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  1. Good thoughts and thanks for pulling those references out! This discussion has given me a better image to aim for... thank you folks again!
  2. Are there flying insects like cockroaches and dragonflies, or grasshoppers on Roshar? How big are the leggers and amphibian-things? Are they small enough to be eaten by something the size of a Cardinal or Chickadees?
  3. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Thank you! They've all been fun to do
  4. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    1 of the many preliminary sketch pages for the different looks of various axehound breeds I was thinking of doing a while ago before I got busy. T_T
  5. @Wyndlerunner Hahaha, thanks mate, I would totally be down for that even if it's 5, 10 years down the road.
  6. @Zellyia Thank you! There is a bigger size without the text over lay here (I just thought smaller size could hide whatever mistake I made better :P) : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/y9oLn
  7. @Chaos and @Kidpen Thank you glad you like this
  8. Not a drinker, @Ark1002? @Botanica Eh heh heh ~ Thank you! I'm flattered!
  9. Thank you, @Snipexe , @Ark1002 , and @Devout Pathian ! I'm flattered !
  10. Nice! Is it a screenshot of a 3D asset?
  11. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    When I first read the description for this area, I immediately imagined they're some kind of alpine version of the deep sea hydrothermal vents - aka the white or black chimneys. I love those bizarre deep sea things, and have been trying to envision how would those hydrothermal vents look like when combined with the Alps. It's really tricky, and the vertical aspect of those vents makes it really hard to see where the Horneaters would put any sort of city or crops fields on. As I keep researching, I eventually came across alpine hot lakes in the Andes mountains, and decided to change direction and go with something like an extinct conical volcano chain that has turned into lakes. The imagery would be more familiar, and the slopes would mean imaginable cities and civilization such as the Machu Picchu. I decided to try and do the phototexture workflow in pursuit of that Skyrim look. It's not there yet, but can't expect mastery after 1 week! [edit] There is a bigger version with no text overlay here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/y9oLn
  12. Thank you, hoid and Pessimistspren!
  13. What a naturalist on their down time might drink to relax and eat their meal at inns. ... About the designs: The Horneater ones got strong Japanese influence because the first thing that popped in my mind's eyes upon hearing the word "Horneater White", was Shirakabe Gura. Because of the word "white".