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Image Comments posted by Koloss

  1. On 7/16/2020 at 1:20 PM, Krox said:

    Love this work, looks really good! I wonder if we know anything about the sun of Roshar to help select colour scheme?

    Also, is it possible to ask for builgings of Roshar? I am absolutely terrible at artistry (Lightweaver was my least compatible order...) but still wonder how the sloped buildings would look - care to impress? ;)

    I have planned to make some villager houses to see how it looks like, it's... it's on the horizon somewhere :D Recently I've been quite stuck creatively!


  2. 23 hours ago, hoiditthroughthegrapevine said:

    Well, at a certain point concept art is concept art. You could just do the conceptual work (like Amano for the final fantasy series or Toriyama for the mega man/Dragon warrior series) and have other artists create the sprites/3d models/props/sets.

    Your work is really good, if you're not already a concept artist at a game studio or a production company your portfolio is well on the way to getting you there.

    Thank you hoid! I am not working full time yet as a concept artist. I'm getting less timid and applying a lot more though! Here's hoping someone will hire me :D


  3. @ILuvHats They don't :D This is how I imagined their Art Form might look like - if Art Form is even an actual thing and not made up by Venli to keep Eshonai distracted. I gave them 4 arms based off of the function art form would have - which is largely drawn from my own life experience. Usually when I create designs I try to have their form follow their function.


  4. @Emi Draw for the love of it, like Shallan, if that's what you enjoy doing. If not, the same Shallan also said something along the lines of everybody's good at something, while being bad at something else. There's simply too many things to do on Roshar for any one person!