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  1. Lol ShawnMC I just finished Reckoner series too and I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislike the main character. It's not that he's awkward or weird, but his other personality trait just seriously doesn't vibe with me. I just keep telling myself this is written as a typical American comic book, hence the generic stereotype (like a xipao with splits or a subservient Indian, etc)


  2. Maybe it's convergent evolution. The Shins I think are human refugees from another world after something real bad ruined their homeland, probably a bad war, so in reaction to that, Shin now condemns warriors for being the cause of their original plight and flight, as a reminder to themselves to not forget what warmongering did to them. Horneaters, from what Rock said, seem to place little importance on warrior class because their living environment made warfare much too costy, and the losing of able-body youths too impact-ful to the well-being of their clan/village, so to protect their well-being their culture had evolved to promote the importance of other social class while diminishing the fighting class, as a reminder to themselves as well. 


  3. Are there flying insects like cockroaches and dragonflies, or grasshoppers on Roshar? How big are the leggers and amphibian-things? Are they small enough to be eaten by something the size of a Cardinal or Chickadees


  4. Not sure if this has already been shared here, but I dabble occasionally in this thing called "work out", and uses this one website to do so. Then one day I accidentally discovered not only do they have a whole section of theme workout sheets, they have a Mistborn training sheet! It's too hard for me to do. But, hey, if any Mistborn fan here want to train like Vin, here's a page of them secret Mistborn training manual for you! 


    Darebee's Mistborn Workout! :lol:




  5. @Shqueeves I have The Way of Kings audiobook borrowed, and I'm liking it so far. I hope I'll save up enough extra money to buy nice hardcover version of the Stormlight Archive at some point. It's nice to have the physical book, and hardback version is really nice. 

    @ccstat lol for me when I read Mistborn it was more like, "Well what happens now?!?!" I can't sleep like this! 

    @lyht Yeah I'm going through it now, and it's... a good opportunity to learn self control. At least with PC games my eyes get sore enough I have to stop, but with his books that don't have glowing pages, I could go on until my body malfunctions I think. 

    @Tesh Dang, 3 weeks! Man I swear before this I couldn't even remember the last time I bothered to read anything longer than a 2-page magazine article, let along an actual book! Probably back in school days when I was forced to read just enough to write a report to pass. 

    @Rebecca Thank you! 


  6. Yup, I'm new. Never heard of Sanderson until... last year? After repeated recommendation and high remarks from my lovely girlfriend, I finally picked up this thing called 'a book'. Specifically, this pillow-sized thing called 'The Way of Kings'. I opened it to check the page numbers and font size, then put it back on the library shelf. 


    A few weeks ago I bought the Mistborn boxset and The Emperor's Soul from good o' B&N on 5th. 


    I've been ver-y sleep deprived ever since. 


    I'm surprised this username isn't in use yet. Probably because it's not much of a ...favorable, image to most. Except me.