the timeline gets distorted and we can give too much attention to small details that aren't important, so this may be one of those issues. BUT it just feels strange that Dalinar and the other Knights Radiant haven't sat down and talked about what being a KR means and what their roles are. Ok, first of all, it does make sense that the few KR around Dalinar would automatically be subservient to him. Renarin, Shallan and Kaladin were already loyal and obeying Dalinar before the KR stuff started happening and Dalinar was the one who made it known that he was refounding the KR. Neither Shallan or Renarin have shown any eagerness to lead yet, and Kaladin has been serving in the army for years, working under his superior wouldn't seem strange at all. Even Mr. T's mysterious surgebinder will probably automatically follow Dalinar's command. But what happens when other surgebinders do being to show up? Some, like Lift, will probably not have allegiances to anyone and just want to stop the upcoming Desolation, but there will definitely be others who are loyal to their country. Others might want to stop the Desolation, but will see no reason to try and do it Dalinar's way (whatever that is.) And what if another Bondsmith appears who has different methods than Dalinar? Would Dalinar try to co-lead or would he decide that that Bondsmith is in the wrong and try to wrest power away? (I think he would.) I think that the real issue is that by being the 'Highking' of Alethkar AND refounding/leading the Knights Radiant, Dalinar is unintentionally setting up the Knights Radiant as an Alethi group, which will definitely create factions among the surgebinders. So, Dalinar has a few options: Dalinar can step down as the Alethi Highking to lead the Knights Radiant, or co-lead it with the other two Bondsmiths (if they show up.) Or Dalinar should realize that he was never supposed to lead the KR. (I like this idea better.) Each Order had their own Herald that they followed, so it seems strange to me that they would all look to the Bondsmith's Order specifically, especially since Windrunner's also have the leadership attributes. We know that all the Orders worked together, but that there was a good bit of infighting. Skybreakers acted as the KRPD (Knights Radiant Police Department), so other orders could have filled in similar roles, but I think each order was ultimately self-governing and followed their own specific goals. So Dalinar could continue to be Highking, but realize that he should treat the other KR's more as independent peers, no as subordinates. IF the second option is right, then I am really hoping that it's addressed in this book, since it's not only focused on Dalinar's bloodsoaked past, but it will also be dealing heavily with the rebuilding of the KR and Shallan's discoveries of the KR's history. Personally, I would love it if either Shallan or Renarin realize that they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing and break away from Dalinar. Obviously, since Dalinar was a warrior and is now the army commander/Hightking of an militaristic country, he will treat the KR as an army and will use the surgebinders around him as soldiers and pawns (which isn't necessarily a bad thing.) Wouldn't it be great if Renarin realizes that he's not supposed to be fighting any wars or leading the men, especially since Truthwatchers attributes are Learned/Giving and Creative/Honesty? This lines up perfectly with his character: he grew up the son of a Highprince in a country where being a soldier is considered divine, but he's so ill-suited for fighting that even his father has tried to convince him to become an ardent. His surges, Progression and Illumination won't be very handy in a fight, but for the first time in his life, he'll be good at something and will be needed, just not as a soldier. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll realize this, realize that as a Truthwatcher, he shouldn't be subservient to his father, and insist on doing his own thing, possibly discovering the 'truth' about the Recreance/Desolations/Spren/Shards while giving to those in need and instructing others how to prepare for the Desolation. The same can be said for Lift and maybe Shallan, but I really like the idea that every order will fight/save the world in different ways and Dalinar just hasn't realized it yet.
  8. Not to mention that if shardplate is made up of dead spren, then live spren like Syl, should hate it just as much, or more, than shardblades. But the emphasis is only ever on Blades. Plus, you don't bond with shardplate, it just takes a while to get used to.
  9. Wow, I cannot believe that we already know the reason why the Knights Radiant turned their backs on mankind on the Day of Recreance.
