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  1. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    1st of many Axehounds I have been wanting to sketch out, testing out how to merge my idea of cuddle-able soft dogs and spiky crustaceans. C-19 just means this thumbnail is number 19 on page 3 of alllll the axehound thumbnails I did a while back
  2. @Firerust !!! Omg I completely forgot about that chicken! XD I even played that game, such good memories...
  3. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Shin chicken after 4000 years of evolution on Roshar would look.... not a whole lot different, if it's like Earth chicken evolution. I thought about going nuts and make it featherless and reverting back to a mini raptor, but I kind of didn't want to paint an ugly uncooked Thanksgiving dinner... So in the end it's back to being a good o' fashion chick'in - lightning color! There, so new, so shin XD
  4. @Zelly Thanks! Baby animals, gotta be cute
  5. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    The greater skyeel family! Can't tell if it's a happy family or not, but definitely a hardcore one. Are skyeel eggs edible? Yes. If you can get your hands on one... and still keep said hands attached.
  6. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This is a size chart showing each skyeel specie's size in relevance to a human :D
  7. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    The greater skyeel display sexual dimorphism in both in color and body size. The female is considerably larger, just like eagles and cassowary on Earth. Greater skyeel eats just about anything, including each other. They do not make good pets due to their aggressiveness, but that never stopped certain people from trying.
  8. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    The greater skyeel is a voracious and aggressive predator in the skyeel family. Their powerful muscles gives them bursts of speed when needed. Their size and weight prevents them from diving for prey on the ground, so they often go for airborne prey, or sweep prey off trees, rooftops, hill/rock tops.
  9. Thanks Ark!
  10. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    The Lesser Skyeel, as well as the Greater, display sexual dimorphism in which the sexes appear different. The Lesser Skyeel female and the young are both camouflaged to maximize survival, while the male is fancy to get a date. Instead of an eel, the lesser skyeel is based on lauch fish and a bit of gold fish for derpy look. It is 26cm long, the size of a wooden soup ladle.

    © Yen Shu Liao 2019

  11. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This here veers into some serious artistic licenses, lol! I split the official skyeel description into two - the moray look for the Greater, and the color and pattern for the Common. As I mentioned before, it started as one skyeel, but then I went berserk and made three species. The Lesser Skyeel is comparatively smaller than the other two, but still about the size of a Blue Jay. ... I probably should have included the size chart in this upload too, huh? It'll come with the Greater Skyeel batch. So whereas the Common Skyeel is the equivalent of a seagull or petrel, the Lesser Skyeel is the equivalent of a backyard bird, such as the Blue Jay or the Northern Cardinal, or sparrows. ... aw I should've designed a 'bird feeder'. Too late. As such a small species, their color and pattern need to blend in with the environment well. Without illustrating the environment, I used a collage of what I think Rosharan landscape is based on to help with this part.

    © Yen Shu Liao 2019

  12. @The Kraken's Daughter Thank you! Honestly I didn't know swordfish doesn't have scales either until I started looking at them for this. I just always thought their scales must be just small or something to not see any in photos. We do and we learn!
  13. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This is the skyeel from Roshar, with much artistic licenses added because I was having too much fun visualizing them! It started out as just skyeel, which I decided to expanded into three species to have some more species diversity, and a more natural feeling when populating the world, like a city park would have pigeons, sparrows and starlings. Besides the Common Skyeel, there is the Greater Skyeel, and Lesser Skyeel, because I am great at naming things like that. The Common Skyeel has a difficult balance to strike – it needs to not compete in coolness with the Greater Skyeel, which is set at boss level, but also not as drab and blending-in as the Lesser Skyeel despite it being the most … well, commonly seen around by people! Like a seagull, but cooler, but not too cool. For that reason Common Skyeel remains the only design that has the same color, pattern, and size between female and male. It is also the last of the three I designed, but somehow ended up being the standard to which I adjust the other two Skyeel designs to make the Greater fittingly boss-like, and the Lesser accordingly humble. That seemingly little egg there took me a while to settle on! So I must ramble about it here. Skyeel is a fish, that flies in air, taking up the same niche as birds do on Earth. So does it still lay eggs? What shape and surface if they're exposed to the elements? How does the baby break out? Does skyeel birth live pups like some sharks do? What is the morphology - the baby looks exactly like adult but miniature (sail fish), baby looks partially like adult (birds), or a complete metamorphosis (tadpole/frog)? When everything is possible, it's impossible to just settle on one. But I had to, so I did, otherwise my life cannot go on... There are a total of 6 pages, and I'm posting them here in set of 3 so as to not spam so much. If they're small or blurry, you can see bigger resolution on my Artstation
  14. @Lyraina Thank you! @Ark1002 I'm available for hire, yes
  15. @Lyraina Next time we use croissant dough instead and make it with almond paste ]:)
  16. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    I had a lot of fun letting my imagination run wild with how else a common skyeels would show up in people's culture: What would skyeel be like as food? How big is a Common Skyeel anyway? Is it steak-size? What would a high-end restaurant premium cut skyeel steak look like? This skyeel bun is inspired by a braided dragon bread my girlfriend and I made recently. All it needs are a pair of wing fins, and some cookie back fins, and there’s a skyeel! Where else would a commonly known animal like the skyeel show up in people culture? Toys, of course! This is a simple wooden toy, lovingly hand-carved by a grandfather for his grand children.