  10. I'm crossing my fingers that Lift will just randomly pop up from the Oathgate, hopefully right in the middle of a really dramatic scene. Imagine: there's a bang, a flash of light and suddenly a barefoot, half-starved, beggar girl with no safehand is standing on the Oathgate, brandishing a ShardFork and threatening to eat somebody if they don't take her to Dalinar pronto.
  11. So Renarin hasn't told them yet that he has a blade? Even after his discussion with Adolin? I guess that these two POVs are probably happening simultaneously, but still, I can see now why people would be annoyed when Truthwatchers never told anybody anything. My gosh, just have a clear conversation with Shallan or Dalinar!!! Let us see your spren!!!! Seriously though, now that we've seen Renarin's blade and he has used one of the Truthwatcher's surges, it should be proof enough that he is actually a KR, but something still feels fishy. Why haven't we seen even a hint of Glys? Why haven't we gotten a POV from him? When he sent that pulse of stormlight through Adolin, Adolin saw "A version of himself that was somehow complete and whole, the man he could be." That's evidence enough for me that Renarin is a Truthwatcher, but what's up with all of this mystery surrounding him? Branderson obviously has big things planned for him (here's the most recent chapter of Way of Kings Prime that features Renarin pretty heavily). And all those RAFO's regarding Truthwatchers? That mystery hint he gave about Renarin? What about those Everstorm visions? Even though it's pretty obvious now that Renarin is a Truthwatcher, something funky is still going on. Sounds like Dalinar has possession of the honorblade and is hoping to keep it a secret. Oh Could the Radiant that Mr. T is sending possibly be the Champion? I guess that it's possible that an actual Radiant has come to help her king, but what if she's an artificial Radiant? Maybe a spren was forced to bond? I don't see how sending an honest surgebinder to Dalinar would help Mr. T, unless it's just a move to gain Dalinar's trust. I'm psyched to meet this new surgebinder (if she is who she says she is)! Hopefully she's in an order that we haven't seen much of.
  12. This may be a dumb question, but is Shallan considered a full Knight Radiant yet? Will she ever be, unless she decides she's a KR or someone declares her a KR? Is it an arbitrary title or something directly linked to the Nahel bond/Spren? Throughout the books, we're constantly reminded that just being a surgebinder doesn't make one a Radiant, they have to say the oaths first. But we also know that each order have different oaths, there's a WoB that says that some orders only have one oath, some have multiples, and some, like Lightweavers, have none. They use truths to deepen their bond. So, I guess I'm asking, is there a different threshold for each order to become a KR? And, once they reach this threshold, are they considered a KR by their spren? Or is this just an arbitrary title given by the man-made order? Like, if a surgebinder reached the final oath, would their spren be like 'Yay, you're a Knight Radiant! Congrats, you're crazy powerful now!' Or would the leader of their order be like, 'Oh, you reached the fifth oath? Well, that's good enough, let me write you down on the Knight Radiant Membership List.' (Sorry if I'm asking something redundant, I haven't been able to find much info on it)
  13. @robardin @Khyrindor So I just released my inner stalker and did several google searches where I found this thread from August where he drops a few more hints, one being that it's a page where Renarin's name is NOT mentioned. Here's the link, it's in one of his comments further down on the page. I thought that these small chapter releases would help with the wait, but I was so wrong. We still have two whole months until Oathbringer and I am literally going to go insane.
  14. Hmmm, you're right, the King used to consider Roshone a friend, which would explain why he would have a spanreed directly to the queen. That's kind of disappointing. Good catch though!
  15. I keep seeing people assume that either Ialai or the Ghostbloods are doing this because they know who the true culprit is, but why? Adolin and Sadeas were alone, in the dark, and based on Adolin's personality and alibi, it doesn't seem plausible that anyone would suspect him. I guess someone could've been spying behind the corner, but it seems more probable to me that Adolin committed the perfect crime, which makes this murder arc so much more interesting. If he never admitted to it, no one would know, but now someone is using his murder for some type of personal gain and he's supposed to find the murderer. What happens if he never comes up with a suspect? He could try to find the copycat, but is it right to blame them for the first murder also?