    © Yen Shu Liao 2019

  17. @Ark1002 It's a braided bread with an extra big knob at the end for head, and the wings and fins are also extra dough attached to the body. I think you can definitely make this by looking up braided bread tutorial We used yeast dough. @Wyndlerunner Thank you! It took many days of brain churning to get to these ideas, after getting past all the other more obvious ones like banner, inn sign, etc. @BookishOcelot Mmmm~ that sounds delicious already! Yes, somebody please bake 'em and make a new album please! "Edible Roshar" @Lunamor @Use the Falchion Lol, imagine Lyft finally grown up, and becomes the world famous chef from all her experience and stolen recipes XD
  18. @Turin Turambar Here are free, online teaching tutorial libraries: Ctrl Paint - Tutorial Library Proko's - Library What exactly are these 'fundamentals' people keep talking about? https://conceptartempire.com/what-are-the-fundamentals/ There are paid ones as well, and they are also very good, as you get what you pay/put-effort-into for: Schoolism CGMA Academy - - this one is much bigger, so you'll need to research the instructor and pick the one you think is right for you Here are sites explaining and expanding on doing concept art: http://howtonotsuckatgamedesign.com/2014/02/lets-get-real-concept-art/ https://www.creativebloq.com/digital-art/how-become-better-concept-artist-71621082 http://www.autodestruct.com/ https://bigbadworldofconceptart.com/interview-with-concept-artist-jan-urschel/ http://www.cgchannel.com/2015/04/three-great-tips-for-creating-better-creature-concepts/
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  20. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    I want to design more than just cool looking creatures. These skyeels are part of a world where people of all species live. They must have a long history of interaction – relationship – with people. So I start to think about how skyeels might be edible, hunted, ‘fished’, with flying baits, of course, since they aren’t fishes that swim under water.

    © Yen Shu Liao 2019

  21. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Collection of behavior sketches of all 3 skyeel species showing what their possible interaction with people could be, or just what they might do on their own. Such as chasing down a big, juicy bug for lunch!

    © Yen Shu Liao 2019

  22. @Turin Turambar There are many resources online - article, video, and tutorial - both explaining what concept art is and teaching you how to gain skills to turn ideas into images, and they're made by people much more skillful and expert than I am. If you'd like I can post a selection of links for you to pursuit here?
  23. @BookishOcelot Thank you very much I am actually looking into doing more environments of Roshar, especially after this one, I feel like it would really be nice to have some landscape too to put them in. For me, somehow, landscapes are a bit harder to imagine than creatures. We shall see
  24. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    That is the very first design I sketched for the Common Skyeel, upper left corner! It has changed so much... The Common Skyeel’s place in the Rosharan ecosystem – as I imagine it – is akin to a seagull. It’s designed with long wings to coast long and steady in the air, and a streamline body. The fin designs need to walk a fine line between being cooler than the Lesser Skyeel, while staying clear of the Greater Skyeel’s thunder.
  25. Brandon doesn't like seafood and shellfishes and is writing an entire world where the animals are shell-based? That's daring! I also thought Rock's stew is something like gumbo because I don't remember it being described as red or spicy, which many Korean dish tend to be. No idea what shawarma is, but when I heard about chouta it sounded like a burrito!